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Executive Summary


product we have come up with is not just ordinary water. It is also not just an ordinary juice. Its a juice with a twist.

will be sold through the YECS retail store in Fort Bonifacio High School.

will also be sold in the school canteens

The product line, all purchased from Valerio Enterprise, will consist of seven variants; Cola, Dalandan, Apple, Orange Strawberry, Grapes and Pineapple, which has a very distinct taste compared to other existing brands. Affordability and its health friendly contents Doesnt contain Aspartame (magic sugar) Juicecoolets is a product made by senior students of Fort Bonifacio High School

Partnership with YECS and the school cooperative Juicecoolets needs 30,000 pesos in short-term financing to cover start up cost, purchase necessary equipments, and provide working capital We see our product to be one of the most sought-after juice drinks in the market!


Because our target markets are student and younger children. It will be sold primarily at the FBHS specifically in the YECS Retail stores The intial target of the business is 25% of the entire student population of the school We will expand our business to nearby schools and stores in our community

Whole division and in the whole country We are also open for franchising Creating job opportunities to unemployed people To produce and sell a low-cost and invigorating juice drink.

Juicecoolets assures you a high quality of juice in a low price, with different flavors that will surely tickle the taste of the consumers Rich in vitamins and minerals that will strengthen our resistance from diseases


Limited budget of the students which makes them neglect their health needs The time allotted for the students to eat is insufficient They needed something handy so they can bring it with them in their classroom Our body needs at least 8 glasses of water a day to replenish the lost fluids from our body

Juicecoolets envisions of giving a new connotation to juice drinks.We see our product as the most renowned and most sought after juice drink in the market, not just because of its affordability but also because of its unique and distinguished taste that will surely capture the hearts of the consumers.We also envision our product to be one of the solutions youth entrepreneurs could offer to maintain the stability of the community in terms of job creation.

Juicecoolets, the newest juice drink in the market is meant to provide consumers a much more affordable juice drink. Other juice drinks sold in the market nowadays are quite costly and people with only a limited budget cant afford these drinks to quench their thirst. Juicecoolets imparts more with only half other juice drinks prices. Likewise, Juicecoolets abets in generating employment opportunities, not just the youth but also the older generation to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and be an asset to the commuity.


It is very important that we take good care of our health Because a poor health affects everything we do Juicecoolets is specially made to reach even the low income families and also to promote proper health Contains vitamins and minerals that will strengthen our resistance from diseases Juicecoolets gives you more than you pay, with a twist!

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Description of Product

Every bottle of this product is 250 ml. It is free of aspartame Can bring uniqueness compared to other existing product in the market Seven variants, Apple, Pineapple, strawberry, Grape, Dalandan, Orange and Cola

Operating Strategies

Our juice is made up of different falvorings, citric acid, sodium benzoate, CMC (Chloroxy Cellulose) and water. Valerio enterprise will supply the flavorings mentioned and the packaging materials and equipment that will be used for the production

Critical Risk

To be involved in this industry would mean engaging yourself in a competition Dealing with this would neither be simple nor easy since competitors may already be regarded as high profile Have two canteens and an extension of mini stores which are already serving our target market

The solution we foresee for this would-be dilemma is to improve the product, make it more unique for it to stand out. Promotions and advertisements are of much importance It is sold cheaper than the others High nutritional content of this product particularly having no aspartame added would be its benchmark.

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There is always the assurance of its target market At first theres doubt and cases of decline Acceptance and improvement could be the answer to this

Organizational/Management Plan

Juicecoolets will be part of YECS and under the supervision of its moderator Mr. Alfred B. Cinco Mrs. Marietta D.C. Calimag will supervise the production team The marketing team will be spearheaded by Ms. Celeste B. Caminsi The business will not be made possible without the approval and support of our school principal Mr. Wilmore C. Moredo, together with the TLE Dept. Head, Mr. Salvador B. Garduque.

Implementation of the Business


Juicecoolets will pass through processes before being formally circulated in the market. The business will be manufactured at the YECS production area and will be sold at the YECS retail stores Too much number of manpower will be less needed on the first blow of the business but as it expands, one major requirement would be the number of personnel or workers. The delivery of the supplies of our product will be twice a week.

Monitoring and Evaluation


After one year of operation, the business will gain a profit of more or less 250,000 It would be more nutritional and available to every individual in the school. The business will be expanding throughout other schools in Makati and eventually well be penetrating in the whole country. SWOT analysis will be done quarterly to determine and find solutions for the problems eyed.

Social Impact

Social responsibility shouldve overlooked before engaging in a business It is a necessity that the business is sensitive and emphatic to our community and it would if it can provide jobs, uplift the programs in the community it belongs to and help the citizens. Juicecoolets provide essential nutrients that is needed by the body

It is low-priced but assured to be of towering quality This product will also increase the resistance of the students against diseases, lowering the risks of them being absent in class The business could help increase the employment rate in case it grew and in need of man power.

Juicecoolets will not only help their future employees but also the country and every individual in its region. The country because of the taxes and job opportunities it will provide The individuals because it can help their daily required health allowance

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