Role of Advertising in Marketing

Brief Given
To make a presentation on the role of Advertising in Marketing after referring the book Advertising Principle and Practice


To understand the role of Advertising in marketing To study the concepts to help to put into practice


Research Material Used
Primary Advertising Principles and Practice book, Internet, Grad School notes


branded. and promoted Marketing used to . produced. tested. priced. distributed.Identify customers . packaged.Satisfy their needs .Keep the customers 5 .What is Marketing? The way a product is designed.

Key Concepts in Marketing Focus on customers Exchange Branding Added value 6 .

Focus on Customers Marketing should focus first on identifying the needs and wants of the customer To compete effectively. marketers must focus on the customers problems and try to develop products to solve them 7 .

Exchange The act of trading a desired product or service to receive something of value in return Marketing .Communication Exchange Advertising provides .Information .Economic Exchange .Customer company interaction 8 .

meaning. and value that the brand name or symbol has acquired over time Advertising Make the brand familiar 9 . and value that the brand name or symbol has acquired over time Brand equity is reputation. meaning.Branding The process of creating a distinctive and special meaning for a product Brand equity is reputation.

10 .

Which of these two soaps would you buy when your in a Super market? 11 .

or appealing Branding Psychological Value Advertising Makes the product more desirable 12 .Added Value A marketing or advertising activity makes a product more valuable. useful.

The key players The marketer Suppliers and vendors Distributors and retailers 13 .

company.The Marketer The organization. or manufacturer producing the product and offering it for sale The advertiser or client (from the agency s point of view) 14 .

15 .

Supplier & Vendors Other companies that manufacture the materials and ingredients used in producing the product Supply Chain Ingredient Branding : Acknowledging a supplier s brand as an important feature 16 .

Distributors & Retailers Various companies that are involved in moving a product from its manufacturer to the buyer 17 .

18 .

Types of Market Market  Where the exchange between buyer and seller takes place  A particular type of buyer Market share  The percentage of the total market in a product category that buys a particular brand Consumer Business-tobusiness Institutional Channel 19 .

Wholesalers 20 .Types of Market Consumer Market : People who buy products and services for personal or household use Business to Business :Companies that buys products or services to use in their own business Institutional Markets : NGO s. Hospitals etc Channel Markets : Resellers. Schools.

The Marketing Process Conduct research and develop a situation analysis Set objectives for the marketing effort Assess consumer needs and wants Differentiate and position the product Develop the marketing mix strategy Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy 21 .

Marketing Research Objective of Research: To know about market place Research Primary & Secondary Situational Analysis SWOT analysis Strength. Weakness. Opportunities & Threat 22 .

Physiographic Differentiation and Positioning 23 .Key Strategic Decisions Objective Set objectives for marketing effort Segmenting and Targeting Audience Segmentation : Demographic.

Marketing Mix Strategies ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Product Place Price Promotion The product is both the object of the advertising and the reason for marketing Product category  A class of similar products 24 .

Marketing Mix Strategies ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Product Place Price Promotion The channels used in moving the product from manufacturer to buyer 25 .

Push Policy Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer Pull Policy Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer Information Flow 26 .

Marketing Mix Strategies ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Product Place Price Promotion Based on the cost of making and marketing the product and on expected profit  Customary  Psychological 27 .

Marketing Mix Strategies ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Product Place Price Promotion Use face-to-face contact between marketer and prospective customer Used to create immediate sales 28 .

Types of Agencies ‡ ‡ Full-Service Agencies Specialized Agencies 29 .

Full-Service Agencies Include the four major staff functions  Account management  Creative services  Media planning and buying  Account planning Also have accounting. and HR departments 30 . production. traffic.

31 .

How Agencies Work Account Management ‡ ‡ Acts as a liaison between the client and the agency Responsible for interpreting the client s marketing strategy 32 .

How Agencies Work Creative Development People who write People who design ideas for ads and commercials People who convert these ideas into commercials 33 .

How Agencies Work Media Planning/Buying Recommends to the client the most efficient means of delivering the message Responsible for buying. planning. and research 34 .

How Agencies Work Account Planning Gathers all information on the market and consumers and acts as the voice of the consumer Prepares comprehensive recommendations 35 .

audiences.Specialized Agencies Specialize in certain functions. industries or markets Creative boutique Media-buying services 36 .

International Marketing An international brand is available virtually anywhere in the world The shift requires new tools for advertisers. one control mechanism. including one language. and one strategic plan The choice of an agency depends on the decision to standardize messages or localize them to accommodate local cultures 37 .

The Dynamics of Modern Marketing Integrated marketing  All areas of the marketing mix work closely together to present the brand in a coherent and consistent way Relationship marketing  Marketing that considers all the firm s stakeholders Permission marketing  Inviting prospective customers to self-select into a brand s target market in order to receive marketing communication 38 .

Inference Got a purview on the Role of advertising within marketing Four key concepts in marketing relate to advertising The key players in marketing The critical steps in the marketing process The structure of the advertising agency industry 39 .


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