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Business Communication and Research ENG02

Course Credit: 3 units Pre- requisite: English 01/ Eng01

About the Instructor:
MS. SYBIL L. AGREDA, M.Ed. Up close: ³I believe that my former students know that I am appreciative of lively discussions, intellectual banters, musical displays, and creative outputs. I crack jokes once in a while and surprisingly laugh very so often. And so, laughter in the classroom is never a crime for me for as long as everybody knows their limits.´
Office: General Education, 2nd floor, St. Anselm¶s building Phone: 735- 6011 to 15 local (5122) E-mail: Forum site: Office hours: By appointment. Please call the number above or email me to schedule an appointment

Course Description Course Description: Business Communication and Research (Eng 02) is an intensive writing course designed to develop students¶ skills necessary for writing effective business correspondence. basic research and several technical reports. .

 use an appropriate format and business writing style and apply conventions to Standard English . and citations in their essays/reports/paper.Objectives Objectives: For students to:  demonstrate understanding of technical writing principles by submitting their original technical reports.  display skills in writing essays that include quotations. paraphrase. business letters and library research paper. summation.

analyzing. and do an oral report and presentation.Objectives engage in collaborative written projects that reflect appropriate academic textual conventions of presentation. . carry out the stages of research process² including locating. and integrating sources. evaluating.

) Copy of lecture notes/ hand-outs Recommended: a good college dictionary (for example Webster¶s Dictionary) .) Short white folder for your portfolio of drafts and finished papers (*All entries should be fastened table of contents should be provided. short bond papers (*Short bond papers are needed during the writing of business letters and technical reports.) Notebook. yellow pad.Required Materials Required materials: (You must be ready with all these every class session.

write your complete name (surname first). contact number.Requirement You are required to submit a white index card with your 2x2 ID picture pasted at the upper right corner. In the card. This must be submitted to me on our second class meeting. and e-mail address. Name: Contact Numbers: E-mail Add: ID .

10 maximum absences for MWF class 7 maximum absences for MW/TTh class *DF (5. using electronic gadget and attending class even if NOT in the prescribed uniform = absent .CLASS POLICIES: Attendance: Attendance is strictly checked.0) for incurring more than the allowable number of absences 2 instances of tardiness = 1 day/session absent Leaving the class without permission.

students are prohibited to use any electronic devices (cellular phones.Class Policies Uniform policy. All students are required to wear their complete uniform in class (Except during the approved non-uniform day). Technology Restrictions: During class hours. laptops.). . etc. ipods.

Submitting somebody else¶s work and claiming it as his own is an intolerable act as well. much more if he submits a work that has already been submitted for another course or instructor. If any student be found guilty of this.Class Policies Plagiarism and Cheating. . he/he will receive a failing grade. Note that copying or paraphrasing other people¶s ideas without proper acknowledgment of the source is plagiarism. Academic dishonesty will never be tolerated.

and maturely. The writing must express ideas clearly. Students must acknowledge all sources of information by following a standard citation format. . and spelling. as well as content. student's written work is evaluated for effectiveness. In all courses.Class Policies The Writing. grammar. using standard English sentence structure. logically.

5 x 12 bond paper (double space and with 12 font size). After this time. Submitted at the beginning of the class (by 20 minutes after the beginning of the class) on the date they are due. and this will be given a 1 point deduction and on each day they are late. .Class Policies Homework/ Essays/ Letters/ Reports/ Paper Submission: All assignments must be computerized and printed in an 8. the papers are considered late.

(ALL PAPERS MUST BE KEPT IN THE PORTFOLIO AND THEN SUBMITTED A WEEK BEFORE THE MAJOR EXAMINATIONS. You are expected to be responsible in keeping your drafts. Emailed assignment will not be accepted .) . and revised papers which will again be evaluated a week before Midterm and Final Examinations. assignments.Class Policies Homework/ Essays/ Letters/ Reports/ Paper Submission: I will not accept late paper after 2 days. and your grade will be zero.

and so I can grade more quickly.Class Policies Format for Homework assignments: ‡ Always use this standard heading for assignments. Agreda ‡ Always type in (or cut and paste) the complete homework title. class work & group work: Your Name Title of work Eng 02 Date Ms. This is so you can keep a clear and complete printed record. .

.Class Policies Revisions: All papers that will receive a grade below 81 must be revised Revised paper must be handed in immediately on the next class meeting. If the grade of the revised paper is higher than the first. then the revised grade will replace the original grade.

Class Policies NO MAKE UP QUIZ. Portfolio. ‡ Should be completely documented/kept ‡ Should be properly labeled ‡ Should be submitted ONE WEEK before the major exams ‡ One of the major requirements for passing the course .

Grading MIDTERM GRADE COMPUTATION Class Standing Quizzes Assignments/ Seat works Technical reports and letters Participation Midterm Examinations A specific technical report/ Business Letter(s) Midterm Grade Weight 60% 15% 20% 20% 5% 40% 100 % .

Grading FINAL GRADE COMPUTATION Class standing (midterm and final term) *Final term Quizzes/ Assignments/ Seat works Library Research Participation Midterm Examinations Final Examinations Presentation and defense of group research Final Grade Weight 50% 20% 35% 5% 20% 30% 100% Note: Class Standing in the computation of the Final Grade is the average of midterm and final Class Standing grades and this takes 50% of the final grade. .

50 2.86 87.00 2.5 1.81 82.25 1.75 2.00 .25 2.91 92-96 97-100 Grade-point 5.00 1.Grade Equivalent Percentage Equivalents* Below 60 60-63 64-67 68.71 72-76 77.75 1.00 3.

Demonstrates outstanding understanding and communication of course work. Occasionally exceeds them. Unacceptable understanding or communication of course work.Grading Rubric ‡ 92-100%. understanding. above average understanding and communication of course work. ‡ 60-71%. writing skills. participation and insight. . Demonstrates less than minimum understanding or communication of course work ‡ 0-59 %. ‡ 72-81%. Meets minimum requirements for satisfactory work. ‡ 82-91%. Consistently meets requirements. Consistently exceeds requirements in length. Demonstrates minimum acceptable understanding and communication of course work. Demonstrates good.

.Reward for Good Attendance: If you have perfect attendance. your final grade will be increased one grade.

Reward ‡ NOTE: NO MIDTERM EXAMINATION ‡ NO FINAL EXAMINATION COURSE REQUIREMENTS:  Portfolio of drafts/ revised letters and technical reports  Library Research paper on an approved topic .

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I look forward to teaching you this semester. . but we can also have fun learning this semester.Welcome to Business Communication and Research. The work may be hard.