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General Sociology

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Goals of Presentation
• Culture • Types of Culture • Elements of Culture • Sociological Analysis of Culture

• Culture & Sub-culture of Pakistan • Customs & Tradition of Pakistan • Question Answer

General Sociology


Learned behaviors, traditions, beliefs, and ways of life created by groups of people
General Sociology

Citation of Culture
• A nation culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people. (Mohandas Gandhi) • Without culture and the relative freedom it implies society even when perfect is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future. (Albert Camus)

General Sociology


Type of Culture
• Material culture
• Physical or tangible aspects of our daily lives, including: --Food --Houses --Factories --Raw materials

• Nonmaterial culture
Intangible aspects that influence people’s behavior or to ways of using material objects as well as to: --Customs --Beliefs --Government --Patterns of communication --Philosophies
General Sociology 5

Elements of Culture • 1) Symbols • 2) Language • a) Verbal communication • b) Nonverbal communication • 4)Norms • • • • • • a) Formal norms b) Informal norms c) Mores d) Folkways a) Graphic and Plastic Arts b) Music. Drama and Dance • 3) Values • a) Belief Systems • 5) Aesthetics • 6) Recreation & Sports General Sociology 6 .

Symbols General Sociology 7 .

numerals. symbols. written characters. • It includes speech. General Sociology 8 .Language • Language is an abstract system of word meanings and symbols for all aspects of culture. and gestures and expressions of nonverbal communication.

• Types of Norms – --Formal norms – --Informal norms – --Mores – --Folkways General Sociology 9 .Norms • Norms are established standards of behavior maintained by a society.

undesirable. and proper–or bad.Values • Values are our collective conceptions of what is good. – --Values are criteria for evaluating actions of others. General Sociology 10 . desirable. and improper–in a culture. – --Values influence people’s behavior.

Ideas can be used by the ruling class to affect members of other classes.Sociological Analysis of Culture Functionalist Culture helps people meet biological. Conflict General Sociology 11 . instrumental and expressive needs.

maintain. Culture is based on simulation of reality rather than reality itself.Sociological Analysis of Culture Symbolic Interactionist People create. Postmodern General Sociology 12 . and modify culture during their everyday activities.

General Sociology 13 .

General Sociology 14 .

Introduction • Culture of Pakistan • Sub-culture of Pakistan General Sociology 15 .

History of Pakistan • Emergence of the Nation • National Identity • Ethnic Relations General Sociology 16 .

342.721 (July 2011 est. India 2. China 523 km. Iran 909 km • Capital: • Islamabad • Population: • 187.430 km.) General Sociology 17 .912 km. bordering Afghanistan 2.Facts of Pakistan • Location: • Southern Asia.

Muhajir (immigrants from India at the time of partition and their descendants) • Religions: • Muslim 97% (Sunni 77%. Christian. Sikh) 3% General Sociology 18 . Pashtun (Pathan). Sindhi. Hindu. Baloch.Facts of Pakistan • Ethnic Groups: • Punjabi. and other (inc. Shi'a 20%).

Flag of Pakistan General Sociology 19 .

Christmas and Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam.National Events • • • • • • • Pakistan Day. Birthday of Allama Mohammad Iqbal. 20 General Sociology . Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam. Independence day. Defense Day . May Day.

Values and Beliefs • The majority of Pakistan's population are Muslims and they follow the Islamic religion • Islamic values can be divided in three groups – 1) Necessities – 2) Convenience – 3) Refinements General Sociology 21 .

Self Interest vs Self-sacrifice • 2. • 1.Islamic Norms • Islam has paid great attention to norms. Extravagance vs Frugality • 3. Generalizing a Crime vs Personality in Criminal Law • 5. Greed vs Contentment • 4. Peace and Forgiveness General Sociology 22 . which can protect basic values.

Islamic Festivals • Eid-ul-fitr • Eid-ul-azha • 12th Rabi-UI-Awal General Sociology 23 .

Folk Festivals Mela Chiraghan Horse & Cattle Show Lok mela Basant General Sociology 24 .

General Sociology 25 .

floral and geometrical design. embroidery glass work and kashi work and. therefore as being a Muslim country emphasis in Pakistan is laid on non pictorial form of Art like calligraphy. • For example Sindh is famous for Ajrak.Art and Craft • Islam prohibited from pictorial art. beautiful decoration pieces made of Sea General Sociology 26 . • People living in different areas of Pakistan make different articles from the raw materiel available in their areas.

General Sociology 27 .

Lewa especially in Baluchi folk dance. Regional. Sammi and Dhemmal in Punjab. Religious. Attan Khattak. Jhumar in Siraiki and also Blochi folk dance. Qawwali. Modern • Dance – Folk dances are still popular in Pakistan and vary according to region such as: Bhangra.Performing arts • Music – Ghazal. Classical. General Sociology 28 . Luddi. Ho Jamalo in Sindh. Chirali Dance in KhyberPakhtunkwa.

General Sociology 29 .

Poetry and Literature • Poetry is the most important form of literature in Pakistan. One of the most known exponent of Urdu poetry is Mirza Ghalib. General Sociology 30 . He has written various poems in Urdu and Persian. His poems are still read and loved by Urdu and Hindi speaking people around the globe.

English Punjabi. General Sociology 31 . including Urdu. Over a period a body of literature unique to Pakistan has emerged in nearly all major Pakistani languages. emerging out of literary traditions of the Indian subcontinent.Pakistan literature • The literature of Pakistan is a distinct literature that gradually came to be defined after Pakistan gained nationhood status in 1947. Pushto and Sindhi. Balochi. • The shared tradition of Urdu literature and English literature of British India was inherited by the new state.

and Hindko General Sociology 32 . Balochi. Sindhi. Saraiki. Pushto. Brahvi.Language of Pakistani Culture • National Language – Urdu. English • Provincial Language – Punjaki.

• Pakistani Cuisine is very spicy and has been greatly influenced by the afghan. Iranian and Turkish cooking style. Some of the most delicious Mughal dishes forms the core of Food Pakistan.Food of Pakistani Culture • Food Pakistan is rich in its flavor and taste. General Sociology 33 .

Foods of Punjab General Sociology 34 .

(Palla) . SOHAN HALVA RICE ( Sindi Buryani) General Sociology 35 .Foods of Sindh FISH.

F.Foods of N.P Chappal kabab Biryani General Sociology 36 .W.

Foods of Balochistan Baluchistan cuisine is a mixture of Arab. Turkish. Persian and subcontinent influences Roti (bread) Chawal (rice) Sabzi (vegetables) Gosht (meat) General Sociology 37 .

General Sociology 38 . people of Pakistan prefer to wear simple dresses according to their climate. as nudity is prohibited in Islam. • So.Pakistani Cultural Dress • Dress in a Muslim society like Pakistan is designed and intended to cover human body.

Dresses of Punjab • Men and women wear Shalwar Kameez General Sociology 39 .

General Sociology 40 .

General Sociology 41 . but many wear very colorful clothes.Dresses of Sind • Sindhi women in Pakistan are still very traditional overall.

General Sociology 42 .

F.Dresses of N.W.P Embroidery Peshawari Chappal General Sociology 43 .

CAPS General Sociology 44 .

General Sociology 45 .Dresses of Baluchistan leather and goat's hair produce which are recognizable due to their unique style.

Embroidery and Handicraft of Baluchistan Hand Bag General Sociology Embroidery 46 .

General Sociology 47 . • Generally preference is given to boys over girls.Family Life • Male oriented with strong sense of family bond.

• Arrange marriages are preferred. General Sociology 48 .Marriages • Marriage Considered as a social and emotional bond between two individuals and families.

Customs & Traditions of Pakistan • Marriages • Food and Eating Habits • Rest and Recreation: • Music and Dance General Sociology 49 .

General Sociology 50 .

which include Wrestling. cricket and Kabbadi. Squash. General Sociology 51 . Athletes. Hockey. badminton.Recreation & Sports • Main games and sports are played in Pakistan. Football.

Although the majority of people in Pakistan are Muslims by birth and faith. Due to advance development in media the whole world is turned into a global village leaving strong impact on Pakistani culture as well. • There is a strong influence of Hindu culture on the present Pakistani culture.Mix Culture • Pakistani culture can be called as "Mixed Culture". The shadows of this influence are quite visible on the marriage ceremonies and festivals like "Basant". General Sociology 52 . 100 years of British Rule left deep mark of English culture in Indo-Pak Subcontinent.

General Sociology 53 .

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