. If we will not keep our ship in stable condition.INTRODUCTION Knowledge regarding ship¶s stability is very important for every individual serving on ship. then we will not achieve the sea going and fighting efficiency of a ship nor ensure the safety of men and material.

.OBJECTIVE The objective of this subject is to enhance the knowledge of students regarding the ship¶s stability and factors effecting ship¶s stability.

STABILITY ³The tendency of a ship to come in up right position. 1/10/2012 1/10/2012 7 . if it inclined due to external forces´ is called stability.

displacement.DISPLACEMENT The amount of water displace or a put a side by a vessel is called displacement. 1/10/2012 8 . The weight of water displaced by a floating object is always equal to the weight of the floating object and its volume is also equal to the immersed volume of the floating object. object.


1/10/2012 10 .GRAVITY It is a force by which the earth attracts every thing towards its center.

The center of weight. downwards. µG¶. 1/10/2012 11 . The center of gravity of an object always move towards the added weight.CENTRE OF GRAVITY The point at which the whole weight of the object acting downwards. gravity is denoted by µG¶.

5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 1/10/2012 5 kg 5 kg 12 .

buoyancy. 1/10/2012 13 .BUOYANCY The up thrust force of liquid act upon floating object is called buoyancy or That part of the buoyant volume below the water line is called buoyancy.

it is buoyancy. µB¶.CENTER OF BUOYANCY The point at which the whole up thrust force is acting OR The centre of under water portion of the hull is called centre of buoyancy. denoted by µB¶. .

.RESERVE BUOYANCY That part of the hull above the water line is called reserve buoyancy.


NON WATER TIGHT SUPER STRUCTURE BUOYANT VOLUME RESERVE BUOYANCY FREE BOARD WL DRAUGHT BUOYANCY 1/10/2012 BUOYANT VOLUME 17 .BUOYANT VOLUME The buoyant volume of a ship is the volume of the entire water tight part of the hull. hull.

META CENTER The point of intersections of the old vertical line by the new vertical line of the buoyancy force is called meta center. INCLINED WL INITIAL WATER LINE 1/10/2012 . meta center µM¶.


META CENTRIC HEIGHT (GM) The distance between ³G´ and ³M´ is called meta centric height (GM). 1/10/2012 . If a ship having large ³GM´ then the ship having good stability and if a ship having small ³GM´ then the ship having poor stability.

 By examination of the metacentric height. Positive Stability: If the metacentric height is large (positive) the ship will be stable. Negative Stability: If metacentic height is negative then the ship is negatively stable    . Neutral Stability: If the metacentric height reduces to zero the ship will be neutrally stable. it can be seen that three states of stability exist.

INCLINED WL INITIAL WATER LINE RIGHTING LEVER 1/10/2012 22 .RIGHTING LEVER The horizontal distance between ³G¶ and ³Z´ is called the righting lever (GZ). (GZ).


HEEL Temporary inclination of ship due to external forces such as wind or waves is called heel. heel. 1/10/2012 24 .

1/10/2012 25 .

 Heel may restrict the effectiveness of weapons.EFFECTS OF HEEL It is difficult for personnel to go out the ship and carryout their duties properly when the ship is heeled.  The effect of heel on the operation of air craft and helicopters.  1/10/2012 .

1/10/2012 27 . side. By shifting weight from low side to high side.LIST Permanent inclination of a ship by off centre load within the ship is called list. List can be corrected by the following three ways: ways: By removing off center loading. loading. By add equivalent weight on the opposite side. side. list.

CORRRCTION OF LIST M LIST G B G1 B1 G B1 B Add equivalent weight on the opposite side. M W W M M W G G B B shifting weight from low side to high28 side. or toward the center B1 Removing off center loading .


ship is said to be trim by head. If forward draught is greater Trim. than the aft. The ship is said to trim by stern. head. stern.TRIM Difference between FWD and AFT draught is called Trim. Similarly if aft draught is greater than FWD. -IIIIIIIII- WL IIIIIIII 1/10/2012 WL 30 . FWD.

 Add weight low down in the ship.LOLL The inclination of ship due to top centre weight and free surface effect.  Shift weight from high in ship to lower levels 1/10/2012 31 . Loll can be corrected by: by: Remove the weight from height in the ship. liquid. ship. ship. effect.  Reduce the area of free surface liquid.

FREEFREE-SURFACE EFFECTS Increase in inclination decrease in righting lever due to tanks not completely filled is called free surface effect. 1/10/2012 32 . effect.

tank.The movement of the center of gravity from G to G1 has been caused by the transfer of a liquid across the tank. GG 1/10/2012 33 .

but not good for crews known as Stiff Ship like war ships TENDER SHIP Ship with small GM Metacentric height.STIFF SHIP Ship with large GM Metacentric height. . large GZ Righting lever will take rapid roll has good stability. small GZ Righting lever will take slow roll has poor stability and good for crews is known as Tender Ship.


1/10/2012 36 .

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