January 9, 2012

Overall Summary

Prior to this Administration economic development and job creation projects were essentially frozen. Now, just eleven months in to the Gray Administration, we have unfrozen 14 major projects that are now under construction in 6 wards (including Ward 7) representing $1.9 billion in investment in the District that represent 3,500 construction jobs and, when completed, 5,300 permanent jobs. Looking out on the horizon to projects that are scheduled to be under construction by 2015, we·re on track to leverage $11B in investment that will create more than 56,000 construction jobs and more than 50,000 permanent jobs. This represents close to 7,800 construction jobs and 4,600 permanent jobs for Ward 7 alone.

Ward 7 Economic Development Activity
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Minnesota/Benning Parkside New Communities - Lincoln Heights Strand Theatre Penn Branch Shopping Center Skyland Ward 7 Restaurant Tour
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DOES Headquarters retail site Penn Branch shopping center Capitol Gateway Marketplace

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4800 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ray·s the Steaks Walmart Community Benefits Agreement One-City, One-Hire Employment Initiative The Grays on Pennsylvania (YES! Organic Market) Educare Eden Place (Eastern Avenue-Dix Street)


Status/Milestones: ‡ Mixed use development including 376 residential units and 24,000 sf of retail ‡ Construction to begin 2Q 2012 Benefits: ‡ Transit oriented development with close proximity to Minnesota Ave metro and streetcar ‡ Creates sit-down eating establishment opportunities

Parkside Development

Status/Milestones: ‡ $700M mixed use phased development including educational uses, residential, green space, health uses ‡ Construction to be complete 2016 Benefits: ‡ New educational facilities from early childhood to post secondary (Cesar Chavez Charter School, CCDC, EduCare, Neval Thomas Elementary) ‡ New mixed income housing stock ‡ Creates 5,000 temporary jobs ‡ Creates 3,500 permanent jobs ‡ Provides $38 million in tax revenues over 10 years.

New Communities - Lincoln Heights

Status: ‡ Eden Place (pictured) currently under construction (Eastern and Dix) ‡ Currently processing relocation of 9 LH/RD families into 4427 Hayes (Completed Jan 2011) ‡ 5201 Hayes was awarded to a developer in Dec 2010 and is currently under negotiations Milestones: ‡ The Nannie Helen (4800 blk of NHB) scheduled for Late 2011 closing ‡ Eden Place (Phase I) Ribbon Cutting: Early 2012 Benefits: ‡ New housing stock for Ward 7 ‡ Replacements units to further the goals of New Communities

Strand Theatre

Status/Milestones: ‡ Part of the Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings New Community plan to improve and create community-serving retail at the corner of Nannie Helen Burroughs and Division Street. ‡ Development team is currently seeking a tenant for the development. Mayor and Deputy Mayor promoted project at ICSC Conference in June of 2011. Potential tenants that have expressed interest in past include Family Dollar and 7-11. Benefits: ‡ 8,800 sf of community-serving retail, 6,400 sf of office space, and 5,000 sf of community space.

Penn Branch Shopping Center

Status/Milestones: ‡ Shopping center is privately owned and managed, however, DC government leases space in a portion of center ‡ Some potential incentives are available as needed to help attract quality retia

Benefits: ‡ Redevelopment of a long neglected community shopping center ‡ Important community amenities as potential tenants including sit down restaurant

Ward 7 Restaurant Site Tour

Ward 7 Restaurant Tour: ‡ In September DMPED brought over 25 brokers and restaurant exec·s on a tour of available restaurant sites in Ward 7, including: ‡ DOES HQ restaurant space ‡ Penn Branch shopping center ‡ Capitol Gateway Marketplace Benefits: ‡ An RFP for the DOES restaurant space attracted 6 responses in October

This tour was the first in at least five years to introduce retailers to Ward 7 neighborhoods


Status/Milestones: ‡ Land is owned by DC government ‡ Resolution of remaining litigation issues anticipated in 2012 ‡ Phase 1 of selective demolition anticipated for Q1 2012 ‡ Anticipated delivery of site to development team Q1 2013 ‡ Working with community to plan and implement interim-use activities Benefits: ‡ Redevelopment of a long neglected community asset ² 325,000 sf of retail, and 468 units of mixed-income housing ‡ Creates 1,500 temporary jobs ‡ Creates 900 permanent jobs ‡ Provides over $100 million in tax revenues over 10 years