Teaching Paradigm Shift

The need for digital resources to support the paradigm shift
Part 2 The process

Digital teaching support

The first step in this project is to develop ways of collecting information that will either add weight to the hypothesis or show it to be false. •The survey tool was adapted in conjunction with the project tutor. The aim of this survey is to collect information from teaching teams on the Devonport Campus particularly in relation to the use of digital or digitised resources. •Observation. Personal observation by the project manager and conversations with other stakeholders •Literature review.

The following TAFE Tasmania teams based on the Devonport Campus were surveyed. Fitting and Machining Motor Body Aged Care Metal Fabrication Student Services Accounting Finance Art Craft Design Library and Museum Technology Business Devonport Information Technology Devonport Trade area generally apprenticeships Trade area generally apprenticeships Para professionals Trade area generally apprenticeships Student advice and support Para professional Para professional Para professional Para professional Para professional.

Seventeen (17) survey tools were issued and 15 returned

Survey Questions &

1. How do you typically find out about new educational resources?

2. How often do you collaborate with colleagues to share digital resources?

3. How do you find digital educational resources?

4. How often do you typically spend looking for digital resources?

5. If you found a useful digital resource that you have not used before, how do you learn how to use it?

6. When you begin a new search for digital resources. What most frequently inspires your search

7. How comfortable are you with each of the following

8. Do you use any of the following digital resources.? Select as many as necessary

9. On average what percentage of your instructional time with learners incorporates digital resources

10. When you use digital educational resources do you usually use the resources as they appear or do you customize the resources you use 50………….50 response

11. How have digital educational resources changed the way you plan or structure your instruction

12. Which INSTRUCTIONAL TOOLS would you most like to find on a Web site devoted to educational resources?

13. Please check the top three challenges you face in seeking and using digital resources

14. When you use DIGITAL educational resources, who provides you with the technical /curriculum integration support

15. Have you participated in professional development sessions focused on the following topics?

16. What type of computer technology do you have consistent use of in your workplace ?

Either no computer and access to flex centre or PC and internet.

17. Which best describes the computer technology available to you and your class/activity group

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