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Research Report module - 8

Interpretation and report

Meaning: Interpretation is the device through which the factors that seem to explain what has been observed by researcher in the course of the study can be better understood & it also provides a theoretical conception which can serves as a guide for further researches.


1. It is through interpretation the researcher can well understand the abstract principle that works beneath his findings.

2. Interpretation leads to the establishment of exploratory concepts that can serves a guide for future research.

3. Researcher can better appreciate only through interpretation.

4. The interpretation of the findings of the exploratory research study often results into hypotheses for experimental research& as such interpretation is involved in the transition from exploratory to experimental research.

Research report is considered as a marker component of the research study for the research task remains incomplete till the research report has been presented or written. The Research report gives an understanding of the data & conclusions. The research report places the data & findings in an organized & suitable form. Research report serve the purpose of the research, needs & wishes of executives. TYPES OF REPORT: Generally the report can be either written form or oral form.

TYPES OF RESEARCH REPORT: Practically the research report Can be classified as follows A. Basic report B. Report for publication c. Technical report D. Report for executives STEPS IN REPORT WRITING: 1. Logical analysis of the subject matter 2. Preparation of the final outline 3. Preparation of the rough draft 4. Rewriting and polishing 5. Preparation of final bibliography 6. Writing the final draft .

ELEMENTS OF RESEARCH REPORT: [COMPONENT OR CONTENTS] 1. Title page 2. Table of contents 3. Executive synopsis 4. Introduction 5. Methodology objectives Research design Data collection Sampling Field work 6. Limitations 7. Analysis and interpretation 8. Findings 9. Conclusions and recommendations 10.Bibliography 11.Appendix

PRINCIPLES OF REPORT WRITING: Report writing may involves the following principles: 1. Easy to follow 2. Quality in communication 3. Conciseness 4. Objectives of the report 5. Stress on practical report 6. Accuracy 7. Completeness 8. Different typography








GRAPHS AND CHARTS: A. Round or pie chart

B. Line chart

C. Stratum chart

D. Pictograph

E. Bar chart

F. Histogram