Forest Resources

    . a forest remains in a relatively fixed.Forest  Is a plant community (trees or other woody vegetation) occupying an extensive area of land In its natural state. Disturbances such as a forest fire or timber harvesting may result in a shift to another forest type (Forest Fires. dominant species of trees are characteristically associated with certain shrubs and herbs. soil. and the topography of the region determine the characteristic trees of a forest. In local environments. Climate. Lumber Industry). self-regulated condition over a long period of time.

but this has failed to halt deforestation. Mexico Mexico has significant forest resources. despite the fact that much of the nation¶s land is semiarid and many of the forests that existed prior to the arrival of Europeans have been lost to logging and erosion. . Between 1970 and 1985 Mexico lost about one-sixth of its woodlands. by 2005 forests covered only 33 percent of the country. It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of what is now Mexico was covered by forests in the early 1500s. Almost all logging has been placed under strict government supervision.

The country¶s most important timber resources are located in the states of Chihuahua. The most commercially valuable woods are pine. Michoacán. cedar. and rosewood. . Mexico does not produce enough wood pulp to meet its demand for paper products and the country imports much of its paper and cardboard. and Jalisco. resins. Mexico¶s pine and oak forests are found largely in the nation¶s mountainous central and northern regions. Tropical hardwoods such as mahogany are found in the tropical rain forests of southern Mexico. logwood. Durango. spruce. and charcoal. mahogany. Oaxaca. Other important forest products include pitch.


prevent erosion and flooding     . which distributes into the vegetation and soil Increase the ability of soil to absorb water.Role of Forests  Habitat for plants and animals Provides Oxygen (through photosynthesis done by the plants) Forest canopy and root system provide natural filters for the water we use from lakes or rivers Canopy could also capture fog.

Total Log Ban  Advantages: .

2011) 2. wood producers would lose an estimated $1 billion in annual exports of high value-added and high-end finished wood products . Disadvantages: 1. loss of at least P30 billion in investments made by firms engaged in the wood industry (Philippine Wood Producers Association. serious impact on over two million people directly and indirectly working in the wood industry (Philippine Wood Producers Association. 2011) 3.