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PROPOSAL O l d Wo o l p a c k P u b New Proposed .


Usually the trench has to be dug until clay is reached. They are created by excavating a trench deep enough to avoid damage to the foundation caused by changes in the topsoil. If the site slopes. . block and the trench and cavity are backfilled up to finished ground level. The bottom of the trench is covered with at least 150mm of concrete. Once the footings are complete. either in brick and block or.STRIP FOUNDATION Strip foundations are the most common type used because they offer good strength for their cost. cavity walls are built up to finished ground level. one or more steps may be built into the concrete with forms that guide the depth.

which cures and hardens into a monolithic core. fires and floods. This combination of concrete. . An ECOBlock home can dramatically reduce heating and cooling bills. Structure built with ICFs offer resistance to natural disasters such as tornadoes. hurricanes.INSULATING CONCRETE FORMS (ICF) Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are hollow blocks or panels made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) plastic foam that construction crews stack into the shape of the exterior walls of a residential or commercial building. Workers then add reinforcing steel and fill the gap (typically 4µ to 8µ) between the two layers of foam with concrete. steel and foam creates an incredibly strong and energyefficient structure. plus provide an exceptionally comfortable and quiet indoor environment. earthquakes.

CONCRETE BLOCK AND BEAM FLOORING ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Much faster erection on site results in great savings on labour Structurally stronger slabs cover longer spans nusual floor shapes can be easily covered without cutting on site using hollowcore slabs manufactured exactly to site dimensions Service opes can be factory formed reducing number of additional hungers Excellent fire resistance Better thermal properties Excellent acoustic performance .

OAK WOOD FLOORING Oak is an attractive and popular timber that is native to Britain and it is from the Quercus genus. It comprises several wood layers stuck to one another using high pressures. which boasts higher strength and durability compared to a wooden floor of solid material. . strength and style. This method of construction helps in creating wooden flooring. whilst retaining the same aesthetics as the solid variety. Exudes a sense of beauty.

lime rendered walls. ´rough castµ spar dash etc. stone.TEXTURES ‡ Texture Coating gives a different and aesthetic look of the exterior walls. pebble-dash exteriors. . tyrolean walls. ‡ It saves the wall damage from external weather conditions. smooth render and textured render. ‡ Textured coatings are ideal for exterior house walls made of brick.

ROOF ‡ Traditionally this type roofs have been used. which will deteriorate rapidly in damp conditions. ‡ Ineffective covering can lead to expensive work to the underlying timbers and any decorative finishes. ‡ The tiles used in roof are weather resistant. .

Slip Bricks.BRICK CLADDINGS ‡ Brick slips are thin clay brick. usually about 15mm in thickness and are manufactured as a brick finish for new cladding or refurbishment. Brick Cladding. . ‡ These thin clay brick slips are referred to by various names such as Brick Slips. Brick Tiles.





lectures. . musical events. Custom sizes are also available to suit the client·s needs. In the folded position the stage occupies only 16 inches of floor space and with the turn of a key becomes a 12 foot by 20 foot stage. church services. theatrical plays. etc. raised 2 feet off the floor. suitable for choral groups.RETRACTABLE STAGE The Retractable Stage is totally unique stage.


This is perfect for using it as a kitchen air cleaner or for removing cigarette smoke from the air.KITCHEN VENTILATION The F61 AutoClean electrostatic air cleaner series is modular and can be configured to achieve any airflow capacity and efficiency. dynamic wash system and programmable control providing the ultimate solution to your air filtration needs. . F61 AutoClean is an in-line electrostatic air cleaner with an integral.

MICRO BREWERY ‡ Greatly reduced O2 pick-up during whirlpooling gives better flavour and increases shelf life ‡ Up to 15% better utilisation on barley usage due to lauter tun operation saves you money ‡ No hot liquor tank (reduces Salmonella risk) ‡ Shorter batch production & cleaning time due to quicker wort filtration allowing greater utilisation or reduced operating costs ‡ Capability to produce ¶special beers· with high proportion of fruit & nuts ² allows creative marketing ‡ Very compact ² ideal for brewpubs ‡ Greatly reduced chemical cleaning system saves running costs and gives greener credentials .


MULTI SPLIT A/C Air conditioning is a great way to manage the temperature. ceiling or floor) which recirculates the air in the room. cooling it and heating it to your requirements. providing all year round climate control. System to be used multi split AC as this is the most familiar form of installed commercial air conditioning. movement.This system offers an ideal way to treat a number of areas whilst minimizing the space required for outdoor units. . It will cool in the summer months and heat in the winter. humidity and cleanliness of air inside a building. "split" systems are so called because they comprise an indoor unit (mounted on a wall.

BS5839 Part1 L1 & Part 6 . ALARM. EXTINGUISHER & EXIT SIGN As per British Standards BS5266.FIRE DETECTOR.

CCTV & SECURITY Interior: Professional series CCTV Low light Colour Dome camera with Vari focal Auto Iris lens. day and night vision. long range view and zoom . This dome cameras offers two benefits in that it allows you to adjust Angle of View (vari-focal) and is suitable for locations where there is light variation (auto-iris). Monitor: 17" PC TFT LCD VGA Monitor (Premium Brand) Exterior: Weatherproof.

675 GRAND TOTAL= £ 674.260 The Building Cost Per Meter Square= £1105 .500 SUPER STRUCTURE= £ 637.784 UTILITIES= £ 23.300 MISCELLANEOUS= £ 6.COSTING ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The following list gives us the rough estimate of the whole project: SUB STRUCTURE = £ 6.


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