Communication Process With It·s Retailers In Upper North (UN


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business is support by IBM and transmission towers by another company. Bharti Airtel is the 3rd largest mobile operator by subscriber base.Mobile Services. The mobile business provides mobile & fixed wireless services using GSM technology across 23 telecom circles while the Airtel Telemedia Services business offers broadband & telephone services in 95 cities. Its network operations are provided by Ericsson. . Airtel Telemedia Services & Enterprise Services. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have always been structured into three individual strategic business units . Globally. behind China Mobile and China Unicom.Bharti Airtel Ltd It is known for being the first mobile company in the world to outsource everything except marketing and sales.

MISSION : We will meet the mobile communication needs of our customers through: 1) Customer service focus. 6) Error. 2) Empowered service delivery. . 5) Unified Messaging Solutions. 4) Cost efficiency. 3) Innovative services.VISION : To make mobile communications a way of life and be the customers' first choice & to be globally admired for telecom services that delight customers.

‡16 states. Only India's leading mobile service offers you the truly 'freedom-packed' Prepaid! ‡First to launch Cellular service on November 1995. Enjoy the mobile roaming across 38 partner networks & above 700 cities Moreover we can roam across international destinations in 119 countries including USA. ‡BHARTI announces agreement with VODAFONE marking the entry of The World's Largest Telecom Operator into India. Canada. ‡First to provide roaming facility in USA. UK etc with 284 partner networks. .ACHIEVEMENTS ‡First to introduce push button phone in India. 600 million people.

2. 4. 3.To understand how it affects the sales of Airtel¶s prepaid connections in the given region.To find and understand as to which all communication modes are used by Airtel with its retailers.To understand how Airtel addresses with its retailers in the entire region. 5. .How new marketing techniques introduced by Airtel on regular time intervals have an effect on the retailers.To collect data about the various schemes promoted by Airtel in different districts.OBJECTIVES 1.

e. The given questions were asked from them and the data is collected accordingly on various parameters. Punjab and Himachal Pradesh from about 100 retailers. .Research Methods Primary Data Collection ‡Direct Personal Investigation Method ‡Telephonic Interview Method Sample Size The data is collected from severs retailers in Chandigarh by visiting as well on telephone from the cities of two states i.

As per the survey Agents are the most preferred mode of communication among all the retailers for all the service provider in the city of Chandigarh. Which is a bite surprising as being a state Capital it should has started using more of SMS and internet to communicate with retailers. .QUESTIONNAIRE USED FOR ENTIRE PROJECT Q:1) Which mode of communication is suitable? Interpretation.

they are not happy with Airtel agents and this is something which Airtel must look on priority basis the reasons behind the same.Q: 2) What¶s the frequency of visiting agents? Interpretation-Despite of Airtel agents visiting the most frequently to its retailers. .

Q:3) What¶s the satisfaction level of retailers with service provider? Interpretation-Here again Airtel has the highest satisfaction level among the service providers undertaken for the survey. .

Q: 4) How are grievances handled? Intrepretation.In this Airtel is using more of technology than its competitors that Vodafone & Idea .Whereas the other two are still using the traditional way of handling grievances through agents .

. Thus we can say airtel is more technology savvy in the given circumstances.In this a mix of SMS & Agents are used by Airtel in fact it uses more SMS as compared to its competitors but uses less of agents as compared to its primary competitor Vodafone.Q:5) How you as retailers come to know about scheme? Interpretation.

In this the surveys shows that about 50% of all the retailers like to be contacted between 12pm to 3pm as according to them the foot falls of clients are minimum during that duration of time.Q:6) What the most suitable to contact you as retailers of Airtel? Interpretation. .

Retailers has the highest satisfaction level among the service provider by Airtel.FINDINGS Retailers play a vital role in today¶s market environment where there is high & cut throat competition. Availability of Airtel recharge coupons at every retailer as they are produced and distributed within Chandigarh. . Strong Distribution Channel.

‡Until recently Airtel. . did not own its own towers. ‡More focus on African countries is declining its sales in domestic market.Limitations ‡Start-up business had to outsource to industry experts in the field.

which is not happening currently in the most of the Zone. 3.RECOMMENDATIONS/ SUGGESTIONS: Some of the recommendations or suggestions suggested by me as part of my internship report to Airtel (UN) are as follows:1. 2.Provide proper & complete information to agents & distributors well in advance as to when a new scheme is to be launched so the same can be forwarded to the retailers well in advance of when a scheme is actually launched.Provide regular training to the agents & distributors who act as link between AIRTEL & their retailers.Bringing new innovative & inductive schemes for its retailers & follow up it with new schemes for retailers settlement which is another major grievance of retail towards Airtel & the reason why they prefer Vodafone over Airtel in most of districts covered by me in my report.Organize party¶s for retailers who perform outstanding continuously or are the leaders for a quarter of year in each district to create a competitive environment among the retailers of Airtel. . 4.

As most of the retailers says that they don¶t get their claims /commission on time from Airtel & take months at times which is generally a monthly affair in cases of other service providers or even fortnightly in case of Vodafone. .CONCLUSION The conclusion of my study is that AIRTEL¶s communication with its retailers has a major impact to its users. I carried my survey by communicating directly with retailers after regular interval of time thus able to find out the loop holes of its agents. Airtel can further increase its lead & market share by improving its communication process with its retailers which currently favors Vodafone due to various reasons. Airtel¶s premier competitor in Telecom Industry in entire of India. It need to adopt a very good inductive strategy towards its retailers if it has to regain the lost ground in the states. distributors as well as what can be done & how it can be done by coming to know directly from representatives of Airtel who actually interact with the customer of Airtel.


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