Presentation of Sales and Distribution


Dew and Diet Pepsi Aquafina Gatorade Tropicana 100%. ´ ´ ´ Entered India in 1989 One of the largest multinational investors Provides direct and indirect employment 1.PEPSI CO. Mt. Tropicana Twisters and Slice Lehar Evervess Soda and Dukes Lemonade BEVERAGES HYDRATING AND NUTRITIONAL BEVERAGES ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINKS JUICE BASED DRINKS LOCAL BRANDS .000 people (including suppliers and distributors) Pepsi. Mirinda. 7UP. Tropicana Nectars.50.


´ These bottlers then carbonate and bottle the syrup to sell them to distributors or retailer ´ .MANUFACTURER SPONSORED RETAIL FRANCHISEE Pepsi Co licenses bottlers in various markets that buy its syrup concentrate.

Lehar Soda also. . Confectionaries. 7up. Kirana Stores.  Ubiquitous: Restaurant.FACTORS FOR CHANNEL DESIGN ´ Customer  Assortment Needs of Goods: Pepsi has a wide assortment of goods. In beverages some very famous are Pepsi Mirinda. Pan shops. all these are some examples of the fact that the product Pepsi is ubiquitous. Pepsi on wheels. Slice etc Aquafina.

.´ Number  Intensive Of Intermediaries Distribution: Pepsi Co follows an intensive distribution strategy. To support their ubiquitous feature they want to place their product in as many outlets as possible.  Increases market coverage  Competing against Coca Cola and other local companies.

. Option of credit sales remains at the lower part of the chain. Guarantee of damaged goods provided.´ Terms  Price And Responsibilities Policy: Distributors: 3 to 5 % is the profit margin Retailers: 10 % to 16 % is the profit margin  Territorial Rights: Distributors are given territorial rights and are not allowed to work beyond their territories.  Conditions of Sale: Payment done through bank or cash.


« Assigns sales target acc to region and seasons. « Sales incentives « Promotional offers. « Distributors ´ Wholesalers ´ Retailers ´ . « Evaluates performance against predefined parameters.CHANNEL MEMBERS AND ROLES ´ PepsiCo Assigns a territory to the distributor.

Katwaria Sarai Transportation cost . vehicle cost at each stage is borne by each intermediaries .Munirka.INTERMEDIARY STATISTICS DISTRIBUTORS Jain distributors . New Delhi SS drinks Private Limited Manages buffer for 10 days and uses TALLY and EXCEL software -do- WHOLESALERS EKTA Wholesalers Private Limited Manages buffer for 2-3 days and uses EXCEL software RETAIL Amit Corner.

GENERIC CHANNEL OUTPUTS ´ Spatial convenience « High availability « Strong presence ´ Shorter delivery span (time) .

CHANNEL MANAGEMENT ´ PepsiCo has lot of control over the channel « In case of Pepsi to Authorised distributor to retail shops (defined territory of distributor) « Pepsi assigns a particular territory to the distributor under an agreement. « Retailers accountable to the authorized distributors . « No intervention into other·s territory without company·s knowledge.


CONTD« ´ KEY PARAMETERS  Total lines sold per day  Average of SKU per order  Penetration %  No. of SKU sales  Outlet booking order  Completed sales .

CONFLICTS Hybrid Channel in place Wholesalers do not have a control over retailers ´ Rigidity from franchisees. ´ SUGGESTIONS ‡ Install Vending machines for direct distribution. ‡ Financial support to the franchisees. .

THANK YOU By: Prashant Kumar Choudhary PGDM-3rd semester BLS Institute of Management Mohan Nagar. Ghaziabad .

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