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INTRODUCTION This contingency approach is modern management theory This contingency approach is also known as situational The Contingency Approach stresses that the correctness of a managerial practice is contingent on how it fits the particular .

Contingency Approach to Management y y y y y Management is entirely situational. The success of management depends on its ability to cope up with its environment . The management has to use the measures/techniques as per the situation from time to time. Management should match its approach as per the requirements of the situation. The policies and practices used should be suitable to environmental changes.

Characteristics The contingency approach is based on three characteristics they are.. An open system perspective A research orientation A multivariable approach .

The contingency approach has a wide-ranging applicability and practical utility in.Merits Contingency approach is pragmatic and open minded It discounts preconceived notions. and universal validity of principles It provides freedom/choice to manage to judge the external environment and use the most suitable management techniques. Here. It advocates comparative analysis of organizations to bring suitable adjustment between organization structure and situational . organization and management. importance is given to the judgment of the situation and not the use of specific principles.

Limitations It is argued that the contingency approach lacks a theoretical base. Under contingency approach. make right choice by matching the technique to the situation and finally execute his choice . The responsibility of a manager increases as he has to analyze the situation. a manager is supposed to think through all possible alternatives as he has no dried principles to act upon. examine the validity of different principles and techniques to the situation at hand. This brings the need of more .

. There is no single best way of managing applicable to all situations.Conclusion y The basic theme of contingency approach is that organizations have to deal with different situations in different ways.

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