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Amity School of Engineering &Technology

M.Tech. ( ECE) -III Sem Advanced Instrumentation

MTE 301
Sanjay Kumar Singh Amity School Of Engineering & Technology

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

What is Instrumentation ?
It is a branch which measures and control physical and chemical parameters at a desired value in order to optimize process efficiency with improved and uniformed product quality and increases intrinsic safety and it reduces waste and cost.

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Measuring unit in Instrumentation

Transducer Signal conditioner Transmitter / Receiver Recorder Display (Analog & Digital) Controller (for desired value/set point value) Final control elements (Process)

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Noise and Interference Process or Test

Sensor or Transducer


Signal Conditioner

ADC Converter


Proces s

and control over the process or experiment

PC comp and data storage

Typical Measurement System Architecture

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

What is Telemetry?
Telemetry : The process of measuring at a distance.  Aeronautical telemetry: The process of making measurements on an aeronautical vehicle and sending those measurements to a distant location for analysis
Flows Pressures Temperatures Vibrations Velocities

If it is ORANGE it is flight test measurement


Amity School of Engineering &Technology





Amity School of Engineering &Technology







Instrumentation & Control Systems Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Desired is compared with a measurement of the actual in order to measure error. Difference between the desired input and actual output is equal to the error.

This measurement is obtained by visual and tactile body movement (feedback). Additional feedback from steering wheel by the hand (sensor).

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Applications of Instrumentation

Automatic steering control systems Automatic tank level control system Position control system (Robotics) A batch chemical process Automatic Aircraft landing system Rocket Autopilot system Missile launching and guidance system

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Course Plan: Advanced Instrumentation

Course Code: MTE 301 Credit Units: 4 Classroom Teaching Hours: 3 hrs./week Tutorial Hours: 1 hr./week Total No. of Session Planned: 40 Total No. of Tutorials Planned: 5 Practical/Lab Hours: 2 hrs./week Self Study: 2 hrs. per Lecture

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Prerequisites for the course

The student should have a basic knowledge of Control Systems Measurement Systems Instrumentation Principle Communication


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Objectives of the Course

To extend the basic concepts of instrumentation into design methodology & measurement systems. To enable the students with a comprehensive knowledge of the transducer, data acquisition system and telemetry design of instrumentation systems. To provide the core knowledge of instrumentation systems this includes different measurement, various types of display system and concept of fiber optics technology for transmission, SCADA, Q meter with noise remedial measure.

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Learning Outcomes
After completion of course, student will be able to:

1. understand the different instrumentation system design by transducer & signal conditioning. 2. understand to develop instrumentation, data acquisition & telemetry using modern equipment and development tools 3. understand the concepts of fiber optics technology for transmission, SCADA, Q meter with noise remedial measure. 4. understand the instrumentation systems with various types of display system

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Lecture-wise distribution of course

Total Module: 5 Module No. I II III IV V Total Lectures 5 13 6 9 7

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Module 1:Transducers
Lecture No. Topics to be covered Introduction of Subject, Importance, Applications Classification of Transducers including analog and digital transducers, Selection of Transducers Static and Dynamic response of transducer System.

1 2-3

Tutorial No. 1


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Module 2: Measurements
Lecture No.
6 7-8 9-10 11-15 16 17-18

Topics to be covered
Measurement of length & thickness Linear displacement, Angular displacement Force, weight, torque Moisture, Level, Flow, PH, Thermal conductivity Measurement of Frequency Proportional, Geigermuller & Scintillation Counters

Tutorial No. 2

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Module 3: Telemetry
Lecture No. 19 20-21 22 23-24 Topics to be covered
Basic Principles of Telemetry Proximity & remote Action Telemetry systems Multiplexing Time Division and frequency division

Tutorial No. 3 Class Test (CT) weightage 15 marks


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Module 4:Various types of display devices

Lecture No. 25 26-27 28-29 30-31 32-33 Topics to be covered
Digital Voltmeters Dual Slope DVMS Analog and Digital encoders Analog and Digital Data Acquisition System A/D Converter

Tutorial No. 4

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Module 5:
Lecture No. 34-35 36-37 38-40 Topics to be covered
Fibre Optic Technology for data transmission Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) Q-meter, Electrical noise in control signals, its remedial measures.

Tutorial No. 6
Quiz (Objective & Short answer)

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Text & Reference Books

Text :

A.K.Tayal, Instrumentation & Mechanical Measurements, 2nd ed. (2009), Galgotia Publication. S.K.Singh, Industrial instrumentation & Control, 3rd ed. (2009), Tata McGraw Hill Publication

R. K. Rajput, Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation, 2nd ed. (2010), S Chand Publication. John.Turner, Instrumentation for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd ed. (2009), OXFORD University Press. Hermann K P Neubert, Instrument Transducers, 2nd ed.(2009), OXFORD University Press. R.K.Jain, Mechanical & Industrial Mesurement, 2nd ed.(2008), Khanna Publication Delhi. Dr D S Kumar, Mechanical Mesurement & Control, 2nd ed.(2008), Metropolitan Education Delhi Nakra and Choudhary, Instrumentation: Measurement and Analysis, 2nd ed. (2009), Tata McGraw Hill Publication.

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Instruction Methodology
Lecture Quiz Home Assignment Tutorials Animation

Ultrasonic Flow Measuring Principle Radiometric measurement - Gamma Function of the source container FQG Cruise Missile Animation


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Evaluation Scheme
S. No. Evaluation Component Quiz Home Assignment 1 Home Assignment 2 Class Test Attendance End-Semester Examination Total Weight (%) Date for Evaluation Learning Outcome Evaluated 1-5 1-2 3-5 1-2 Date of Completion of Evaluation Within 2-3 days Within a week Within a week Within a week 1 2 3 4 5 6

Last Week Fifth Week Eighth Week As per academic calendar Through out the semester As per University schedule

2 3 15



Within 2 weeks


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Evaluation Scheme
Components Weightage Planned Date Planned A 5 CT 15 Q 5 HA 5 EE 70 0112-2412

1309-1609 2411-2511

Q =Quiz (Objective & Short answer)


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Component I Quiz (05 Marks)

Quiz evaluates the students in terms of the following: Fundamental concepts of Advanced Instrumentation Ability to learn a given problem and devise a solution to it. Guidelines: The objective type and short questions will be asked in quiz. There will be no negative marking.

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Component II Home assignments (05 Marks)

Guidelines: 1. Descriptive and designing related questions will be given. 2. It will be compulsory to submit home assignment on time.


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Component III- Class Test (15 Marks) This is an individual activity which test students basic knowledge in the given subject and by this component it can assess student- instructor performance.


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Component IV- Attendence(05 Marks) Criteria for an attendance

100% attendance is mandatory.

Attendance (%) 75 75 - 80 80 - 85 85 - 90 90 - 100

Marks 1 2 3 4 5

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

General Guidelines for Students

It is expected from all students to be present in all lectures/ labs. They have to maintain at least 75% attendance, otherwise they will be debarred from the examination.


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

General Guidelines for Students (contd.)

Teaching notes will be provided on hardcopy, soft copy and/or e-book as and when required. Home assignments need to be submitted on time.


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Teaching Adds E-books

 Measurement and Instrumentation Principles, 3rd Edition.[2001] ButterworthHeinemann  Fundamentals of industrial instrumentation and process control_WC Dunn  Instrumentation and Control Systems, Elsevier (2004)  The Measurement Instrumentation And Sensors Handbook



Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Advanced Instrumentation Lab

MTE 320 01 02 Hrs. / Group Measurement & Control Lab List of Experiments Course Code Credit Unit Lab Hours Lab : : : :


Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Session wise PowerPoint Presentations

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9 Session 10 Session 11 Session 12 Session 13 Session 14 Session 15 Session 16 Session 17 Session 18 Session 19 Session 20 Session 21 Session 22 Session 23 Session 24 Session 25 Session 26 Session 27 Session 28 Session 29 Session 30

Amity School of Engineering &Technology

Session wise PowerPoint Presentations

Session 31 Session 34 Session 37 Session 40 Session 32 Session 35 Session 38 Session 33 Session 36 Session 39


Amity School of Engineering &Technology