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Bulldog Shoes Superglue

School Caravan
Activation Plan Presentation

Its back-to-school time. Practical and economical parents though buy new set of school stuff every school opening, they also tried to maximize the things used in the previous school year notebooks, bags, uniform and shoes. Aside from school opening, rainy season also starts. Problems such as flash floods and constant exposure to rain water affects durability of school things particularly shoes.

The Product
Bulldog Shoes Superglue
The only superglue that works even when wet. The ONLY superglue made for all types of footwear. Repairs shoes instantly even when damp or wet. Bulldog Shoes Superglue provides a permanent bonding solution; keeps the bonded surfaces waterproofed and helps retain shoes flexibility after application.

The Big Idea


It is a series of direct-toconsumer activation in different schools in Metro Manila. Bulldog Shoes Superglue will visit various educational institution and set-up a booth wherein students can get the chance to have their shoes fix for FREE using Bulldog Shoe Superglue (Fix Your Shoes With Bulldog Shoes Superglue Promo). Product demonstration and selling will also be conducted.

General Objectives
To create brand awareness through direct-to-consumer activation. Induce trial and repeat usage among consumer who have directly experience the brand during the activation. To use word-of-mouth promotion using students who will be intercepted during the activation and passing the information to their parents. Generate incremental sales of Bulldog Shoes Superglue on the duration of the campaign.

Specific Objectives
Be able to conduct 15 school tours during the campaign. Reach a total of 2,250 individuals who will directly experience the brand promise. Generate 10-15% trial purchase rate among total customers reached.

Targets and Demographics

Consumer belonging to mostly upper C and some B SEC. Highly populated schools ranging from primary to tertiary. Age varies from as young as 11 years old to 18 years will be the intercepted reach. Parents will be the secondary reached through word of mouth coming from the students who was directly reached of the activation.

Proposed Venues
A. Primary and Secondary Schools 1. Pateros Elementary School 2. Pasig Catholic College 3. 4. 5. 6. Quezon City Science High School Francisco High School QC Ramon Magsaysay High School QC Marikina Elementary School

7. Pasay National High School 8. Makati National High School

Proposed Venues
B. Tertiary Schools 9. University of the Philippines Diliman 10. Polytechnic University of the Philippines 11. 12. 13. 14. Far Eastern University Pamantasan ng Makati Pamantasan ng Manila Arellano University

15. University of the East

Activity Duration
August 1 September 30, 2010 Activation time (per activity run): 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Booth Activity Plan

Product Demonstration and Free Shoe Repair Promo Merchandiser will offer the Fix Your Shoes With Bulldog Shoes Superglue Promo . Interested participants registers at the booth. Product Demonstrators will show them how to use Bulldog Shoes Superglue. When the demo is finished, the participants themselves will be the one to fix their shoes . Selling Component Promo Merchandiser will advise the participants that the product is available for selling. If not interested, tell them to tell their parents to use Bulldog Shoes Superglue for any footwear repair.

Logistics and Manpower Requirement

Materials Bulldog Shoes Superglue booth 225 (15 pieces X 15 schools) pieces Bulldog Shoes Superglue products for Fix Your Shoes With Bulldog Shoes Superglue Promo 375 (25 pieces X 15 schools) pieces Bulldog Shoes Superglue for selling activity Bulldog Shoes Superglue product streamers

Logistics and Manpower Requirement

Manpower Activity Team Leader One (1) Product Demonstrator One (1) Sales Coordinator or Promo Merchandiser Driver and service vehicle

Time Table
Task Description 1. Project presentation, revision and approval. 2. Development and production of creative materials. a. Booth b. Product streamers 3. Coordination with prospective venues until securing approval of venues and schedules. 4.Internal coordination June 28 July 24, 2010 July 19 24, 2010 Timeframe June 21 26, 2010 June 28 July 17, 2010 Person Responsible

Time Table
Task Description 5. Pre-operation meeting 6. Activation implementation Timeframe July 26 31, 2010 August 1 September 30, 2010 After every activity October 6, 2010 Person Responsible

7.Post assessment and evaluation a. Per activation b. Final

Budget Requirements
Cost Description
1. Bulldog Shoes Superglue Booth (portable type) 2. Bulldog Shoes Superglue product streamer (banner stand type) 3. Bulldog Shoes Superglue samples 4. Manpower a. Product Demonstrator b. Promo Merchandiser c. Driver 5. Vehicle 1 1 1 1 15 15 15 15 800.00 800.00 450.00 600 12,000.00 12,000.00 6,750.00 9,000.00

1 2

# of Activity
1 1

Unit Cost
5,200.00 450.00

5,200.00 900.00







Cost-Benefit Analysis
Total cost of the activation is at PhP60,025.00. Incremental sales on the duration of the project is at PhP23,625.00 Actual investment cost of the activity is at PhP36,400.00 and reaching a total of 2,250 individuals. The promotional cost of the activity is PhP16. 18 per head.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Assumptions The sales generated directly from the activation will come from innovators and early adopters type of consumer which constitute almost 16% of the market. Granting that 34% of those reached (these are the early majority type of consumers) will buy the products promoted to them, payback of the activity is nine (9) months after the implementation.

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