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The Traffic Light tree was created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant following a competition run by the PUBLIC ART COMMISION AGENCY . It is situated on a roundabout near Canary Wharf, at the junctions of Heron Quay Bank, Marsh Wall and Westferry Road. in one of London's financial districts.

Modern illuminating light.

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1. WDM wide area networks employ tunable lasers and filters at access nodes and optical/electronic switches at routing nodes. 2. An access node may transmit signals on different wavelengths, which are coupled into the fiber using wavelength multiplexers. 3. An optical signal passing through an optical wavelength-routing switch (WRS) may be routed from an output fiber without undergoing opto-electronic conversion.


1. Under light path communication, the network employs an equal number of transmitters and receivers because each light path operates on a point-to-point basis. However this point-toapproach is not able to fully utilize all of the wavelengths on all of the fiber links in the network, also it is not able to fully exploit all the switching capability of each WRS. 2. A light tree is an all optical channel, which may span multiple fiber links. Hence, a light tree enables single-hop singlecommunication between a source node and a set of destination nodes. Thus, a light tree based virtual topology can significantly reduce the hop distance, thereby increasing the network throughput

Light Region Trees

 Point light Omnidirectional Has maximum range Root illumination region bounded only be zone boundary and lights bounding sphere  Three fundamental light types Point light Spot light, special case of point light Infinite (directional) light

Infinite Light Tree

 Light rays parallel for infinite light
The lateral planes of each illumination region intersect at parallel lines The extrusion of planes from a portal always goes in one direction instead of away from a point

Spot Light Tree

 Spot light almost same as point light
Difference is the root node of the illumination tree Spot light starts with a frustum, just like a camera does Point light affects entire root zone

Londons traffic tree in night

Londons traffic light in day


1.Eight metres tall and containing 75 sets of lights, each controlled by computer, Vivant described the project thus: "The sculpture imitates the natural landscape of the adjacent London Plane Trees, while the changing pattern of the lights reveals and reflects the never ending rhythm of the surrounding domestic, financial and commercial activities. 2.The Public Art Commission Agency were quick out that: "The arbitrary cycle of light changes is not supposed to mimic the seasonal rhythm of nature, but the restlessness of Canary Wharf.


1. Although some motorists were initially confused by the traffic lights, mistaking them for real signals, the folly soon became a favourite among both tourists and locals. 2. In 2005, Saga Motor Insurance commissioned a survey asking British motorists about the best and worst roundabouts in the country. The Traffic Light tree was the clear favourite. 3. The Traffic Light tree was installed in 1998 on the site of a plantree that was choking to death as a result of pollution.It was initially hoped that the lights would be triggered to show flurries of activity on the London Stock Exchange, but this proved to be too expensive to put into practice.

The omar huertas light tree uses a highly-efficient 3d nanotube solar cell for visible and UV light which enable light absorption from visible.

The base of the light tree but it is designed to work in shady & cloudy conditions:-

System branch light

Small tree light kit

Tree light a solar powered

Tree cable light


1. A light path is an all-optical channel, which may be used to carry circuit switched traffic, and it may span multiple fiber links. Assiggning a particular wavelength to it sets these up. In the absence of wavelength converters, a light path would occupy the same wavelength continuity constraint. 2. A light path can create logical (or virtual) neighbors out of nodes that may be geographically far apart from each other. 3. A light path carries not only the direct traffic between the nodes it interconnects, but also the traffic from nodes upstream of the source to nodes upstream of the destination. 4. A major objective of light path communication is to reduce the number of hops a packet has to traverse.

Solar tree to light up streets

 Requirements: 1. Multicast -capable wavelength routing switches (MWRS) at every node in the network. 2. More optical amplifiers in the network

Some colourful examples of light tree