Poll Everywhere in Education

Examples and case studies compiled for CASLA

´Channel 1µ / lunch poll of the day . talent competitions. sports half time.Cell phones in education Basic issues y Cost to students: SMS text messaging y Acceptable Use Policies (and bans) y Students change school·s cell phone policy y Fear of cheating or distraction y Access and equality y Supplemental devices and sharing y Non-classroom uses y Prom court. student government elections.

we find formative assessment used almost 10x as often as summative y Grading y Question types: Most are possible by adapting Multiple Choice or Free Text .Assessment y In K-12.

Grading: Toggle highlight of correct answer .

Automated grading .

Poll Types Fill in the blank .

Poll Types Likert scales .

Poll Types True/False .

Free Text Polls y Open ended questions allow any type of question y True/false with optional comment y Pick 4 of these 7 ingredients. and optionally suggest your own y Submit a single word that summarizes your feelings y Write the next sentence in this paragraph: « .

Browsing other people·s ideas y http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls y Let·s search now« .

Engagement y Educators report that the #1 reason they like Poll Everywhere is an uncanny effect on student engagement y Factors that increase engagement y Relevance. novelty y Anonymous response y Improvisation and risk y Case studies: y Student Engagement through Cell Phones y Turning Cell Phones into a Tool for Student Engagement .

y Classically. personal engagement would be difficult y ´Raise your hand if«µ y This approach can make many topics personal .

Engagement vs. Off Topic .

ning.com/video/wiimote-iwbpolleverywhere Socratic / Investigative / Inquiry based y Anonymity provides an initial distance from risk of dumb answers: y ´How could we use trigonometry to help Sam win the catapult contest in physics?µ y ´What social issue from today·s news could we build a website about that would get covered by the news?µ .Case methods. constructivism Social studies: Nazis: How responsible were certain parties? y http://web20history.

Instructor feedback Open-ended response: Ticker tape http://blog.com/so-fresh-and-so-clean y Typical responses: y I don·t understand XXX y Can you please slow down / repeat XXX y Student suggestions .polleverywhere.

1-9. 1-9. My focus. how much did you learn from today·s class?µ Assessing confidence y ´How would you rate your confidence in understanding RNA regulation?µ Pre and post-lesson measure of short-term knowledge acquisition y ´Which of the following is a multiple of 7?µ (x2) Self-assessment check-in (seen as attendance check-in): y ´My energy level.Instructor feedback Relative lesson plan success y ´On a scale of 1-5. My happiness. 1-9µ (Teacher adapted lesson to student mood) .

nitwits. catalyst. y For example. rockstar.µ y Open ended response can be a risky but hilarious experience: y ´How is Lady Gaga like or dislike the first computer programmer.Humor y Initial approach is to add a funny answer to otherwise serious polls. y More innovative approaches we·ve seen actually prime students for engagement: y ´Which term will Mrs. Grandpa. Turtle. Lady Lovelace?µ . Xxxx overuse in the next lessonµ? Awesome. on our homepage we do this: What·s your favorite animal? Lion.

More Research Resources Clickers y Educause 7 things you should know about clickers y Master clicker biography Poll Everywhere specifically y Research on efficacy conducted using Poll Everywhere y CHARA review of Poll Everywhere by a Media Sciences person y Educause 7 things you should know about Open Ended Response Systems .

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