Dried flower buds of Eugenia caryophyllus Myrtaceae

Cultivation – Requirements
• Deep rich loamy soils with humid
climate is required • Grow well in the vicinity of sea • Plant grows to a ht of 9mt but they were usually topped at 3mt for easy collection • They were also grown along with areca nut , coconut & nutmeg plants • Plants were provided with suitable fertilizers like super phosphate ,

• Raised from seeds ,spaced at intervals of
25cm apart • Protected from Sun by placing frames erected about 1mt above ground level & covered with banana leaves .As the leaves decay more Sun light is allowed • When about 9months old seedlings are able to bear full sunshine • When 1mt ht they are planted in the beginning of rainy season 6mt apart • For the 1st three years they were shaded by growing banana trees among them • They begin to bear at 6th year & yield 3-4 kilos / tree untill 70yrs

• Compound raceme inflorescence with
opposite & decussate branches • Collected twice one in Aug & other in Dec • Young flowers are white & become green – crimson Collection starts when lower part turns from green to crimson & before the corolla expands • Collected by hand or by beating with bamboos or reached from moving

• Dried in open by spreading on mats of
coconut leaves for 3 days or on concrete floors called Barbecues ,during nights they are taken under shade • During drying they loose 60% of their wt & become deep reddish brown • Dried ones packed in sacks made of coconut leaves • Separated peduncles are known as clove stalks • If left too long on tree bud opens & petals fall leaving Blown cloves

• Stalk is called hypanthium
surmounted by 4 spreading acute sepals dome shaped corolla with 4 bowl shaped petals & numerous incurved sepals large erect cylindrical style at the base of which is a nectar disc • In the upper part of hypanthium bilocular ovary with ovules on axile placentation • Numerous oil glands are present on

• Bright reddish brown colour • Strong spicy odour • Taste is Pungent , aromatic &

followed by numbness • Oil exudes when pressed by nail

• Epidermis • Cortex
oil gland layer flattened cells Vascular bundle schizogenous oil gland , lined with 2-3 layers tubular cells with cuticle & stomata

crystals • Aerenchyma • Columella

bicollateral in parenchyma cells also contain calcium oxalate cluster air filled spaces parenchymatous

• Clove tissues do not contain
sclereids and calcium oxalate , prisms • But clove stalks contain lignified sclereids , reticulately thickened xylem vessels • Clove fruits contain starch

• Volatile oil 14 – 21% 10 – 13 • Tannin

%(gallatannic acid) • Caryophyllin • Glycoside of eugenol , isoeugenol , farnesol etc

• Aromatic
stimulant • Spice • Antispasmodic • Carminative

• 50% caustic potash forms needle
shaped crystals of pot.eugenate • Bluish black coloration with FeCl3 due to tannin

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