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For that we say congratulations and Sky is the limit. Dedication, qualification and morality are what you meet in our members of staff from the lecturers to the subordinate staff who have been nurtured in Universities and colleges locally and abroad. Nakuru College of Health Sciences & Management remains a choices centre for persons with dreams to Pursue higher education in management, ICT and Health science professions; for our organization has embraced modern learning methods with high speed DSL internet connection for resource search and an upcoming website of the institute. Extra curriculum withvarious clubs and teams having been formed to engage the students during their free time sensitizing them on their current life and after college being an avenue for useful mental and bodily engagement keeping them far from illicit behaviors. These include football teams for men and ladies, volleyball, chess, tug of war and other truck events. The teams and clubs are active in the community and national events as the A.S.K. shows. Nakuru College of Health Sciences and Management.


With our governments noble vision of industrialization by the year 2030, coupled with its wealth creation & economic development strategy. Competent man power has to be Provided to form the building blocks of our countrys educational & economic engines. In cognizance of this, we here in endeavor to provide quality & market oriented training, and impart professional acumen to our graduands that they may join the academic elite of our Nation. In our diversification of the education paradigm, towards the dispensation of education, we appreciate our other partners in education who include, MOEST, KIE, KNEC & MOI UNIVERSITY. VISION To provide outstanding professionals in healthcare, social sciences & I.T who will provide excellent services & assume productive roles in the global village. Dean, H.O.D from School of Public Health and other Staff members from Nakuru College of Health Sciences& Management at one of our laboratories in Kiamunyi.


Nakuru College of Health Sciences and Management is number one in Kenya. For the third year running lecturers of NCHSM have been voted the best team in Kenya for the Moi University collaborating colleges; not only in terms of their ability to respond to their stakeholders needs, particularly their students. In fact NCHSM is the institution against which other collaborating colleges now measures their success in Kenya. The lecturers are immensely satisfied to be part of the most successful institution in thecountry and to be able to manage their programs as empowered by the university. Lecturers in NCHSM have been given the freedomto suggest and evaluate changes they deem necessary and recommend the same to the University senate through the committee of Deans for approval to implement in order to serve the students even better. Consequently they are in the process of doing things which other lecturers from other colleges havent thought of. The lecturers in NCHSM have evolved as professionals able to demonstrate competence within a career structure which recognizes and rewards levels of ability and technical knowledge. NCHSM has been applauded by its stakeholders-students, parents and sponsors, Moi University all ranked the college number one in Kenya.

MISSION Just like our vision, Endeavour to pursue to produce all round professionals in healthcare, management & I.T circles. We are committed to the production of highly qualified with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, morality & personal discipline. OUR LABORATORIES Our laboratories are fully furnished with lab equipments and right chemicals and re-agents for pharmacy training with qualified lecturers in place. Our laboratories are situated in Showground campus next to ASK main office. COMPUTER Our computer lab is packed fully with modern computers suitable for I.T training inclusive of 24hour internet supply. We guarantee our students best services that they will not live to regret anymore.

NCHSM Principal (Right)and APDK Hill Crest special School Headmistress (second left) and other guests during Moi day, donated food to the less privileged.

The criteria against which they rated different colleges include professionalism of staff, the number of specific student academic improvement achieved and the overall public image of the college. Whilst NCHSM takes the limelight, competitors look on with envy for all lecturers in the education sector, NCHSM is a first class employer. This has caused tremendous demodulation amongst lecturers of other colleges sources state that competitors, in a move to retain staff have been trying to get hold of the excellence initiatives which are used within NCHSM to implement continuous improvement.

Students undergoing practicals in Laboratory