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Winter cities Edmonton 20.01.

Lars Gemze Architect M.A.A. Senior Consultant Associate Partner Gehl Architects

The Winter World



Snow and frost Long dark nights and short days

Great winter citiesare usually great the year around

A little trip to Copenhagen

We dream of summer
Extending the (warm) season


We got good quality spaces and we liked it

so we stayed longer and longer

1/3 of the out door activity is now in the evening and night in the summer

We loved to sit at outdoor cafes


so we extended it from day to evening in the summer


Blankets became a Copenhagen standard



Why not extend it into early Spring or late Fall?

Outdoor cafes all year round - summer


and winter


The beach back in town we cannot get enough of it


We got good conditions for walking..

and a culture of walking emerged we keep on walking

Copenhagen we keep on doing most things

Edmonton: 2 hour of sunshine per day in December 10 hours of sunshine per day in in June Copenhagen: 1 hour of sunshine per day in December 8 hours of sunshine per day in in June

Data from Canadas and Denmarks Meteorological Institutes on Danish weather website

Building a tradition for exhibitions

extending it to all seasons

Enjoying the Winter season exhibition.mostly about warmer places!

Exhibitions all year ..Exhibitions all year around

Better conditions for cycling.

Bicycling has almost doubled in the last 10 years

.became a city alive and full of people

..and we continued into the winter



Cycle the year around

70 % continue in the winter


Snow cleaning for pedestrians and cyclists first

Copenhagen Denmark

Cleaning where people want to go

Copenhagen Denmark

Enjoying the dark season

Put a little light

Copenhagen City Hall Square

Pedalling to put light on the Christmas tree

Copenhagen City Hall Square

Tivoli Garden Russian Winter theme 2011, Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Solbjerg Plads, Frederiksberg

Winter markets

Nyhavn Copenhagen



Winter events

Enjoying the winter season Skiing down town Copenhagen

Enjoying Winter activities down town

Enjoying the winter season skating in the down town

Enjoying the winter season

fashion show on the ice


Enjoying the dark season COP 15 exhibition

Using the dark season design exhibition

The backbone is high quality spaces for public life

The weather is always wrong ..and it is not our culture Dreaming of Summer Extending the (Warm) Season Enjoying the Winter Season

You have twice as much sunshine in the winter compared to Copenhagen

What are you dreaming about?

Warm almonds