Project Integration Management

Start Date: Jan. 4, 2012 Finish Date: Jan. 4, 2013 Budget Information: The estimate cost of the project will be $500,000. Project Manager: Louie Musa, (222) 555-1212, Objectives: 
Easy access, user-friendly video gaming website  Educational, sports videos games  Local and international markets

Project Integration Management Approach       Develop a web-based application User-friendly application Corporate partners User feedback 24/7 customer support Monitor the profit .

mvanegas@vgdintmarketi ng.c om Rinat Nahum Anthony Ricketts Amanda Ligato Marketing Specialist Purchasing Specialist .com Louie Musa Project Manager Gaurav Team Member Julie Team Member Edsys Educational Systems Consultant VGD International IT Director julie@edsyseseducsystems .com rnahum@vgdintmarketing.c om Kumarpal Oswal Information Technology Specialist Miguel Vanegas Information Technology Specialist Marketing Specialist VGD International IT aligato@vgdintmarketing.c om gaurav@abccorps. VGD International Purchasing dept.Roles and Responsibilities Name Lori Smith Role Sponsor Position VGD International VP of Marketing VGD International Manager ABC Corp¶s Consultant Senior Contact Info lsmith@vgdintmarketing. com aricketts@vgdintmarketing . Director VGD International Marketing dept. VGD International Marketing dept.c om koswal@vgdintmarketing.

French. ordering and payment  Multi-lingual. and German  Updated information on products  secure payment function  Track customer order & shipping  Search function for products  Customer review  Track customer usage information  Display ads . including English.Project Scope Management Product Characteristics and Requirements:  Handle video games listing. Spanish.

and support . rolls out.Project Scope Management Project Deliverables      Requirements Off-the-shelf system installation System customization Testing Training.

Project Time Management Gantt Chart .

Project Time Management Gantt Chart Use for planning Use for tracking schedule information To find critical path Lists project activities Start and finish project dates .

520 $60 $120 $27.000 8% $125.000 21% 350 150 $60 $120 $21.000 $28.000 6% 325 125 $60 $120 $19.500 $39.000 $30.) Requirements Definition Internal team members Outsourced labor C.) Testing Internal team members Outsourced labor F.000 $18.) System Customization Internal team members Outsourced labor E.000 $12.) Project Management (internal) Project manager Project team members B.000 $500.000 $164. Subtotals Total Total % . WBS Items A.500 25% Cost/Hr.000 $66.000 $70.000 $500.500 $15.000 7% 650 550 $60 $120 $39.000 300 100 $60 $120 $18.000 $36.) Training.Project Cost Management # Hrs.000 $9.500 33% 970 475 $100 $60 $97.000 $105.000 $60. and Support Internal team members Outsourced labor Total project cost estimate 450 75 4. Roll Out.) Off-the-Shelf System Installation Internal team members Outsourced labor Hardware Licensed Software D.

Project Cost Management Cost estimating Cost budgeting Cost control .

Quality Assurance Control Availability and Support Presentable friendly GUI Account management Social networking Loyalty program Cultural awareness .

Human Resource Management Lead tester assigned Two 6-hour daily shifts Remote testing from home Free meals Overtime .

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