Sales and Distribution Management

Unit I : Sales Management & Personal Selling
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.The Customer is King.

Sales Management • “If you believe that “the customer is king” then the second most important person in this kingdom must be the one who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king. . Chairman & CEO.” Michael Bon. France Telecom.

• The sales management task thus includes analysis.e. . organizing.Introduction to Sales Management • Sales management has been defined as the management of a firm’s personal selling function while distribution is the management of the indirect selling effort i. selling through extra corporate organizations which form the distribution network of the firm. planning. directing and controlling of the company’s sales effort.

• “Sales management is the attainment of sales force goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning. training. paying and motivating as these tasks apply to the personal sales force”. supervising. equipping. direction and control of personal selling. selecting. leading. assigning.Definition of Sales Management • Sales management is defined as “the planning. American Marketing Association. and controlling organizational resources. routing.” . including recruiting.

 THROUGH VIDEO CONFERENCING .  BY TELEPHONE. • Involves two-way. personal communication between salespeople and individual customers whether:  FACE TO FACE. account development. customer satisfaction. and profitable relationships.Definition of Personal Selling • Direct communication between paid representatives and prospects that lead to transactions.

Positions of Personal Selling and Sales Management in the Marketing Mix Marketing mix Products Prices Promotion Distribution Advertising Public relations Personal selling Sales promotion Internet Sales management Planning Budgeting Recruiting and selecting Training Motivating Compensating Designing territories Evaluating performance .

Objectives of Sales Management  Generate sales and earn revenue  Providing Profitability  Improving Market Share  Improving Corporate Image .

Importance of Personal Selling and Sales Management • The only function / department in a company that generates revenue / income • The financial results of a firm depend on the performance of the sales department / management • Many salespeople are among the best paid people in business • It is one of the fastest and surest routes to the top management .

Roles and Skills of a Modern Sales Manager Some of the important roles of the modern sales manager are: • A member of the strategic management team • A member of the corporate team to achieve objectives • A team leader. working with salespeople • Managing multiple sales / marketing channels • Using latest technologies (like CRM) to build superior buyer-seller relationships • Continually updating information on changes in marketing environment .

controlling and decision making • Technical skills include training. problem-solving. selling. organizing. communicate. and use of computers . and mentoring • Managing skills consist of planning. lead. coordinate. negotiating.Skills of a Successful Sales Manager • People skills include abilities to motivate. team-oriented relationship.

Sales / V. Marketing National Sales Manager Top-Level Sales Managers / Leaders Regional / Zonal / Divisional Sales Managers District / Branch / Area Sales Managers Sales Trainee / Sales Person / Sales Representative Middle-Level Sales Managers First / Lower Level Sales Managers . P.Types of Sales Managers / Levels of Sales Management Positions CEO / President V. P.

• The phases of control includes: – – – – – – Sizing up the situation Setting quantitative performance standards Gathering and processing data on actual performance Evaluating the performance Action to correct controllable variation Adjusting for unaccountable variations .Sales Management & Control • The purpose of controlling the personal selling effort is to ensure the attainment of objectives of Sales Department.

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