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Oracle EBS Upgrade Services

New & Enhanced Features R12 & 12.1.1

‡ Enhancement Common to All Modules
± New User Interface ± Multi-Org Access Control

‡ Finance Enhancements
± GL , AP, , Sub-Ledger Accounting, AR, CM, India Localisation

‡ SCM Enhancement
± Inventory , Order Management

‡ Human Capital Management Enhancement
± Core HR, SSHR, Performance Management

‡ CRM Enhancement

Enhancements Common to all Modules

New & Enhanced User Interface
Improved User Productivity Across the Suite ‡Re-designed and streamlined entire workflows ‡Reduced pop-ups and duplicate screens ‡Reduced the number of steps to complete key tasks ‡Improved overall look & feel and visual style

Disbursement  Customer Data Management  Accounting Setup Mumbai UAE Operating Unit Legal Entity Delhi Operating Unit KSA Dallas Legal Entity Operating Unit Responsibility Responsibility Single Responsibility Responsibility Benefits: Streamlined Shared Service Center Operations Access.MOAC: Multi-Org Access Control Role based access to Operating Units Perform multiple tasks across operating units without changing responsibilities India Legal Entity USA Legal Entity Functional Tasks  Order Management  Requisition. Demand & Purchase Orders  Receiving & Drop Ship  Invoice Receipt. Eliminate the need to switch responsibilities in order to service multiple operating units. . and report on data for multiple operating units from within a single Application Responsibility. Process.

like transaction type ‡ Enhanced Multi-Org Reporting and Processing ± Ledger/Ledger Set parameter on accounting reports and processes ± OU parameter on other standard reports and processes ± For example: submit the Payables Open Interface Import w/OU parameter null to import all records across all OUs .Multiple Organization Access Control Summary of Changes ‡ Security Profiles for data security ± MO: Security Profile ± List of operating units for a responsibility ± Defined in HR ‡ OU field on UI (Forms & JSP Pages) ± all transactions ± setup data specific to OU.

Example: Multi-Org Access Control .

Finance Enhancements .

General Ledger ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Report Manager (FSG Drill Down) Account Hierarchy Manager Journal Copy Replacement Accounts Third Party Control Accounts Data Definition Security Advanced Global Intercompany System Account Analysis & Drill Down .

General Ledger ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ MOAC achieved through Data Access Set Precondition COA and Calendar to be Common Prevent reversal of Journals with Frozen Sources Prevent Reversal of Unposted Journals Management Reporting Qualifier Accounting and Reporting Sequence (During Posting and Period Close) .

Accounts Payable ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Invoice Workbench Third Party Payment Manual Journals Enhanced Payment Terms Payment Batches E-business Tax .

replaces various disparate 11i setups. resolving conflicts between corporate and local fiscal accounting requirements ‡ Retains the most granular level of detail in the sub ledger accounting model.Subledger Accounting ‡ Rule-based accounting engine. providing single source of truth for financial and management analysis . allowing full audit and reconciliation ‡ Introduces a common data model and UI across sub ledgers. with different summarization options in the General Ledger. toolset & repository supporting Oracle EBusiness Suite modules ‡ Allows multiple accounting representations for a single business event.

Accounts Receivable ‡ AP AR Netting ‡ Refunds ‡ Enhanced Revenue Recognition ‡ Balance Forward Billing ‡ Enhanced Line Level Cash Application ‡ Collection Workbench ‡ Dunning Plans ‡ Enhanced Late Charges .

Cash Management ‡ International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to minimize risk ‡ Utilizes the new Payment Group number as an optional matching criterion for manual and automated reconciliation ‡ EDIFACT Bank Statement Format Update-Support for nonnumeric characters in bank balances ‡ Copy Bank Transaction Code-new Concurrent program ‡ Option to override company specific validation for bank accounts ‡ Load Bank statement for current day ‡ Allows cash mgrs to manually enter cash flows into their cash positions .

India Localization ‡ Computation Payment & Tracking & statutory reporting of Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on non-payroll expenses. calculation. accounting & reporting of inclusive taxes for payables and receivable transactions. ‡ Supports the setup. ‡ Retroactive Pricing Support enables users to claim credit for increase in recoverable taxes ‡ Manage India taxes on unmatched invoices ‡ Allows to Calculate Excise & VAT assessable based on the advance Price list ‡ Reporting & Display of India Taxes on purchasing approval workflow notifications .

India Localization ‡ Reassessing Service Tax on Receipt of Foreign Payments for India ‡ The VAT Invoice number is now displayed within the reference field of Receivables Transaction Workbench ‡ General Ledger Journal Drill down Support .

SCM Enhancements .

k.Inventory ‡ Material Workbench Enhancements ‡ Dual Unit of Measure Control (a.a. serial. internal requisitions. catch weight) ‡ Material Status Control . sub inventory or locator and to use that status to restrict transactions ‡ Enhanced Reservations-now supports reservations to expected supplies such as purchase orders. advanced shipment notices.enable users to assign a material status to the material in an inventory lot. and manufacturing jobs .

view on hand and availability by multiple UOMs Planning and Costing still use Primary UOM Transactions posted via 3rd party interface without Dual UOM Uses Default Conversion . Transact.Dual UOM Control Dual Unit of Measure Control Track.

Item -inventory Controls .

Lot Control .

Order Management ‡ Item Orderability provides users with an easy way to define orderable products. based on exceptions defined in the Item Orderability rules ‡ Credit Over-shipped Quantity for Referenced RMA ‡ Support Decimal Qantity in BSA UI ‡ Improved Install Base Search While Ordering Services ‡ Delayed Scheduling ‡ Enhanced Workflow Activity Hold ‡ Customer PO-based Search in Scheduling Organizer ‡ Visibility to Latest Configuration Till Picking .

Order Management ‡ Line Level Credit Check Enhancement ‡ Post Booking Item Substitution ‡ Internal Requisitions/Internal Sales Order Change Management ‡ Order Management Productivity Enhancements ‡ Workflow Performance Enhancements ‡ International Trade Management Adapter Enhancements for Global Trade Management (GTM) ‡ Supply Chain Web Services Order Management .

Human Capital Management Enhancements 24 .

Core HR Global Deployment Manage and automate employee record moves between source and destination Business Groups ± Permanent Transfer ‡ Terminate assignment in source Business Group ± Temporary Transfer or Secondment ‡ Suspend active assignment in source Business Group .

Core HR ‡ Legislative updates for reporting Ethnic categories Statutory changes Comply with Social Security Administration changes ‡ ‡ Delete Pending for Approval Transactions Initiator may delete transactions prior to final approval Enhanced Change Pay Rate Functionality Allow multiple pay actions as part of one transaction Propose/Update/Delete future base salary changes Support Salary Basis change .

Source and Destination Information .

Salary Administration New User Interface .

Salary Administration Detailed History and Comparisons .

Checklists Expedites HR Actions .

Performance Management ‡ Performance Management Plans ± Task oriented user interface ± Personal Scorecards ‡ Track goals throughout the review period ± Collaborative ‡ Objectives (Goals) ± Defaulted based upon criteria ± Aligned to other individuals ± Cascaded ‡ Align employee goals to manager and organization goals ± Automatically included in Appraisals .

Performance Plan Tasks .

Cascading Objectives (Goals) .

without connecting to application Upload updated appraisal to application ‡ Maintain Succession Plans function Supports Web ADI spreadsheet to retrieve and update succession information Delivered in Manager Self-Service 34 .Performance Management ‡ Manage Offline Appraisals Download in-progress appraisals Update. in Excel format.

ics file) Attachments in Notifications iRecruitment Create Enrollment Process Automatically enroll New Hires in compensation plans included in their offer letter . Dashboards for Hiring Manager and Recruiter View Interview iCalendar file (.iRecruitment ‡ Interview Management in HTML Pages ‡ Centralized Recruitment Communication workbench in applicant record (HTML Page) ‡ Notification for New Job and Applicant Status Change ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 35 New feature allows to define own rules to send FYI notification.

Customer Relationship Management Enhancements 36 .

to Activity from within the Campaign Workbench Gantt view Gantt Chart Functionality Date Display List Import Organization and Contact Address Existence Checking Modification of List Splitting by User Defined Attribute Include Tasks when Copying Campaign Objects . to Campaign.Marketing ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 37 REFRESH button added to the UPDATE DATA SOURCE UI by which the underlying Table or View will be checked for NEW COLUMNS ADDED since the Data Source was CREATED or LAST REFRESHED. The Marketing end user will be able to view the complete marketing plan from Program.

users will be able to see both active and inactive contacts across all organizations to prevent duplicate contact creation.Field Sales ‡ ‡ ‡ Enhanced Lead Search. Enhanced Opportunity Search. 38 .Managers will now be able to query and view their subordinates consolidated Leads based on a combination of only two mandatory fields: .managers will be able to query and view their subordinates consolidated Opportunities based on a combination of only two mandatory fields: Status and Close Date Quarter.Status and Age (days). Prevent Duplicate Contacts Flow.

the technician will have the ability to: ‡View inventory balances for all of the sub-inventories assigned to a technician ‡View reservations against the inventory balances in these sub-inventories ‡ View transaction history details for these sub inventories Technician and Administrator Portal .Field Service ‡ Technician and Administrator Portals ‡ Trunk Stock Management and Debrief Trunk Stock Visibility On this new page.Task Scheduling The following scheduling modes are supported: Self Schedule Window to promise Intelligent 39 .

Field Service ‡ ‡ Technician and Administrator Portal Debrief Error Correction.users can now debrief labor and expense correction lines and automatically generate credits from them in Charges Dispatch Center Usability Enhancements A sortable Task Table replaces simple Task List A Task Quick Find feature More icons Direct access to the new HTML Parts UI Dispatch Center. ‡ 40 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . have been enhanced to prevent the user from putting a task into a status that conflicts with another task.

Field Service ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Dispatch Center .GPS Location Capture and Mapping Field Service Technician Portal Usability and Security Enhancements Field Service High Availability Solution Field Service Third Party Administrator/Technician Portals Dispatch Center Third Party Management eLocation Map Viewer Option 41 .

Service Requests Search using Secure Enterprise Search (SES) Additional Attributes. skills requirements. and expenses debriefed and for manually entered Charge Lines The service request form has been enhanced to allow users to quickly enter part requirements. dependent functionality (Duplicate Checking and Automatic Task Generation) has also been added to the Service Request Form. Quick Service Request Creation and Update . access hours. and capture customer confirmation status.TeleService ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 42 Capture the item cost for parts. labor.

Installed Base. and Item) A new option to start SLA (Service Level Agreement) calculations when the service request is saved has been introduced. .TeleService ‡ The Service Request Form s Tools Menu items have been ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 43 reorganized into logical grouped buckets for ease of use and better navigation A new user hook has been provided in the Charges Pricing API to enable integration of the charges module with Advanced Pricing and other customer-driven functionality Support for International and One Time Addresses The LOVs and interrelationships between the following key fields in the SR Form Header have been enhanced (Incident Address. Customer.

TeleService ‡ Enhanced Service Request Search capabilities ‡ Improved Service Request Tasks Management ‡ Party Site level Profile Checks ‡ Inactivating a contact ‡ New HTML Charges User Interface 44 .

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