One day as the tribe of Ookga Chaka, the 6 Pygmies of the island were Ooga, Ooga, the fearless

Leader, Booga, the one who smells well, bad. Dooby, The Booga, Dooby, happy-gohappy-go-lucky islander, Nooby, Who is always dazed and confused, Klik, Nooby, Klik, Who likes to build and organize, and Klak, Who likes to break things. Klak, Although there was nothing to do much in the island, they still all have fun. Even though their mighty God likes to toy with them and sacrificing them, they make them return back to the tribe. One day Ooga and Klak travel to a mysterious God island Where they find structures left by a long-dead longcivilization.

And the island of misfit covers. ´And what are these strange structures left by a long-dead civilization?µ Said Klik. Oog island. Ape mountain.µ Said Ooga. ´ Hmmmm. Dinosaur island.´This sure is a mysterious island!µ Said Ooga. Frightened. . Ice island. The Pygmy Graveyard. Who is also frightened. And with that all the islands was beginning to flash before their eyes. According to the hieroglyphics on the tomb that there are hidden secrets in all locations of this realmµ Said Klik. ´It looks like something is suppose to rest on those pedestals.


Suddenly. The goddess of rainbows! ´Thank the gods for giving one idol. It was an Idol! A kitten Idol.µ Said Ooga. Thrilled. A strange double rainbow appeared before the sky. ´Whoa! Oh my gosh!µ said Booga. Suddenly a strange figure appeared before them.On the next day. . Ooga and Booga searched around Oog Island. ´Let·s tell the others!µSaid Booga.


´Hey there·s a spear over there!µ Said Klak. Klik got the spear and aimed it at the parts of the dinosaur.Meanwhile Nooby was waiting outside the snake. Nice going we got another Idol! By the way. FIRE!µ said Klik aiming for the Jaws of the beast. what was in the snake and you died?µ Asked Nooby. Steady. ... Later On Dinosaur Island. I wonder where can we find secrets in here?µ Said Klik When suddenly ´ROOAARR!!!!!µ A dinosaur appeared! ´AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!µ Said the two who is ready to cry for their mommies. When suddenly another Idol appeared! It was a turtle like idol ´Woo-Hoo! I got another Idol!µ said Nooby when suddenly ´AAAHHH!µ and Dooby spawned again. ´Hey Dooby. ´Hmmmm. Klik and Klak Where busy looking for clues. ´You Don·t want to knowµ Said Dooby. Steady. ´Steady.


. Carrying the 4 idols into the pedestals. worry!´ Ooga. the temple door opened in an instant! instant! ³I¶ll try to explore the cave guys! I¶ll be back. With that he jumped into the cave and he fell a long fall. don¶t worry!´ Said Ooga. our little heroes will soon learn the secrets of the dark temple! As Ooga set the last idol. ³AAAAAAAAHHH!´ he said as he fell in the temple.At last.

But be forewarned.´ Said the voice. frightened. of course. frightened. . ³These idols give you special powers when used by you.´ Said the voice. Because you have chose to go in the temple. A strange godly voice spoke to him.´ said Ooga. worshiper.Suddenly. ³By the idols you got. there are 3 attack types. you must engage a battle against the gods. ´B-but how? I c-c-can·t. ³Welcome foolish Pygmy. I·m only a cOoga.


So as your fast spear idol and gives you a boost too. . use the kitten idol to heal if you can beat a animus or Oceanus realm and has also a counter attack. Your strong T-rex idol gives Tyou an attack boost if you win against an Oceanus or Aeris realm. the voice died down.There are effects from the idols but they must win on what realm your god is. And if you¶re health is low. Your turtle idol gives you a defence boost and reflects half damage if you beat a Aeris and Infernus realm and has a counter attack. Choose wisely and go battle the gods!´ and with that.

Thunder Idol!´ said the enemy. ³I Choose Turtle Idol!´ said Ooga ³And I Choose. Attack! Good thing Ooga chose the turtle idol because he defended himself from the fast attack and countered back. The winner: Ooga. ³AAAARGGHHHH!!!!´ said the enemy .So they chose their idols to fight with.

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