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Mobile Banking

Presented by A.Swetha V.Navya Massarath

Current Scenarios 
Computerized Banking-Vicinity of Banks  Use of ATMs-Vicinity of ATMs  Internet banking-Need for Connection

Solutions  Exploiting the penetration of mobile phones  E-Cash Traveling Money  Round the clock Transactions .

Technology involved      J2ME GPRS MIDP Oracle 9i CDLC Configuration .

J2ME  Java platform for small devices Introduced by sun in 1999 for mobile devices A subset of Java 2 Standard Edition For programming the mobile device (e.g mobile phones or WinCE)    .

Data Recovery Internet Based .GPRS(general packet radio service)    Allows more data fast communication with the service provider Data packets are transmitted MIDP   Extensive Connectivity End-to-End Security ORACLE 9i    Easy to use.

Configurations CDLC Constrained devices 160 .512 KB of memory 16-bit or 32-bit processor Low power consumption Connectivity with limited bandwidth Configuration CDC 2 MB or more memory 32-bit processor High bandwidth using TCP/IP CLDC CDC .

 Mobile Shopping.Application Area orizontal  Hotel Reservations  Flight Reservations.  Security Systems Vertical  Basic Transactions  Bill Payments  Inter Financial Transactions .

Scope All Banking Sector Firms  Interfinancial Institutions  .

SRS Software Requirements  Database-ORACLE9i  Programming Language-J2ME  Modeling Tool-Rational Rose  Web Server-Apache Tomcat Hardware Requirements  MIDP enabled Mobile Device  GPRS activated SIM card .

System Design Wap Request Wap Response HTTP request search search Database Server update HTTP response Interface Server Bank Server Database Server update .

UseCase Diagram <<extends>> Relogin <<includes>> Login Authenticate <<includes>> Creating Prof ile <<includes>> <<includes>> Manage Prof ile User Customise prof ile Delete Prof ile <<includes>> Mini Statements <<includes>> Basic Transactions Balance Enqu ires <<includes>> Account To Account Transf ers <<includes>> E.Pay m ents Bil l Pay m ent s .

Class Diagram CLASS DIAGRAM Clients UserName userId password getName() setName() getpswd() setpswd() Transaction transactionId transactionType time actions result rollback() commit() wasSucessfull() E-Payments setvalues() getvalues() time() getstatus() recordlog() BalanceEn quries AcctToAcctTran sfer senderacctId recipentacctId postbalance setRacct() getRacct() getSacct() setSacct() getbalance() setbalance() MiniState ments BillPayments billId bankid acctId userId setDetails() getDetails() Interface Server generateQuery() checkStatus() senddetails() setvalues() sendreport() sendvalues() BankServer bankName bankId .

Activ ity of User Activ i ty of Sys te m Acitvity Diagram User enters the Account number. Verifies the above details.list of Transactions are displayed. . User submits the above details. Yes Balance. If the above details are correct. No Re-ent er the above details.

Sequence Diagram C:Client :T ranascation : AcctToAcctTransfer crea te obj ect setacti ons validate() if false I:InterfaceServe r B:Bankserver : Account send details() send report() send details() comitt .

Functions  Subscription Module User Login Creating a New User Account  Module for basic transactions Balance Enquiries Mini statements  E-payments Module Account to Account Transfers Bill Payments .

Testing and Results User needs to fill in Correct details to login If the user enters wrong details .

Testing/Results User fills the details And submits the form The Transaction is successful .

Feasibility Easy to use  GUI Components based  No additional h/w required  .

 Cheque Details. .  Order of check books etc.  DD orders.Enhancements Transactions that could be added are  Loan access facility.

Conclusions  Faster solutions  Database Driven  Virtual access to the money . IEEE Std. //java.sun.sun.sun.References www. IEEERecommendedPractice for Software Requirements Specifications. . http://java. http://java.

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