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ƒ Create an environmental of health and responsible individuals who participate in personal care. .

It also promote movement towards independence and involvement in self-care. and give quality nursing care to all patients without discrimination but with utmost dedication at all times. .To promote wellness and restore health of the sick by rendering services in a holistic way with utmost diligence and to all competence for the patient to lead a normal and illness free life.

the Ward unit of the hospital will provide: The best care to patients who will be in our care.To support the Urdun Medical Center s Vision and Mission. skills and attitude. Treating them equally and be ethically and legally aware of patients rights. ƒ Updates to trends in healthcare to benefit our patients. ƒ Promotion of independence to patients that is ready for discharge. ƒ . ƒ Trainings and seminars to its staffs to enhance their knowledge.

value its worker and costumers. coming from lower to middle class persons in the community and categorized according to level of care from level I to level III. The organization believes that individuals should be treated individually. ƒ . Organizational Culture ƒ The organizational structure is traditional hierarchical. surgical and peripartum conditions. With admission and discharge ratio of 4:2 per day.ƒ ƒ Customers We will care to patients with medical. values professional and personal growth. that is led by the Chief Executive Officer.

Local Community ƒ The hospital lies at McArthur Highway Carmen West. Sto. Most of the natives here speaks Ilokano and Tagalog. Baez Medical Hospital. Balungao. offers the same services as our hospital but they are offering UTZ and other laboratories. Nearby Municipalities are Rosales. People. they don¶t admit patients that they know can¶t pay their services. still believes in albularios and hilot. Tomas Pangasinan and San Manuel Tarlac. ƒ . is a secondary hospital. Alcala. Rosales Pangasinan. Villasis. ƒ Competitors ƒ Chan Medical Hospital.

. y Lacks bed to accommodate patients.INTERNAL ƒ Strengths y Workers are highly skilled and competitive y They are natives of the Province and adjacent province which will help in understanding each patient healthcare beliefs and practices ƒ Weakness y Still lacks modern equipments that will aid in delivering care y Under staff with professional and non-professional ratio. y Absenteeism of Volunteer Nurses.

.ƒ ƒ EXTERNAL Opportunities y Placement of hospital is accessible in the catered communities. ƒ Threats y There is a strict competition with competitors.

5 NCH/day) STRATEGIES/ PERSON RESPONSIBLE CRITICAL ACTIVITIES y Hire and train y Administration Volunteer / HR and Chief Nurse Nurses to cover the need of under staffing.OBJECTIVE To fill the nursing care hours needed by the patients by 100% (31. Increase the number y of staff nurses from 4 staff nurses to 8 Hire qualified Nurses to be the new staff y 8 months to 18 y Chief Nurse months would be the one to initiate and coordinate the approval in hiring new staff nurses to the Administration and HR It will increase the workforce and will fulfill the need for proper staffing. EXPECTED OUTPUT It will fill the 100% coverage of nursing care hour needed by the patients. . TIME FRAME 3-4 weeks y RESOURCES NEEDED Budget: None. Human Resource: Nurses who are willing to render volunteerism in the hospital that don¶t expect any pay for their service. Human Resource: Open to all registered nurses. Budget: Operational budget will be needed to finance the new employee. Priority would be given to volunteer nurses in our institution.

OBJECTIVE Decrease absenteeism of volunteer nurses by 100% y y STRATEGIES/ CRITICAL ACTIVITIES Review the rules and regulation on absences and if needed revise the policy Disseminate and strictly implement the rules and regulation. increasing productivity. Chief Nurse. Include them in decision making for the care of the patients Provide time for discussion on the case of their patients and hear their suggestions and plan of care. EXPECTED OUTPUT There will be a decrease in absenteeism on volunteers thus. PERSON RESPONSIBLE y Chief Nurse and Head Nurses TIME FRAME 1-2 weeks y RESOURCES NEEDED Budget: Operational budget for the use of information dissemination and reprimanding the policy. Head Nurse and Staff Nurse During their stay in the institution NONE It will boost their feeling of belongingness and appreciation in their contribution in the institution. . Motivate Volunteer Nurses and provide career advancement y y y Give them y recognition such as top nurse of the month.

.OBJECTIVE Expansion the y ward unit from 9 bed capacity to 25. EXPECTED OUTPUT It will give more space for the increasing admission in the hospital. radiology. laundry. Use the support of pharmaceutical companies to sponsor in building the unit. capital expenditure. Hire new Staff Nurses TIME FRAME 8-18 months (after the approval) MATERIAL/ RESOURCES NEEDED Budget: Operational budget. laboratory. and kitchen). y y y STRATEGIES/ PERSON RESPONSIBLE CRITICAL ACTIVITIES Get budget from y Administration operational / Finance Department budget to finance the said expansion Increase other medical/ancillary services available in the hospital to sustain the project (pharmacy.