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Correct and Consistent Condom Use


Correct, consistent condom use substantially reduces, but cannot fully eliminate, the risk of pregnancy, and contracting HIV/AIDS and other STIs.

. to know how to use a condom correctly. and to have the life skills necessary to put the information into practice.OBJECTIVE To understand both the facts and the myths about condoms.


Female condoms .What is a condom? ‡ Its a protective sheath usually made from latex or polyurethane pouch. organs. It is a mechanical barrier used to stop the exchange of body fluids between genital organs. worn on the penis or inserted into the vagina. There are ONLY two types of condoms: Male condoms.

.Male condom A male condom is a thin. loose-fitting and flexible looseplastic tube worn on top of the penis It Serves as a physical barrier to sperms from entering vagina.

.Female condom A female condom is a thin. loose-fitting and looseflexible plastic tube worn inside the vagina.


‡ You don't need a prescription or have to visit a increase the fun of making love with condoms. ‡ Condoms are only needed when you are having sex unlike some other contraceptives which require you to take or have them all of the time. ‡ Condoms make sex less messy. With a little practice. colours. DUAL PROTECTION ‡ Condoms are available in various shapes. supermarkets and convenience stores. textures and sizes . they can also add confidence to the enjoyment of sex. ‡ Condoms are widely available in pharmacies. flavours. . hall dispensers.Reasons Why People Use Condoms ‡ Condoms are the only contraceptive that help prevent both pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) and unintended pregnancies when used correctly and consistently. ‡ Condoms are user friendly.

‡ Free government condoms are less effective than purchased ones. ‡ Are not at all effective in reducing risk. ‡ Condoms promote sex and people who use them are promiscuous. .Common Myths about Condom Use ‡ Condoms are 100% effective in eliminating the risk of eliminating pregnancy and contracting an STI.

and contracting HIV or other STIs. and HIV and STI transmission during sexual intercourse. consistent condom use substantially reduces but cannot fully eliminate the risk of pregnancy.Facts about Condoms ‡ Correct. ‡ Only abstinence effectively eliminates the risk of pregnancy. ‡ Dual contraception use also helps to decrease the risk of pregnancy. Condoms are more effective at preventing pregnancy than HIV and STI transmission. .

. condoms reduce but do not eliminate the risk of transmission. Hearst 40).. Estimates of condom effectiveness during anal sex are lower due to higher breakage rates (Davis and Weller 275.Facts about Condoms For HIV transmission.. For transmission of other STIs.. Risk reduction estimates for ‡ Gonorrhea range from 50-75%. the risk reduction provided by male condoms varies with the infectiousness of the organism. the estimated risk reduction provided by male condoms during vaginal sex is about 80-87%. trichomoniasis and other infections a reduction in risk has been reported (Holmes 455-456). ‡ for chlamydia are about 50%. For syphilis. In general.

Do not use out of date condoms for sexual contacts. . Otherwise air may have escaped from tear or punctures and the condom itself may be damaged as well. Check the expiry date on the condom wrapper . open the foil (or plastic) wrapper along one side. indicating air inside and pillowproper and unbroken sealing. Be careful not to damage the condom with sharp objects. 2. 3.Steps for Using A Male Condom 1. Gently apply pressure to the condom wrapper to make sure it has a slight pillow-like quality to it. Exercising caution. using them for practicing applying condoms alone especially by less experienced users is advised.Condoms have a printed expiry date and batch number.

Ensure that the penis is fully erect ² a condom may fall off the penis which is only partially erect. This tip is there to contain the discharge in ejaculation. discard it and use another one.Steps for Using A Male Condom 4. 6. Hold the condom by the tip. If the condom is sticky or brittle. . Air pockets can cause the condom to burst. Press firmly together the tip of the condom to expel air that may be trapped inside the condom. 5.

If it does not unroll. In case of an uncircumcised penis. Unroll it all the way. 8. Unroll the condom over the shaft of the penis. you must start over with a new condom.Steps for Using A Male Condom 7. If you accidentally try to put it on the wrong way. it is on the wrong way and way. defeating its purpose. . Check that the condom is in the right direction to unroll down the penis and before unrolling put it on the tip of the penis. discard it and start over with a new condom. retract the foreskin before applying the condom. 9. Touching the wrong side of the condom with the penis can transfer bodily fluids.

It may be essential to lubricate the outside of the condom to keep it from breaking. or you will have to discard the condom. Do not allow the penis to go flaccid at any time while wearing or putting on the condom.Steps for Using A Male Condom 10. especially if lubrication was used on the inside. . 12. Make sure the condom isn't loose or at risk of coming off. 11.

grasp the flexible inner ring and squeeze it with the thumb and second or middle finger so it becomes long and narrow . While holding the Female condom at the closed end. Do not use scissors or a knife to open. The outer ring covers the area around the opening of the vagina. tear at the notch on the top right of the package. The inner ring is used for insertion and to help hold the sheath in place during intercourse.Steps for Using a Female Condom Open the Female condom package carefully.

sit or lie down Gently insert the inner ring of the female condom into the vagina.Steps for Using a Female Condom Choose a position that is comfortable for insertion of the Female Condom ± squat. . raise one leg. Place. and push the inner ring up as far as it will go. The outer ring should remain on the outside of the vagina. Feel the inner ring go up and move into place. the index finger on the inside of the Female condom. Be sure the sheath is not twisted.

gently guide your partner¶s penis into the condom's opening with your hand to make sure that it enters properly ± be sure that the penis is not entering on the side.Steps for Using a Female Condom The female condom is now in place and ready for use with your partner. and throw it in the garbage. Wrap the used Female condom in the package or in tissue. twist the outer ring and gently pull the condom out. When you are ready. Do not put it into the toilet. . between the sheath and the vaginal wall. To remove the Female condom. condom.

Condoms should be used prior to their expiration date. ± To keep a condom from slipping off. make sure the rim stays near the base of the penis during intercourse. Taking the condom off before finishing the sex act. make sure there is enough lubrication from natural secretions or a water-based lubricant.Common Mistakes/ Failures with Condoms ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Beginning the sexual act before putting on a condom. . Condoms can break or slip during a sex act. It is possible to damage a condom when opening the package. ± To prevent a condom from breaking. women may consider taking Plan Bmergency Contraception (the 'Morning After' Pill) to prevent pregnancy. ± If it however breaks. Dryness watercreates more friction and can tear a condom.

Condom Race .

weaken male condoms and make them less effective. such as a back-pocket wallet or a hot glove backcompartment can create microscopic holes. ‡ Do not use the same condom if you engage in both vaginal and anal intercourse.Dos and DON·T·s with Condoms ‡ DO NOT use oil-based lubricants with the condoms oil± Vaseline or edible oils. dry places. DO NOT REUSE it... ‡ Store condoms in cool. . intercourse. ± Exposure to heat. throw away the condom. ± Male condoms and female condoms should not be used at the same time ± Placing two male condoms on a penis can raise the chance of tearing ‡ After sex play. ‡ DO NOT use two condoms at once.


‡ No hormonal side effects.Advantages of the Male Condoms ‡ Prevents the spread of sexually transmitted infections. ‡ May decrease women's risk for developing pre-cancerous cells on the precervix. including HIV and AIDS. ‡ Use can be part of sex play. ‡ Does not affect future fertility. ‡ Birth control for men. ‡ Available without a prescription. ‡ Easy to use. .

Protects the vagina and vulva. waterCan be inserted before sex play begins ± even eight hours before. Erection not necessary to keep condom in place. Insertion can be part of sex fore play. Available without a prescription. Prelubricated and can be used with oil and water-based lubricants. Can be used by people with latex sensitivities.. Does not reduce a male partner's stimulation.Advantages of the Female Condoms ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Prevents the spread of sexually transmitted infections. No hormonal side effects. Does not affect future fertility . including HIV and AIDS.

Possible allergic reaction. Can break or leak. Can interrupt sex play. Decreased sensation for some people.Disadvantages of the Male Condoms ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Must be readily available. .

Sometimes difficult to insert or use. About three times more expensive than male condoms .Disadvantages of the Female Condoms ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Noticeable during sex. Can break or leak. Does not contain spermicide.

try using condoms without latex. it may be a sign of an allergy to either the condom or spermicide used. ‡ If you used a latex condom. ‡ You can also try a spermicide with different chemicals than the one you used. try one nonoxynolwithout. If your spermicide contains nonoxynol-9. .Side Effects ‡ If you or your partner experiences genital burning or itching.

you don't need a condom Answer Trust isn't the point. If I am more relaxed. I'll help you put it on. I can make it feel better for you. It will help to protect us from infections we may not realize we have. I do Not if I help put it on Women can get pregnant and get STDs from pre-ejaculate preI'd like to use it anyway. that will help you keep it hard.Persuading your Partner Excuse Don't you trust me? It does not feel as good with a condom I don't stay hard when I put on a condom I don't have a condom with me Putting it on interrupts everything I will pull out in time I'm on the pill. . people can have infections without realizing it I'll feel more relaxed.

It can be really sexy if your partner helps you put it on or you do it together. If things start getting steamy . ‡ If you feel that condoms interrupt your passion then try introducing condoms into your lovemaking. .at the height of the passion you may not want to. It's not a good idea to find yourself having to rush out at the crucial moment to buy condoms .Tips that can help you to feel more confident and relaxed about using'll be ready. ‡ Keep condoms handy at all times.

It shows that you are responsible and confident and when the time comes it will all be worthwhile. don't get embarrassed. be proud. If anything. . It can be more fun to go shopping for condoms with your partner or friend.‡ When you buy condoms.

It does not take long to become a master. Knowing where you both stand before the passion starts will make you a lot more confident that you both agree and are happy about using a condom.‡ Talk with your partner about using a condom before having sex. It removes anxiety and embarrassment. the best way to learn how to use them is to practice putting them on by yourself or your partner. . ‡ If you are new to condoms.

and contracting HIV/AIDS and other STIs.KEY MESSAGE Correct. consistent condom use substantially reduces. . but cannot fully eliminate. the risk of pregnancy.

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