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Reported Speech

Questions, Questions, Commands and Requests

1. Rewrite the questions in reported speech. speech. 1) Mandy: Are the boys reading the book? Yesterday Mandy asked me if / whether the boys were reading the book. book. 2) Jason: Who gave you the laptop? Yesterday Jason wanted to know who gave me the laptop. 3) Robert: Is Tim leaving on Friday? that) Friday. Yesterday Robert asked me if / whether Tim was leaving on (that) Friday. 4) Daniel: Will it rain tomorrow? day. Yesterday Daniel asked me if / whether it would rain the next / following day. 5) Jennifer: Where do you play football today? day. Yesterday Jennifer wanted to know where I played football that day.

1. Rewrite the questions in reported speech. speech.

6) Nancy: Why didn't Nick go to New York last summer? Yesterday Nancy wanted to know why Nick hadn t gone to New York the
previous summer. summer.

7) Barbara: Must I do my homework this afternoon? Yesterday Barbara asked me if / whether she must do her homework that
afternoon. afternoon.

8) Linda: Did Max fly to London two weeks ago? before. Yesterday Linda wanted to know if Max had flown to London two weeks before.

9) Grandmother: Where are my glasses? were. Yesterday Grandmother asked me where her glasses were.

10) A man: When does the train to Liverpool leave? left. Yesterday a man asked me when the train to Liverpool left.

1. Rewrite the commands and requests in reported speech. speech.

1. Don't shout at me , she told him angrily. her. She told him not to shout at her.

Don't bathe when the red flag is flying , the lifeguard said to us. flying. The lifeguard told us not to bathe when the red flag was flying.

3. Please, switch off your mobile phone , the flight attendant told him. The flight attendant told him to switch off his mobile phone.

4. Please, don't drink any more , he told his friend. He asked him not to drink any more.

5. Be very careful crossing roads , she told her daughter. roads. She asked her daughter to be very careful crossing roads.

1. Rewrite the commands and requests in reported speech. speech.

6. Don' t go near the water, children , the teacher said. water. The teacher ordered the children not to go near the water.

7. Could you read the next paragraph? , the teacher said to her. The teacher asked her to read the next paragraph. paragraph.

8. Don't smoke near the petrol station , he said to them. He told them not to smoke near the petrol station.

9. Show me your driving licence , the policeman told the driver. licence. The policeman asked the driver to show him his driving licence.

10. Please, come to my birthday party tomorrow , my friend told me. day. My friend asked me to come to his / her birthday party the next / following day.