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Calvinkare Private Limited

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About Cavinkare limited 
In 1983 with a single product cavinkare started out as a small partnership firm chin India by Mr. C.k. Ranganathan. Chik India which was renamed as beauty cosmetics in 1990. In 1998 the company was renamed as cavinkare pvt. Ltd.(ckpl)

Cont . cavin means beauty in Tamil and care is spelt as kare. The reason behind the name is. skin care. home care) and food products . Ranganathan The company offers quality personal care(hair care. The name is also special one as the initials c and k of Mr.

CavinKare Group has crossed a turnover of 7000 million INR in 2008-2009 . which primarily relied on contract manufacturing for many years has now set up its own world class plant at Haridwar to cater to the demand of both domestic and international market. The Company.Cont .

CavinKare's astute professionalism.Cont . The Company has employee strength of 1880. . innovative products and consistent quality are results of its significant corporate practice. an all India network of 912 Stockists catering to about 25 lakh outlets nationally.

 and the view that the shampoo is more of a glamour product rather than a hygiene product. High price. .Three major barriers to shampoo use in India The perception that shampoo contain harsh chemicals that could damage hair.

. Nyle herbal is among the top five shampoo brands in the country and account for 10 per cent of the market share. This product claim to use traditional Indian herbs such as shikakai.soap nuts and amla as ingredients.Strategy to break first barrier Innovation of herbal or botanical shampoo. a herbal shampoo launched by cavin kare.  nyle herbal.

Strategy to break second barrier Innovation of sachets .

at the time.History of sachet Cavinkare was the company responsible for the small sachet revolution in India. It was an important insight for marketing to rural India. When cavinkare entered the rural areas in south India. . people used to wash their hair with soap.

When it launched the chik brand of shampoo they educated the people on how to use it through live touch and feel demonstrations and also distributed free sachet at fairs This strategy worked wonders in the rural areas of tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.CONTu. .

k. That s why Mr. The awards was given for leadership excellence and pioneer of sachet packing and mass marketing in rural areas. ranganathan was declared the marketing professional of the year in the India brand summit-2003. ..Cont . c.

Procter and gamble s.head $ shoulders menthol and pantene lively clean also offer functional benefits to users.normal and oily hair. Hll has also experimented with different versions of sunsilk for dry.Strategy to break third barrier Marketers tried to add a utility value to shampoo by offering functional benefits. . Clinic plus-one of the first anti-dandruff brands.


.Target audience Girls and women of rural and semi urban population of India.

they have a strong system of quality monitoring.Marketing strategy They associated with people of similer wavelength in thinking. they lay down all the ground rules for manufacturing in maintaining their standards. As a part of their strategy. who will definitely take care of quality first and foremost and besides. .

Outsourcing is one of the cardinal rule of cavinkare corporate strategy.Cont . .. Direct media promotion have helped build knowledge of product categories and change long-entrenched living habits.

aspiration and hopes of the rural consumers. brand building. .Cont . Cavinkares believes that its core competencies are research and development. and distribution management. by the help of effective communication they tried to understand the fears.

Separate hawkers' channel is being created that has moves from neighborhood to neighborhood.Distribution strategy Instead of using the conventional distribution route. . they have created a sachet sales force that sells only sachet packets to small retailers including cigarette and paan shops.

. The hawkers channels exist in all cities where they have a distribution network Apart from unconventional method.Cont . the company hired professionals for sales and distribution and expanded its network beyond south India.

Competitive analysis Major competitorso Hindustan unilever limited o Procter $ gamble o Dabur o Himalaya health care .

o Other like meera hair wash has national share of 23.4% share is the second largest selling shampoo in the rs.6% share. 1200 crore(rs.Andhra Pradesh etc. .Cont Market shareo Chik shampoo with a 21.4% o But they are largest brand in rural UP.12 billion) shampoo market while its other brand nyle has a 4.

Overall shampoo market share HUL CAVINKARE OTHERS P&G 15% 16% 50% 19% .

indica. nyle. chik. hairdye and other products. indica and spinz. The balance is from spinz (deodorant. The fairever cream contributes 30%.perfume). meera. While its shampoo brands(chik &nyle) contribute 50% to the company s turnover. .IMPORTANT FACT THE COMPANY HAS six major brands-fairever.

milestone Cavinkare pvt. Won ability award for 5 consecutive yearso Ability award-2007 o Ability award-2006 o Ability award-2005 o Ability award-2004 o Ability award-2003 . Ltd.

the ball lies in the court of cavinkare marketers.conclusion So the fact remains that the rural market in India has great potential which is just waiting to be tapped. It is all about how they approach the market. . Ultimately. takes up the challenge of selling products and concepts through innovative media design and more importantly interactively.

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