Palmolive Shampoo
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J. Company In Milwaukee. Johnson (worked ± 1894 to 1924) y 1917 ± Company Renamed as : Palmolive Co. Johnson Company Formulated by B. y 1928 ± Colgate-Palmolive-Peet y 1953 ± Peet was dropped from the name .Soap made of Palm and Olive Oil By B. Wisconsin y Efforts of Caleb E. Owing ± Popularity and Content Missouri-based soap manufacture y Merger to form ± Palmolive-Peet Co. J.History y 1898 .

giving softness and bounce to hair.Shampoo Category Facts ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ ´ Brand loyalties in shampoo are not very strong Consumers attribute lathering to the act of cleaning Major expectations from the product are improvement in texture and manageability. curing and avoiding damage to the hair An Indian needs more shampoo for a proper wash (average 6 ml ) compared to 4 ml needed in Western countries as most Indian women have long hair Most consumers do not use shampoo daily Southern market is predominantly a sachet market. accounting for 70 % of sachet volumes .

Palmolive: Current Categories and Product y Bodywash Ù Ù Ù Ù Ù Ù Palmolive Aroma Bodywash Relaxing Palmolive Thermal Spa Bodywash Firming Palmolive Aroma Bodywash Vitality Palmolive Thermal Spa Bodywash Massage Palmolive Naturals Moisturising Bodywash Milk & Almond Palmolive Naturals Moisturising Bodywash Milk & Honey Palmolive Naturals Milk and Honey Hand Wash Palmolive Aroma Liquid Hand Wash Relaxing Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Family Health Palmolive Halo Shampoo Palmolive Charmis Cream Shave Cream y Liquid Handwash Ù Ù Ù y Hair Care Ù y Skin Care Ù y Shave Preps Ù .

PALMOLIVE Optima y Launched in November. 1995 y Enriched with Keratin. hair's y y y y natural protein ³Maximum Fullness´ & ³Deep Moisturizer´ Improved formula continuously nourishes and conditions hair inside Fresh Fragrance Ad-Line: Treatment that responds .

the needs. rather than owning a differentiating quality.PALMOLIVE Optima y Highly priced. and motivations y Tried to be the best at core category benefits. 72 for 200 (Year: 2001) y Launched just one week before Pantene y Unsuccessful attempt to position as premium brand y Did not understand the market.  Rs. 39 for 100. y Weak Communication .

Palmolive Halo Shampoo y Core Elements Nourishes the hair Ù Makes the hair soft Ù Makes the hair bouncy Ù y Augmented Elements Natural Products like Protein and Egg Ù Irresistible Fragrances Ù .

Factors lead to Failure y Competition y Use of Egg as ingredient y No major product innovation after initial failures y Focus on body care and oral health care products y Bargaining powers in hands of retailers y Separate identity from parent brand(Colgate) .

Their Strengths y Parent Company Support y Market leader in some key products ´ Natural ingredients like Protein and Egg y Backward integration-key ingredients are company owned. significant cost saving.good distribution network . y Wide market coverage . cushion against price rise.

Target Customers Ù³Optima´ boomers Upper Class Ù³Halo´ Middle class and house wives rural consumers Baby .

Strategies Company should look Into y More attention should be paid on the Hair Care y y y y y product The range of Shampoos and Conditioners present in UK should be launched in India Stand out on the shelf Make retailers proactive Celebrity face: As shampoo driven by the latest styles and trends Aggressive Ad Campaign e.g. expert opinions .

Strategies Company should look Into y Attractive packaging (white HDPE bottles ) y Different packaging for different market: beauty salons to mass merchandisers to upscale department stores to rural market y Offers in the Urban area: Free sachets along with Palmolive Body Wash Ù1+1 Ù y Rural Market should be tapped with sachets and smaller size bottles .

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