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Unit 1: Emerging Themes

Failan Saleem

Lecturer Profile
COO : PC House PLC Director/GM :SAMUNG MOBILE(CE) MD/Principal Lecturer: THE KNOWLEDGE FACTORY Director/Principal Consultant:3rd Wave Plus consulting Serial Entrepreneur Brand Manager: Smith Kline Beecham (Pharma) Sales Manager: Shaw Wallace & Hedges (FMCG) Sales Manager : Pharma/Shaw Wallace ( Pharma) Brand Manager: Keells Krest (Processed Food) Brand Manager: Keells Business systems (IT)

Career high point launching pioneering products to the market, mainly Samsung Mobile ,Krest , Smith Kline beecham Vaccines and starting Career Guru 40 Sri Lanka prizes and Three World Prizes (last 4 years) 90% pass mark for assignments 12,000 hours of lecturing and consulting over 5500 students including working with international consulting houses Sri Lanka Schools Colours in Athletics and national record holder Long Term Goal retire and set up green house project for export in NuwaraEliya and set up a centre for leadership development

The New CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Masters Level Qualification Two stages Postgraduate Diploma (Stage 1) and Chartered Postgraduate Diploma (Stage 2) Stages 1 & 2 120 credits towards Masters Degree

CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (stage 1) Units Overview

Emerging Themes 15 credits Managing Corporate Reputation 15 credits Marketing Leadership & Planning 30 credits Analysis & Decision 30 credits 3:1 private study hours to guided learning hours

Analysis & Decision

Strategic Audit Understanding an organisation s ability to understand capability and capacity Determining strategic direction Assessing & evaluating options Making & justifying decisions

Managing Corporate Reputation

What corporate reputation means? Senior management & CR Influencing CR positively Managing perceptions of organisations are perceived Understanding components Formulating appropriate Corporate Communications

how of CR

Marketing Leadership & Planning

Developing high level strategies & plans Delivering effectively Developing market-oriented organisations Developing leadership to deliver change Developing competencies & capabilities to deliver value proposition

Assessment Methods
Emerging Themes:
Assignment-based White papers & journal articles

Marketing Leadership & Planning:

Work-based project

Managing Corporate Reputation:

Work-based project

Analysis & Decision:

Case study examination (pre-seen case study)

Transition Arrangements
Differential weighting of units - no straightforward transition between syllabus 2004 and 2009 E.g. pass one module + SMiP exempt from A&D E.g. pass two modules exempt from Marketing Leadership & Planning E.g. passed three modules will need to pass Emerging Themes and Managing Corporate Reputation Combination of 2004 modules & 2009 units will need to study 5 units/modules in total

Emerging Themes
Macro Environment:

Meso Environment:
Marketing s new ground Changing consumers Changing nature of competition & supply chain

Micro Environment:
Contemporary business The marketing professional

Unit learning outcomes

1.1 Critically evaluate macro-environmental emerging themes and assess/forecast their potential impact upon one specific sector or industry 1.2 Critically evaluate meso-environmental emerging themes and assess/forecast their potential impact upon one specific sector or industry 2.1 Judge the importance of a range of emerging themes to a particular organisation 2.2 Develop contemporary strategic marketing and business responses to a prioritised emerging theme: 2.3 Propose methods by which marketing professionals can anticipate and adapt to change

So what does this mean to marketers?

Publishing and Technology

Virgin Galatic


Social Media

Sustainable Products Honda FCX Clarity

Meso-environmental themes
Assess/forecast potential impact upon your sector Changes in consumer behaviour (customer power, ethical consumption Changes in nature/structure of competition (collaboration and co-opetition Changes in nature/structure of supply chains (collaboration and co-opetition Need to think of one specific example of an emerging trend for each type of macro/meso/micro area Why has it happened and what is the impact?

3 000 word project All tasks compulsory Candidates to select themes Framework
Summary and evaluation of sources Discussion paper Letter

Emerging Themes (1999)

Napster launches Putin becomes president of Russia The Euro launches Telecommuting and comb-overs

Emerging Themes 2011 and Beyond

Contemporary themes that were relevant to the industry context and well justified in terms of underpinning evidence from industry or wider sources. Equal attention paid to both themes. Analysis of themes based on extant theory/literature. Clear application of themes to sector, with evidence. Thorough application of a recognised business/marketing strategy. Explanation of impact of strategy on sector.

Good answers used objective and consistent methods to assess the shortlist of publications. The best answers made use of tables or other diagrams supported by good research and relevant appendices with more detailed information.

Poor choice of themes and lack of articulation of these. Poor evidence of research into themes identified. Analysis of themes not underpinned by existing theory. Lack of application of coherent business/marketing strategy and lack of focus on any one particular business strategy; vague discussion of different approaches eg segmentation, niche marketing, strategic alliances, digital marketing strategies, No or little attempt to predict the impact of change on marketing professionals. Poor referencing.

Strategic alliance and collaboration Wikinomics Video

Homework - 1
Find some potential publications for your journal article Find out about how to submit an article including how its structured and what its style is What is their editorial policy? What are the deadlines? 4vt0mimpvgvtlch017&id=rr