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The healthcare standards in Singapore is regarded and consistently ranked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to be among the world s best. Singapore has in place a comprehensive healthcare delivery and financing system built on pursuing the following objectives: Promote Good Health and Reduce Illness Access to Good and Affordable Healthcare Pursue Medical Excellence .

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is part of the National Healthcare Group, providing holistic and integrated patient care. With a strong quality culture in patient safety, TTSH constantly challenges itself to provide faster, better, cheaper and safer care for patients. To achieve this, the hospital keeps abreast and believes in investing in its staff, facilities, medical technology and system improvements. In recognition of its commitment to excellent patient care and its comprehensive range of quality healthcare services, TTSH has been awarded the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Kick-start your career in the healthcare industry with TTSH, which offers you a unique opportunity to map out Singapore s future healthcare landscape. The TTSH Management Associate Programme (MAP) is a 12-month leadership development programme designed to prepare our next generation of leaders. It is carefully tailored to those keen on embarking an Operations or a Human Resource career in healthcare industry.

As a Management Associate, you can look forward to a series of training opportunities. During the 1-year programme, you will be assigned to the Operations Division to experience hospital's operations in holistic perspective. If you are interested in a human resource career, you will be assigned to Human Resource Division to learn the HR functional skills which will help you to excel in the role.


Structured Job Rotations and Project Assignments

Continuous Learning

Professional Development Programme

Coaching by Senior Management

TTSH MAP provides you with unlimited opportunities for you to path your career.

Management Associate

Executive/ Senior Executive

Manager/ Senior Manager

Senior Management

We are seeking to recruit people who satisfy a broad range of criteria and possess the ability to make an ongoing contribution to TTSH and Singapore s healthcare landscape.


Assessment Center

Final Interview


1. A Good Honours Degree in any discipline 2.A Good Honours Degree in HRM is preferred (if you are applying for MA in HR) 3. Outstanding record of extracurricular achievements 4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

In TTSH, I always have the opportunities to learn, grow and do what I do best. I have gained much knowledge and experience along the way and also developed friendships with many colleagues from different divisions Jayne Tong, MA 2011 As a TTSH Management Associate, I was able to work very closely with the management which is a rare opportunity for fresh graduates. The expectation for MAs to learn faster, work harder and perform better has also made working at TTSH an enriching experience Teo Kaiting, MA 2010 If you want an enriching career, join us at TTSH. If you want to touch lives and truly make a difference, join us at TTSH. If you have a heart and passion for the community, join us at TTSH. As the saying goes, Find a job that you love doing and you wouldn t have to work another day. Timothy Yeo, MA 2010

Applications to our MAP will open from 1st February to 31st May. You may apply online at or submit your detailed resume, academic transcripts, CCA records, and any other supporting documents to HR Management (Management Associate Programme), Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433.