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Open Source technology can be defined as Computer Software for which the human-readable source code is made available under a copyright License (or arrangement such as the Public Domain) .

Open Source is a development methodology which offers practical accessibility to a product's source (goods and knowledge).

This permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified form.

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Free Distribution Source Code Derived Works No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups

Open source software is based around the idea that the user can not only view, but change the source code of an application. Closed source software is hidden to prevent the user either viewing or changing the code. After initial production, open source software is released to the development community and undergoes a secondary phase of evolution. It is scrutinised by thousands of professional developers across the globe who highlight potential flaws, bugs and security glitches. Closed source software is developed in isolation with a small team of developers. It isn't possible to build a team of hundreds to check the code because the code is deemed proprietary and secret.

The "Open Source Model" is not a religion. It is a very practical way of develop software in a rapidly changing environment. Lower total cost of ownership Reduced dependence on software vendors open source software gives you the power to control your software's code. You have the right to modify the code to suit your requirements and control the budgets that you want to spend towards it.

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o Easier to customize

Most open source software applications are not reliable No guarantee of updates Since you are not paying for the open source software nobody is bound to give you regular updates. You can get stuck with the same old version for years without ever getting an update.

The Apache Web Server is the most widely used web server on the Internet. The Apache Software Foundation was formed to provide support Apache an related software. In addition, the operating system that we run on our website and almost everywhere else is RedHat Linux. Alongwith internet address system Internet Protocol, and the internet browser Mozilla Forefox. One of the most successful programs is the Linux operating system, an open source Unix-like operating system.

Google Chrome source code is available as an open source project called Chromium (BSD license). Microsoft Corp. this week released the first public beta for its Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition, which is designed to address the highperformance computing needs of its customers, particularly at the departmental and workgroup levels, and forms part of the Windows Server line of products which is also a open source code

This week Nokia, alogwith hosting company CollabNet, will launch the Web site where developers can come together to create a wide range of home entertainment software for Nokia's Open Standards Terminal software platform, based on Linux, Xfree and Mozilla. Linux Entirely is made in open source technology.

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