.S . New York .COMPANY. . ‡ Industry: Personal products ‡ Founded: 1806 ‡ Headquarters: New York City.U.

Cook.3 billion (FY 2009) ‡ Employees: 36.COMPANY. ‡ Key people: Ian M..002 ‡ Website: www. CEO ‡ Revenue: US$ .

soap and candle factory 1857 :William Colgate died and the company was reorganized as "Colgate & Co mpany´ In 1873..ORIGIN OF A COMPANY. 1806 : William Colgate introduce starch. the firm introduced its first toothpaste .

the United States and India. . but it is publicly listed in only two.HISTORY 1896 : Sold first toothpaste in a tuber 1928 : Palmolive-Peet bought the Colgate Company  1953 : "Peet" was dropped from the title Today Colgate has numerous subsidiary organisations spanning 200 countries.

. ‡ Procter & Gamble ‡ Church & Dwight Co. Inc. ‡ The Clorox Company ‡ Kimberly-Clark Corporation .COMPETITORS ‡ Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

They are the foundation for our business strategy and are reflected in every aspect of our work life. .MISSION ‡ Our three fundamental values ² Caring. Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement ² are part of everything we do.

VISION ‡ To strive for excellence in the consumer products .



‡ Colgate was introduced in the semi urban and rural areas.Target Market: ‡ Colgate is targeted at middle income and upper income families. . ‡ Colgate has never altered its target market segment. ‡ Colgate has had a consistent target market.

.PRICING STRATEGIES ‡ Colgate has persisted with its premium pricing concept ‡ Emphasizing on quality for product differentiation it has never used price cuts to increase its sales. ‡ Colgate is looking for review to change its price in 2010.

Events. ‡ 4.SECONDARY ASSOCIATIONS ‡ 1. ‡ 5. ‡ 3.Third Party Sources .Country of Origin ‡ 2.Channels of Distribution.Spokes Persons.

advertisement also portray the same image of family brand with protection for is the most reliable multidimensional longer toothpaste of the advantages.Brand Mantra Emotional Descriptive Functional Modifier Modifier Modifier Oral Protection Reliable Family Colgate is always It has maintain its Colgate¶s image in recommended for performance Pakistan is that of a providing oral throughout. . it time and colgate is consistent quality proves its still a threat to the and continuous consistency in oral competitor. innovation.Hence.Hence. hours.Its care.

DISTRIBUTION ‡ Colgate Palmolive Express distributors Retailers Consumers ‡ Colgate Palmolive Express distributors Agent wholesalers Retailers Consumers ‡ Colgate Palmolive Agent wholesalers Retailers Consumers .

Line Extension: ‡ Colgate is looking for line extension in the mid of the 2010. . The possible line extension is ³COLGATE SENSITIVE´.

.Brand Failure ‡ Colgate launched the food product called Colgate Kitchen Entrées ‡ The idea was that consumers would eat their Colgate meal. ‡ The trouble was that for most people the name Colgate does not exactly get their taste buds tingling. and then brush their teeth with Colgate toothpaste.

‡ Colgate should use colorful paste to create uniqueness. online purchase.e.RECOMMENDATION: ‡ Colgate should hire celebrities for the advertisement ‡ They should also increase the volume of their CSR activities because they have a very good image in the market. ‡ Colgate should emphasize on Digital Branding i. ‡ Target market should be clearly emphasized in advertisement. .

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