Lesson 2

School and Community Relations

The Teachers, Parents and the Community

‡ first teachers in the home. ‡ responsible for the development of values attitudes and habits that will be needed as their children associate with classmates in school.

‡ Continue to enrich the students experiences at home ‡ Strengthening the valuable, personal traits and characteristics initially developed contrive

Community ‡ Motivated to participate in the parent-teacher activities and projects that will likewise redound to the uplifting of the moral and quality of life in their own locality. .

Irregular attendance. Study habits in school.Difficulties ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Ability to accomplish assignments. and Problem with self-discipline. . Negative attitudes.

. Interesting lessons never fail to motivate students. ‡ Regularity in attendance .Solutions ‡ A calm and friendly face-to-face exchange of observation. ‡ Positive attitudes of kindheartedness. ‡ Letters and praises to parents.

‡ Extremes of behavior need detailed consideration of past experiences. .Solutions ‡ Interesting lessons never fail to motivate students.

Cooperation Willingness to share. Deep sense of responsibility. .Values Developed ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Respect for elders and the rights of others. and Persistence.

Interests ‡ Special interest and innate talents noticed at a young age such as heightened propensity for music and drama. athletics and the arts. .

B. School and Community .

.Collaborative Relationships ‡ The school officials actively participate in community projects. ‡ The municipality/city officials are likewise ready to provide help in improving the physical facilities of the school. participation by each is easily elicited with such positive and civic-consciousness activities. ‡ During historic celebrations in both places.

Organized Associations Schools have organized ParentTeacher and Community Associations with the officers coming from both their members. .

safety in public conveyances and compliance with ordinances afford ample protection and disciplinary measures deserved by all. .Public Safety. Beautification and Cleanliness Peace and order.

.Values Exhibited Outstanding school personnel as well as barangay officials are honored. This serves as a motivation for both parties and their followers to continue with their commendable practice.

The clean rivers. . factories and other industrial establishment could be learning centers for the field trips.Instruction Centers and Materials The community can serve as rich sources of instructional materials. town library.

Linkages and Networking with Organizations .

A. Linkages International Linkages .

a. advances and trends in teacher education. * 3-day convention tackles current issues. With Pi Lambda Theta . . *honors outstanding student teachers from College of Education. -ETP (Excellence in Teaching Project) 1997 * supports 15 BSE/BEE students until they graduate.an international honor society and professional association in education.

INNOTECH .Update teachers knowledge and skills in implementing alternative learning systems. .Conducts training programs to upgrade the competencies of teachers from the region in all disciplines.b.Center for training educational leaders from Southeast region under SEAMEO organization. . .

. World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) Hosted a 3-day international congress with the international President. officials and members from the main office together with the members from different countries in attendance.c.

National and Local Linkages .

‡ Joint researches could be conducted by 2 or 3 universities depending on their respective expertise .‡ Could be established between universities and colleges offering identical degrees. . Cross-enrollment for subjects needed for graduation is allowed.

The Mendiola Consortium. .composed of san Beda College and Holy Spirit College. 2. Scholasticas College. Philippine Normal University. Paul University (Manila).a. Taft Consortium.the universities that make up the consortium are St. St. etc. Consortium among Universities and Colleges 1.

It s major project is to upgrade eh competence of Mathematics teachers through national conferences.b. etc. An annual convention is a major event where all members gather to discuss the latest in their own areas. 2. . MATHED. BIOTA.organization of Biology teachers from universities nationwide. With Subjects Specialists 1.it is the council of Mathematics Teachers and educators.

composed of professors from colleges of education from both private and government universities. SUCTAE (State Universities and Collages Teacher of government universities Education Association) includes all colleges of education as members.c. 2. Teacher Education Institutions 1. PAFTE (Philippine Association for Teacher Education) is another institutions. .

(NOPTI). . ‡ FAAP (Federation of Accrediting Associations of the Philippines).d. National Organizations ‡ The National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc.

Inc. With Foundations a. . The Educational Research and Development Assistance (ERDA) Foundation. livelihood and continuing education. Supports programs and services in health. education. has its flagship program.2. mostly of the out-of-school youth.

Metrobank Foundation. It annually recognizes and honors outstanding teachers of the tree educational levels from school nationwide. Inc has for its flagship project in Education the SEARCH FOR OUTSTANDING TEACHERS.‡ b. .

. It is committed to nurturing a culture of excellence and service among educators through professional development. Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators (NOTED) is composed of all the winners of the annual search.c. publications. research and advocacy in active partnership with government and non-government organizations.

‡ d. (AFI) is a nonprofit organizations that serves as the socio-cultural development arm of the Ayala Group of Companies which works to fulfill the needs of the whole person through a holistic response. Ayala Foundation. . Inc.

Its programs that promote literacy and education are Donate a Book and Merit Scholarships. GMA Foundation has for its mission to give hope and a future to the Filipino family by safeguarding human rights and upgrading standards of Education. among others. .‡ e.

SM Foundation. Education literacy drive aims to collect more book donations from business donors and distributes them to public schools and community libraries nationwide .f. launched a yearly project which collects books and educational materials from the public and donates them to public schools and community libraries. Inc.

g. Its grants full scholarships for teachers to pursue doctorate degree in the sciences and mathematics. Foundation for Upgrading Standards in Education (FUSE) supports training programs for teachers of English. Conducts a monthly assembly of teachers and university officials for a lecture series. research dissemination and a discussion of current educational issues and teaching concerns . Science and Mathematics.

h. has the Philippines Science Centrum as its flagship project. . Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology (PEST). It consists of science exhibits which are visited by school children.

i. . Books for the Barrio an Asia Foundation donate books and other printed materials to public and private elementary and secondary schools.

1. 2.j. parents and other community members. Bato Balani Foundation honors *Good examples! There is an organization named League of Corporate Foundations. Surf the internet for other organizations and report on the educational services and assistance given to out-of-school youth. teachers through a tribute to teachers program. . Interview one of the members from any of the foundations and report on their assistance and services to educational institutions.

Literacy Coordination Council (LCC) under Dep Ed trains trainors who handle literacy training courses among the youth.4. . With Government Offices a.

. (CHED). The Dept. of Science and Technology (DOST) supports undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs in science and mathematics in the Regional Science Teaching Centers which were selected Centers of Excellence by the Technical Panel for the Teacher Education.b.

selects institutions as Centers of Excellence in their chosen fields and regularly benchmarks and the curricula all degrees with the international standards.c. . The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) organizes Technical Panels for all professions.

The Teacher Education Council (TEC) of the Dep Ed focuses its programs on the teacher education policies and standards.d. .

With Media a. donations of instructional materials and conducting interviews of achievers in various professions. Broadcast ABS-CBN provide assistance to school children and teachers through its educational broadcast. .5.

b. sports and healthcare. Historic and cultural events and celebrations brought to all homes promote the spirit of nationalism and pride. Government and private channels likewise include award winning entries to national competitions in the fields of education. c. .

and other reading materials are rich sources of information for purposes. Publication and Prints Publication through the daily newspapers. magazines. .d.

Projected Materials ‡ Education films and projected documentaries widen children s knowledge and outlook for growth and development. .6.

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