Brave New World


when conditions of life are extremely bad due to deprivation.Definition y Dystopia is a work of fiction that describes the idea of a society portrayed as existing in a future time. oppression or terror.´bad. abnormalµ + topos. From Gk. dys.´placeµ y .

Brave New World y written as a satire about the advancement of science and its consequences.µ Aldous Huxley. ´I am writing a novel about the future ² on the horror of Wellsian Utopia and a revolt against it. Letters .

.provides happiness through various ways(e. is the tool to keep everything under control.all traces of nature are eliminated. -its role is to minimize conflict..g. .´Community. belonging to one of the five castes: Alpha. .babies conceived in bottles. risk and change. . through hypnopaedia people are conditioned to fit the needs of society. Stabilityµ .Characteristics 1. Society: . no solitude. Delta. Identity. . Gamma and Epsilon. soma).no privacy.

Economics: .´everyone works for everyoneµ. . . Religion: . .2. 3. .God is replaced with Ford.death has no spiritual significance. family. 4. crosses with ´Tµs.system similar to communism and capitalism.prohibits love.the importance of consumption. Politics: .

Dystopia can often lie in the visitor·s point of view: one person·s heaven can be another·s hell. .

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