Allow us to function well when presented with a socially challenging situation.  Knowledge of etiquette prevents us from appearing stupid or boorish.ETIQUETTE  It is just a set of rules.  Mostly flexible.  Behave consistently and within the norms of politeness .

.DINING ETIQUETTE  It is an area of etiquette which pertains to dining. whether at home or out in a restaurant.

community to community. nation to nation. region to region.NATURE OF DINING ETIQUETTE  Varies from people to people. .

. Table Setting. Business Dining Etiquette. Restaurant Etiquette.Six Sections Table Manners. Wine Etiquette and International Dining Etiquette.

fork. or spoon to use at the dinner table. following the "outside-in" rule will tell you which knife.Table Manners ‡ In most situations. ‡ Your water glass is the one above your knife in your place setting ‡ Don't chew with your mouth open .

Table settings .

Tips ‡ Bread on the left. . drink on the right b d ‡ Napkins belong in your lap. They should never be tucked into your shirt . Large napkins can be folded in half or with a quarter folded over the top.

Place Settings Etiquette .


pass both together. ‡ Food is served from the left. spreads. ‡ Dishes are removed from the right.Serving Food ‡ Pass food from the left to the right. or dips should be transferred from the serving dish to your plate before spreading or eating. ‡ If asked for the salt or pepper. ‡ Butter. .

Restaurant Etiquette ‡ Planning ‡ Dress Code ‡ Table Setting and Cutlery ‡ The Restaurant Staff ‡ Complaints ‡ Tipping .

‡ Thank-You Notes . ‡ Confirm the time and place.Business Dining Etiquette ‡ Planning the Business Lunch ‡ Invite well in advance. ‡ Choose a restaurant you know. ‡ Reserve a table ahead of time and Reconfirm with your guest.

 Ordering wine in a restaurant  Food and wine pairings  Wine tasting  Wine temperature  Decanting wine  Wine basics .Wine Etiquette  Wine is essentially fermented grape juice.

Comfort. eat with your hands. ‡ Have a humble and respectful attitude when you make a mistake. ‡ Take some time to review the dining etiquette rules common at your destination. providing a tool to help us interact with each other ‡ Depending on the country. be prepared to sit on the floor. . Common sense.International Dining Etiquette ‡ Courtesy.


‡ Do not rest chopsticks vertically in rice It s a harbinger of death ‡ Never turn over the fish You ve capsized the boat ‡ Birthday noodles It symbolizes longevity ‡ Tea tapping is a must It s a show of thanks ‡ Always order an even number of dishes Odd number of dishes symbolizes death .


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