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foursquare and MLS

15 million+ users 1.5 billion check-ins 18 ± 34 male, social, trend setters, exp income make world easier to explore«

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Personalizing local:
Find Friends Connect with your friends at the game Tips Users learn about the place they re visiting Badges Rewards for real-world engagement with teams Lists The best places, from instadium to all over America

Connect with Brands Get tips and perks from brands in the real world Specials Discounts that get people to try new things Mayor Bragging rights for a venue s most loyal visitor Save Money Cash-back rewards for checking in and using Amex

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Teams with pages

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Get on board!

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Fans are already checking in. so why do more?

I¶m at the Galaxy Game!

10 feet from Beckham!!!

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+ Make the in-stadium experience more social and rewarding + Turn your fans into a ³marketing army´ + Increase in-stadium concessions and merchandise sales + Fill empty seats + Engage fans on non-game days in the real world + Helps fans find other fans by using Lists + Drive tune in.
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getting started

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Sports partnerships usually have 5 major components:
1. Pages create a foursquare Page to establish a branded experience 2. Tips and Lists engage users with location-based Tips and information 3. Specials reward your fans with in-stadium Specials 4. Badges launching team Badges to make it more fun 5. Promotion build awareness and excitement around your campaign to maximize its potential
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pages, tips & lists

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Create a Page
Launch a Page with a unique custom banner to establish a branded foursquare experience. With a Page, you automatically get added to our Page Gallery so the foursquare community can easily find you.

MLS Page
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Page Gallery

As long as you have a Twitter handle, you can create a Page in minutes (for free!)

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Add Tips
Tips are tidbits of info you can add to any location relevant to your fans. Tips can be left around the stadium, at sports bars, historic landmarks ± really anywhere.

1. Search for venue

2. Add a Tip

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How Tips Work
When users check in at locations, they look at the tips section for advice on what to do. There can sometimes be hundreds of tips at a given venue. But when your Followers check in at (or near) a place ± your tip will pop up in their phone ± in priority over the others. Hence the importance of promoting your page and building your followers.


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Tip Hall of Fame

provide interesting context

add photos & links to make them stand-out

give insider information give insider information be clever, use a fun tone

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Easily brand and organize all your great Tips into separate lists. Examples:
Prominent follow & share buttons

‡ The Philadelphia Union created a List to help their fans find their official pub partners. ‡ Washington Redskins created a List for displaced fans to help them find the bars around the country to watch Redskins games ‡ The U.S. Open created Lists to help fans explore all the events at Flushing Meadows, including the best places to eat and shop around the stadium
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How to create a List

1. Name Your List

2. Describe Your List

3. Search For Venues

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Lists are location-based suggestions that can improve the game-day experience. Think of lists as a handy mobile guide for all the places your fans should try out. Connect displaced fans by creating a list of bars in every major city where they can watch the game with fellow fans.

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in stadium specials


Locked Specials

Unlocked Special

Welcome to BMO Field! Looks like you could use a new kit! Check in to receive a 25% discount in the team store.

Welcome to BMO Field! Congratulations! Show this check-in at the team store for 25% off any single item. Employee, use code: FS4569

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Specials are typically discounts or unique experiences that can be redeemed at the location. Some recommended use cases: ‡ ‡ A Flash Special is a time-sensitive, limited quantity Special Example: ³You¶re one of the first 20 people to check in to Red Bulls Arena! Go claim your free Red Bulls soccer scarf at The East Gate Sports Shop. Early birds do get the worm.´ A Swarm Special rewards large groups of fans checking in together Example: ³500 fans have checked in to see the Columbus Crew ± now that¶s a huge crew! Show this special for a free soda with purchase of any food item.´ A Newbie Special only unlocks on a user¶s first visit to a venue Example: ³Looks like this is your first time at a Sounders match ± welcome! Head to the team shop during half-time and show this Special to get 30% off any Sounders kit.´

‡ ‡

‡ ‡

Learn more about Specials here:
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‡ ‡

A Mayor Special rewards your single most loyal fan: the Mayor Example: ³What are you doing trekking through the parking lot with the rest of the crowd? We¶ve got an empty VIP parking spot with your name on it ± literally!´ A Check-In Special is unlocked by every user on every check in Example: ³Check in for the chance to win free ticket upgrades! We¶re not saying suites are better, but suites are better´

‡ ‡

‡ ‡

A Loyalty Special rewards fans who make repeat visits Example: ³It¶s your 3rd time at BMO Field this season! Hot dang it¶s hot dog time! Go pick up a free hot dog at any concession stand, on us´ A Friends Special rewards friends for checking in together Example: ³You checked in with 2 friends! We hope you¶re all in matching body paint that spells ³W-I-N´. In case you¶re not, pick up some matching jerseys at the Team Store for buy one get one half off.

‡ ‡

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American Express Specials
Users connect their foursquare accounts to their American Express Cards to unlock coupon-less savings when they swipe their cards.

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Access Your Manager Tools

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Launch a Badge Campaign
Foursquare badges reward users for checking in and trying new experiences. We use badges as a fun way to influence user-behavior.

ESPN Foam Finger
Your voice is raspy. Your legs are sore. Your team couldn't¶t do it without you. High five, you¶re a true sports fan.

Users can unlock the ESPN badge by following their brand Page and checking in to 3 different sports stadiums.

Once a user unlocks a badge it¶s stored in its rightful place of glory: the trophy case
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Game Mechanics and Added Value
Badge are broadcast across Twitter and Facebook. The game mechanics behind your Badge can be custom-tailored to fit your needs.

‡ Badges unlocked at Stadiums could be used for in-stadium
experience or discounted merchandise.

‡ Badges unlocked at bars or viewing parties used for ticket discounts ‡ Tie in one of your sponsors.

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drive tune-in

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Check in before the game to remind fans to tune in. Foursquare social graph = more personal.

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build followers

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Leverage our API

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Leverage our API

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Use social platforms

Facebook: PGA Tour Badge Campaign

Website Integration: U.S. Open Live Stream

Twitter: Man City check in with photo of stadium
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Print, Billboards, Clings

U.S. Open on-site signage

Ad in Man City¶s game day programs Window Clings
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ok. so now what?

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First kick: saturday march 10th 57 days away

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‡ Create a Page and add at least 20 Tips ‡ Make a Lists of« best places to watch the game ‡ Offer check-in Specials at your stadium at every checkgame ‡ Launch a badge! ‡ Check in before the game ± push to Twitter, Facebook! Facebook! ‡ Promote check-ins in stadium, website and social check© 2011 foursquare labs


thank you
questions? @jonathancrowley

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