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Marshall Breeding Director for Innovative Technology and Research Vanderbilt University Library Founder and Publisher, Library Technology Guides January 30, 2012

ALA TechSource Webinar

The ILS continues to Dominate
Many have ongoing needs for solid automation solutions for their physical collections But for an increasing number of libraries, digital and electronic resources dominate: access to scholarly articles via subscriptions, digital collections, e-books. Investments in print materials in rapid decline.

Related announcements
Virtua from VTLS now live in Hong Kong Public Library
† Busiest

public library in the world: 67 million annual circulation transactions

Polaris 4.1 released, including Polaris Discovery Suite with single search box that includes licensed resources New version of AGent VERSO for Auto-Graphics. Company gaining traction among larger groups of (mostly small) libraries.

Open Source ILS
Equinox Software: support for Evergreen and Koha ByWater Solutions: support for Koha PTFS ² LibLime: support for LibLime Koha and LibLime Academic Koha

Integrating Social technologies
SirsiDynix Social Library: first native Facebook app. Catalog search and other services delivered through library·s Facebook page BiblioCommons: first time to exhibit at ALA.

Increasing interest in E-Books and Econtent
BiblioCommons integrates e-book lending into discovery layer without hand-off to Overdrive site Overdrive ² currently the dominant vendor 3M Cloud Library: 3M Cloud Library app, 3M Discovery Terminals and 3M eReaders. The Library Corporation offers new service for rapid delivery of MARC records to Overdrive subscribers SirsiDynix announces eResource Central: one-click access to electronic resources for users, more unified management for library personnel

RFID and related technologies
Many products for self-check and automated materials handling:
† Lingsoe,

EnvisionWare, 3M, TechLogic (others?)

Some exploring new business opportunities outside physical materials:
† 3M:

Cloud Library † TechLogic: MediaSurfer station for self-check of tablet computers

The Demise of the ILS??
Especially for Academic libraries, the current models of automation no longer meet current and future needs A new genre of systems emerging with much different assumptions:
Management of print, digital, and electronic resources † Unified workflows across material types † Highly shared data models / Knowledgebase approach † Designed for multi-tenant software as a service deployment

New product category: Library Services Platform

Related Announcements
OCLC: recent branding to WorldShare Management Services
† Some

libraries now in production † Recent release of WorldShare License Manager

Serials Solutions: new system will be called Intota Ex Libris: Close to production release of Alma

New on the Discovery front
Ongoing battle for more content in the centralized index
† †

Summon ² Primo Central ² EBSCO Discovery Service ² WorldCat Local Encore Synergy: article integration based on real-time Web services

Discipline scoped searching and customizable search widgets for Summon Full text search of HathiTrust in Primo Central, Summon, WorldCat Local, and EBSCO Discovery Service EBSCO: integration of EDS with EBSCO A-Z and LinkSource Open Discovery Initiative: New NISO working group to develop best practices related to index-based discovery services