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Sue Polanka No Shelf Required Wright State University Libraries


E-Book Roundup
EBSCO drops fees
 No markups  No set up fees  No annual hosting, platform, access or

maintenance fees  No annual Adobe Content Server subscription fees  No download fees  No fee for MARC records

Ebrary launches iOS app
 iPad, iPhone, iPod touch  Facebook sign-in  Read on or offline with app

E-Book Roundup
OverDrive 2011 use data – “doubled”
 1.6 billion title pages viewed  99 million visitors  35 million checkouts  17 million hold

Library Journal Patron Profiles (Jan. 2012)
 25% of eBook patrons increased use of

libraries compared to general patrons at 18%  23% unsuccessful with download – tech issues  44% unsuccessful b/c content not availabl  74% eBook patrons want more titles at library

E-book Roundup
3M eReaders and ownership model
 $150 eReading devices available  Stripped down, no internet or apps  App for easy download to computer  Titles are owned

E-Book Roundup
 launches

E-Book Roundup
Gale Virtual Reference Library New Interface

Credo Reference launches literati platform
 Interview with Mike Sweet, CEO of Credo

Reference on the No Shelf Required blog

Rosen interactive eBooks (Fall 2012)
 Digital writing simulation  Transliteracy skills development 

iPad self-checkout Resync’s devices Connects to ILS iPads sold

 

 Interview with

Gary Kirk, President of Mediasurfer on No Shelf Required blog

blekko – spam free search engine

RUSA’s Dartmouth Medal

Dartmouth Committee –

Lifetime Achievement Award