The building in the picture is the SunTrust Headquarters at SunTrust Plaza in Atlanta, GA. Besides having approximately 200 years of experience in the banking industry and having $183.1 billion in assets as of September 30, 2006, it is famous for other reasons. What is its claim to fame?

His corporate headquarters is known as "The Mountain". His father escaped from the British Police in 1920 and landed in USA with $20 in his pocket and later married an American school teacher and settled in Philadelphia. . Identify him.This famous business personality earn money by repairing toy trains when he was at 13.

Identify theLogo .

What was the result? .During the day of import control. an angry crowd of ladies mobbed Jawaharlal Nehru and complained that they were no longer able to buy the imported cosmetics.

Identify the Logo .

Which is the company to have patented the sound of it's product ? .

Ltd. becoming _________. who founded a small company called Peutronics Pvt.. .The business was set up in 1986 by S S Goenka. It now operates from its offices on the Hosur Road. Ltd. His son Bharat was responsible for the development of the commercial software product which led to Peutronics Pvt. a business district of the Silicon Valley of India that houses many software companies. with the aim of using computers to simplify the tedious job of keeping accounts.

this was launched on January 15. . Name this service.Available in 279 languages with 365 million users. 2001 and celebrated 10th anniversary recently.



The car 'Y' would be available to citizens through a savings scheme at 990 Reichsmark. about the price of a small motorcycle.X. a person required a basic vehicle capable of transporting two adults and three children at 100 km/h (62 mph). Whos X and whats Y? .

Whose punch line is The good looking Rascals rules .

. He got his head shaved and became a buddhist wearing traditional Indian clothes. X went back to US with this strange experience and set up Y. Identify X and Y. an hippie from US came to India in search of Nirvana from US in early 1970s. He landed up in Benares and met few sadhus for getting enlightnment. which is one of the biggest brand we have today.X.

from the US. Australia and South Africa"? . Taiwan. Europe.Which Internet Tsunami states that it is "founded by Chinese dissidents. journalists. mathematicians and start-up company technologists.

The company is today one of the respected pharma companies on planet.The first products of this company are Heroin and Aspirin. Identify this company .

was the first office building in the world to have air conditioning. Clue 3: The company's head quarter in Chicago. Clue 2: Acquired by Mars Inc most of its brands are still known by its founder's last name.Clue 1: Founded almost 120 years ago the company originally manufactured Soap and Baking powder. .

My name actually originated from a wrong spelling that actually meant a number represented by a 1(one) followed by one-hundred zeroes. I have recently launched something similar to the Internet Explorer .I was developed by two PHD Students from Standford.


A sum of Rs. What Am I Talking About ? .500 crore in the first phase of Implementation. 100 crore was approved in the 2009-2010 union budget to fund the agency for its first year of existence.One estimate of the cost to completely roll-out IT to all Indian residents above the age of 18 has been placed at Rs 150.000 new jobs in the country. A different estimate puts it at US$ 6 billion. and business opportunities worth Rs 6.000 crore. Initial estimates project that the initiative will create 100.

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