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History ‡ The foundation of Telecom Network in India was laid by the British sometime in 19th century. ‡ On October 1. ‡ The history of BSNL is linked with the beginning of Telecom in India. 2000 the Department of Telecom operations. Page 2 . ‡ BSNL is the leading service provider in the country in the Basic Telephone Services. Government of India became a corporation and was named Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). ‡ BSNL was carved out of Department of Telecom to provide level playing field to private telecoms.

‡ It is available all over India except in Mumbai and Delhi. marketing and customer care. Page 3 . ‡ Be the leading Telecom Service Provider in India with global presence create a customer focused organisation with excellence in sales. ‡ Its slogan is Connecting India .‡ Largest public sector undertaking of India.

Service Type Landline (Wired) phones Old Name Bfone New Name BSNL Landline BSNL WLL BSNL Mobile Postpaid BSNL Internet. BSNL changed the name of all its existing services to streamline its brand portfolio.Up Internet Broadband Internet Cell One Sancharnet Dataone .Brand Portfolio ‡ In year. BSNL Broadband Page 4 CDMA Wireless landlines/ Tarang mobiles GSM Postpaid Mobiles Dial. 2008.

Communication. However now logos. Very recently advertisement in the print media as well as television commercials has been released Page 5 . Discounts are offered to heavy callers. ‡ The PROMOTION very limited till recently. slogans (Connecting India) etc have been coined. Pricing and Distribution ‡ The PRICE is based on the usage charges as per tariff apart from the installation cost. ‡ The PLACE of delivery is the customer premises/ location. brands names for different services.

Customer Knowledge ‡ Oldest connection. Page 6 . ‡ Large area coverage.

Connecting India .Sources of Brand equity ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Logo meaningSlogan.Priety Zinta and Deepika Padukone. Biggest landline connectivity Large coverage Availability Lower Tariff Excellent 3G facility Page 7 . Ambassadors. Government Organisation Trust Old organisation.

broadband connection Page 8 . Performance: Low Tariffs. Fear. Excellent 3G service. Salience: PSU. Oldest Landline connection. Disconnect the service Judgement: Low Quality. fastest speed. Feelings: Trust. Connectivity and call drop issue. Unsatisfied Responsiveness. 3G services. Festival Dhamaka. Imagery: Large connectivity. Poor IMC campaign. Dislike. Poor customer care service. Oldage HR. Recharge issue.CBBE MODEL Resonance: Loyalty.

courtesy and reliability.Recommendations ‡ Focus on the quality. customer care. and timely availability apartfrom price. ‡ Establish customer care stores which defines responsiveness. which will matter ultimately. ‡ Recruit smart and intelligent front end staff Page 9 9 .

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