Jolene Tam, Sam Farahnak, Nicole Parlapiano, Roy Chung

Competitive Landscape: FB vs. LinkedIn 54% of US companies ban FB at work 23% of LinkedIn connections are FB Friends .

Trends & Growth Opportunities 457million online users in China.2million mobile users will access social networks from mobile devices by 2013 in the US 40.4% growth in China·s SNS market for 2011 64% of global mobile data traffic will be video by 2013 . largest online population in the world 620million mobile search queries are estimated to be performed globally per day by 2012 34% of the Chinese population is online compared to 70% ranges for developed countries 56.

Recommendations Enhance the User Experience Leverage Mobile Devices Integrate Collaborative Platforms Expand to Asia .

optimized for recruiter lead generation Corporate Encourage employee collaboration and career development within the organization Incremental Revenues Improved User Analytics New Revenue Streams .Value Proposition: Premium PNS Largest Real Professional Networking System Interactive Site (optimized for multiple devices) Corporate Social Network Solution Robust Profiles Globalization Encourage Gen Y & Z demographic to use site longer. better recruiter lead generation Leverage existing and successful SNS s in Asian countries International Demographic Consumers Increased interaction. on multiple devices Internal collaboration and career development Profile consulting services.

WOW Interface Experience Improved Collaboration Smarter Content Seamless Web portals (e. corporate websites) Become Yammer-esque Less static. photos.g.g. videos) Serve the user Integration . more ecstatic UGC is everything (e.

Organizing Model Companies End User Advertisers Partners .

Service Platform ‡ ‡ ‡ Develop an enterprise networking solution (Yammer) Continue to leverage the mobile interface and introduce mobile advertising Launch profile consulting services offering Mobile Web Product Reviews Blogs Sports News Video Local Social Music Games App 78% 75% 67% 63% 58% 54% 46% 45% 39% 22% 25% 33% 37% 42% 46% 54% 55% 61% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% .

32% marketing. robust profiles ± Leverage Yammer enterprise solution ‡ New revenue opportunities (expand the pie) ± Profile Advisor Offering: Professional LinkedIn advice and feedback to help craft the perfect profile ± Commissions for the virtual ´head-hunterµ Revenue Streams Marketing Solutions Hiring Solutions Premium Subs Consulting 5% 25% 40% 30% . 27% premium subs ‡ Opportunity to up-sell and convert users to premium subs ± Execute on value prop initiatives: site clean-up.Revenue Model Current rev streams: 41% hiring.

Summary of Recommendations Integrate corporate social network platform similar to Yammer or Chatter Enhance the user experience with profile consulting services and profile clean-up Leverage the mobile app: incorporate interactive features and launch mobile advertising Expand operations to Asia by acquiring or creating joint ventures with local and successful SNS·s .

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