` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` Ice breaking Leadership games Skill games Communication games Mirroring Built in tension Shadowing Cross cultural training Attribute listening .

Apprenticeship training Informal learning Job instruction training Programmed learning Audiovisual based training Simulated training Computer based training .` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` On the job training.

Virtual class room E learning Literacy training .` ` ` ` ` Electronic performance support systems(EPSS) Distance & Internet based training.

` Training a person to learn a job while working on it. Basically two types or understanding method `  Coaching  Job rotation .

` Prepare the learner Present the operation Do a try out Follow up ` ` ` .

Process by which people become skilled workers through combination of classroom instructions& long term on the job training.  Carpenter  Cook  Electrician  Power plant operator  Steel metal work  Tool & die making .

` . Lectures Quick and simple way to present knowledge to large groups of trainees. along with key points in order to provide step by step training for employees.Listing each job¶s basic tasks. as when the large sales force needs to learn a new product's features.

 Reduce learners risk of error. ` .Systematic method for teaching job skills involving presenting questions or facts. Advantages.  Reduce training time. allowing the person to respond and giving the learner immediate feed back on the accuracy of his or her answer.  Trainees can learn at their own pace. provides immediate feed back.

Commonly used techniques are DVD¶s. films. audio tapes and video tapes. power points. Applied when live lectures is not possible and costly to move trainers from place to place. video conferencing. .

. but are actually trained off the job.` Training employees learn on the actual or simulated equipment they will use on job. ` Pilot training is an example.

       PI CBT CMI ICAI ITS Simulations Virtual reality computer based program instructions computer based training computer managed instruction intelligent computer assisted instruction intelligent tutoring systems .

documentation and phone support. cheaper and more effective than traditional methods. integrate automation into applications and provide support that¶s faster. diagrams or similar methods available at the job site to guide the worker ` .Sets of computerized tools &displays that automate training. Job aid Set of instructions.

Tele training Trainer in a certain location teaches groups of employees at remote locations via telephone hook ups. ` Video conferencing Allows people in one location to communicate live via combination of audio & visual equipment with people in another city or country or with group on several cities ` .

Simply let their employees take on line course with employees .

communicate via written text and learn via content such as power point slides. using PC or lap top to participate in live audio and visual discussions.Learning environment that uses special collaboration software to enable multiple remote learners. .

.Web based course give the learner the opportunity to choose the content they have and how they can use it and how to change the learning sequence Instant messaging Some employers encourage employees to use instant messaging as a quick learning device.

In ability to handle basic reading. Employees are responding in two ways  Testing job candidates basic skills  Instituting basic skills & literacy programs . writing and arithmetic tasks is a serious problem at work.

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