Deewar part 1 with Eng sub [].


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Ravi Verma (Shashi Kapoor), Vijay Verma (Amitabh Bachchan), Sumitra Devi (Nirupa Rao)

:MM1013123 .Name : Neine Arora Class : PGDM (freshers) College :BIMM Roll No.


17% Yes No 83% .

Trainers and Teachers.` ` A professional can be defined as someone who will give the organization a direction and approach in its working vision.: MBA. . e. But professionals are not utilized to the fullest of their capacity due to the lack of funds for marketing.g. MSW (Master¶s of Social Work).

33% Yes No 67% .

100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% No Yes .

etc. advertising. we find that although most of the NGOs are using traditional marketing techniques like newspapers and brochures.` Here. . they still lack the access to modern marketing mediums such as websites.

Place and promotional strategies differ according to different issues. .Product =An idea / a fact Price .

ICDS . Mid day meals . ICPS etc. carried out ? Ever heard of a project called CHILDLINE 1098 ` .` Ever wondered how are programmes like Sarva shiksha abhiyan .

Operates through toll free number 1098 .Net. Runs under Ministry for Women and Child Development .` ` ` ` Childline works for child protection and child rights under Juvenile Justice Act 2000 CHILDLINE is a unique network Operating across 81 cities & still growing which acts as a Nationwide Child Protect . .

Childline India Foundation Four Regional(Nodal) offices Delhi . Chennai . Mumbai City Wise NGO¶s .Kolkata .


Awareness methodologies are based on local needs. But there are some basic things which serves as cash cow for every NGO. Each CHILDLINE city/district has innovative ways of communicating the 1098 number. .

Handouts CHILDLINE se Dosti form . The kit comprise of the following: Stickers .` ` ` Conducting a City/District Mapping exercise Organising the awareness material :Each volunteer needs to have a grassroots outreach kit. CHILDLINE se Dosti signature book. .Posters .

` ` ` ` Daily day outreach Night rounds Open house (Innovative Idea) Camps .

Envelope) . Handout and Game) ` CHILDLINE Presentation ` Corporate Identity Kit (Identity Cards. Visiting Card. Posters.It comprises of the following : ` CHILDLINE Grassroots Kit (Stickers. Letterhead.

on the boat. CHILDLINE messages on all the envelopes of the telephone bills.CHILDLINE messages flashing on the score board at an international cricket tournaments. decorated with CHILDLINE banners with CHILDLINE messages being announced on a loud speaker.Outlined below are some innovations: ` ` Chennai :1. . Varanasi :Brought in CHILDLINE¶s first birthday with a boat down the river Ganga along the Ghats. 2.

Information about CHILDINE as part of information about Calcutta on the local television channel.` Calcutta:CHILDLINE stalls at µBook Melas¶. CHILDLINE publicity at µDurga Pooja¶ celebrations . .

com].Help Me Fly [www.flv .keepvid.


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