A quarter century of excellence and aesthetics Born to the 125 year old multi-disciplinary J.K. Organisation, J.K.

White Cement Works (a part of J.K. Cement Ltd.) is a company that has been enriching the consumer s world with ornamental aesthetics since 1984. Thus began a journey of committed excellence in product quality, customer service and social responsibility. The company in the past 25 years has established itself as a front runner in the White Cement category. Over the years, continuous process improvements & modifications have increased J.K. White Cement Plant s production capacity to 400,000 tons per annum. With a nationwide distribution and strong equity in the category, J.K. White Cement brings aesthetics to life with matchless White Cement, Wall Putty and Water Proofing backed by turnkey design consultancy and installation support. Today, J.K. White Cement is the second largest manufacturer of White Cement in India. Not only does J.K. White Cement enjoy demand in the domestic market but is also exported to countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE and Nepal, hence giving the company a global footprint.

with an initial production capacity of 50. The White Cement plant was commissioned in 1984 at Gotan. continuous process improvements & modifications have increased the plant s production capacity to 400. Cement and the J.K. Further.K.000 tons per annum. which was limestone based. . Over the years. White Cement s plants are accredited with ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified Company by LRQA. the plant is also OHSAS 18001 (For safety and environmental upkeep) accredited. The Company also has a fully automated plant of White Cement based Wall Putty having a production capacity of 1 lac tons per annum. and manufactured Cement through the dry process. We were the first White Cement facility in India.000 tons.K. Smidth & Co. The White Cement plant uses technical expertise from F. White Cement Plant is an integral part of the same.L.Our pioneering foray into white cement 25 years ago created a new chapter in the history of J. from Denmark and state of the art technology with continuous on-line quality control by micro processors and X-rays ensure that only the purest White Cement is produced. Rajasthan. J.

Bangladesh.75 million tons. which increased our aggregate capacity at Nimbahera to 2. our limestone rese xpected to meet our existing and planned limestone requirements of 4. Our continuing modifications to the plant have increased its production capacity to 300. the white c including countries like South Africa. We see a world of co .55 million tons per annum of grey cement. Our white cement plant w 0 tons. Bahrain. Keny mestone reserves that are suitable for production of white cement provides us with a competitive conducted by independent agencies on our mines between 1996 and 2001.42 million tons.3 million tons. We are also the second largest white duction capacity. chnology and highly skilled manpower against the backdrop of India¶s infrastructural growth in a We are confident of contributing heavily in India¶s journey of development. Singapore. We added a second kiln in 1979 with p and a third kiln in 1982 with a production capacity of 0. Sri Lanka. A ate production capacity of 3. with a production capacity of 0. While the grey cement is primarily sold in the northern India market.companies and has operations in a broad number of industries. Nigeria. We added a precalciner h increased our capacity at Nimbahera to 1. menced commercial production in May 1975 at our first plant at Nimbahera in the state of Rajast single kiln with a production capacity of 0.8 million tons as grey cement plant at our Mangrol plant in 2001.0 MnTPA of grey cement mately 40 years. ne of the largest cement manufacturers in Northern India. During the years 1998 through 2003 each of our kilns.54 million tons.

Today it is the largest selling and exported White Cement and completed 25 successfu Cement is an affiliate of the J.K White Cement is been certified by ISO 14001 (EMS) an 00. Sri Lanka.PANY PROFILE OF THE COMPANY:. Shri Padampat Singhania succeeded in fulfilling the vision and d Father and made J. The main founder of J. While the grey cement is primarily arket. Bangladesh.K White Cement is the unit of J. K. S nt they are working hard to provide best product to their consumers. which was founded by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. Tanzania. keeping view the demand of White Cement taken interest to setup a plant of White Cem n in 1984. Shri Y. Organization. Organization as the 4th largest private sector conglomerate in India. Singhania who is a civil engineer from IIT Kanpur and also a rialist of India. fulfilled the same vision and dream to build to build the enterprise ay. UAE and Nepal.J.P. J. is one of the largest cement manufacturers in Northern Ind argest white cement manufacturer in India by production capacity. s purest Limestone deposits.K. Organization was laid by Late Lala Juggi Lal Singhania and his son Late Lala Kamlapat Singhania on to become power in the world.K Cement was established in 1984 at Gotan.K Cement Ltd. Organization was founded is still the driving force and the founder s vision. its inspiration.K White is suppli re producing 3 lakh 50 thousand metric tons J. Though much has changed in the country and the organization. the original values have remain h the J.K. Cement Ltd. The generation that succeeded. in. the white cement enjoys demand in the export market including countries like South Africa. .K. At present J. Kenya. Raj ioneered the White Cement industry in India by setting up a state of art plant at Gotan District Nagaur. Today.K.K Group was and Lala Kamlapat Singhania in 1920 the plant of J. The association of industrial and commercial companies and has operations in a broad number of industri of J.

BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY:White cement industry is quite old in India in . The growth of domestic white cement industry was negligible during 200708. the white cement industry in India is highly concentrated. Consequently.Wall putty continued to find increasing acceptance from the end consumers and recorded significant growth in 2007-08 over 2006-07. Unlike grey cement. the two largest players are having national presence and account for a major chunk of India s production capacity. There are only three manufacturers of white cement in India out of which Tranvancore Cement is restricted to Kerala. whereas JK White and Birla White. prices of white cement have been relatively less volatile.Current scenario of white cement industry: The world-wide white cement industry size is about one percent of grey cement industry and in India it is much less than compared to the grey cement industry size of about 189 million tonne per annum.

we believe that our brand name and our reputation for consistently supplying high quality products provide us with a competitive advantage in ensuring that cement dealers carry our products. for white cement across India. JK Cement ( Sarvashaktiman ).Quality of products and strong brand name:-We believe that brand name and reputation are important to retail purchasers of cement in India. Company also acquire some other value which helps in the creating the competitive advantage towards its competitors. Further. Raw Materials:-High grade and chemically pure Lime Stone is the . White Cement is using state of art technology to ensure the consistent quality of raw-materials and manufacturing process. and JK White ( Camel ). We believe that there is strong customer awareness of our brands. for grey cement in our principal market in Northern India. We have built a strong reputation among cement purchasers by consistently providing high quality products. Advance Technology:-J.K.

hite Cement has registered growth in production and sale in India in the ast few years. K White is a well reputed cement manufacturing company in India. .com/jk_white_cement_specification.html. The challenge is to bring up creative.e are back with our JK White Cement Design Challenge in Techkriti 12. its lesser known applications have unimaginable scope. it allows one to go off-beat and think of some nnovative ways to harness its features. echkriti 12 in collaboration with JK White Cement brings yet another pportunity to uncover the creative genius within you through JK White ement Design Challenge . White Cement is the most popular and time tested choice for floors and alls. Being a nononventional material. nvironment friendly and innovative designs using white cement as a major ngredient. The pecification of the cement manufactured by JK White is given here or can e seen from this site : http://www. This has given the Indian cement industry a major boost. The White Cement sector has been growing at the rate of 1% per year.jkhite.

commanding over 18% of the total market share. J K cement holds the highest market share in the state of Haryana. Bahrain. Nepal.3 million tons. J K Cement is the second largest white cement manufacturer in India in regards to production capacity. However white cement has considerable demands in countries like Singapore. Nigeria. Sri Lanka and UAE. . J K Cement is one of the leading manufacturers in the sector of cement manufacturing in North India. Kenya. Bangladesh.J K Cement started its operations on May 1975 by setting up its first plant at Nimbahera in Rajasthan. The company has access to huge limestone reserves which is used for manufacturing both grey and white cement. South Africa. Tanzania. The company's primary market for grey cement is in North India.8 million tons. Starting with a production capacity of 0. now the company has the capacity to produce 2. the company has gradually increased its capacity. which was founded by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. An affiliate of J K Organization.

as essential ingredient for cement manufacturing. First the company has proximity to huge reserves of premium quality limestone.Company Strengths J K Cement enjoys certain vital advantages that have helped them in becoming one of the leading names in the field of cement manufacturing in India and abroad. it is estimated that the limestone reserves of the company are sufficient to support the planned production capacity for approximately 40 years. . Based on certain studies undertaken.

Located just 10 kms away from the Nimbahera unit. Rajasthan in the year 1975 with an initial capacity of 0.The company has three major production plants located in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Gotan unit located at Gujarat which manufacturers white cement started production commercially in 1984 with a production capacity of 0.3 million ton per annum. The first plant of J K Cement was set up in Nimbahera.8 million ton per annum. . the production capacity was enhanced to 2.05 million ton per annum. the Mangrol plant gets major benefits like technical and commercial assistance from the that plant. With the incorporation of newer technology and modern equipment. Currently the unit has a capacity utilization of around 75% and an operating profit of 30% consistently. The unit has ISO9001:2000 QMS. ISO-14001:1998 EMS and OHSAS-18001:2005 recognition.

J K Cement Products The major products of J K Cement are grey and white cement. Cement and Sarvashaktiman for OPC products. 53-grade and 33-grade OPC.K. J. they consist of 43-grade.K. White and Camel for white cement products.K. The OPC range of products has three grades which are differentiated by their compressive strength. Some other products manufactured by the company consist of: J K Wall Putty Grey Cement J K White Cement J K Water Proof . The cement products are marketed and sold under the brand names of J. The grey cement produced by the company Ordinary Portland cement or OPC and Portland Pozzolana Cement or PCC. Super for PPC products and J.

760 era Mangrol Gotan 570. Mangrol and Gotan nt facilities for the periods indicated PRODUCTION (IN METRIC TONS) Fiscal 2003 Fiscal 2004 Six months ended September 30. 2005 1. White cement is produced at our facility at Gotan in the state of han. Our plants have obtained many accolades and recognition.211 99.323.481 .283 2.538 2.572 215. ISO-14001:1998 EMS & OHSAS-18001:2005 Occupational Health and for the white cement facility at Gotan. the most noteworthy being 9001:2000 QMS and ISO-14001:2004 EMS for the grey cement facility at Nimbahera and 001:2000 QMS.196 912.343 Fiscal 2005 Nimbah 2.419 224. llowing table shows a breakdown of production of the Nimbahera.272.256.149 718.464 200.942 493.414.anufacture grey cement in two facilities located at Nimbahera and Mangrol in the state of han in Northern India. The construction of our first most modern dry cement egan in 1970 in Nimbahera in Rajasthan.