Sales Call Objective

Abhijit Kumtakar

inside the clinic)  Clear goals α In-clinic success .Why?  Every sales call is different  Promoting a brand or getting a prescription are simple & common purpose of any visit.  Time factor (Only 2 to 3 mins.

 What you want to happen as a result of meeting with your prospect (Doctor) .What is Sales Call Objective?  What you want to achieve at the end of this call or.

Benefits    Every sales call is a part of prescription generation process Every sales call is different Better understanding of Call Objective provides you. – – – – – – – Proper selection of communication point Effective utilization of input Use of relevant probes Better prioritization of product Clarity of review parameters Better control over the conversation Effective utilization of in-clinic time .

– Direction of the call – The stage of the prospect on prescription ladder – Personal profile of the prospect (Doctor Decision Tree) .How to set a Call Objective?  First visit to a prospect – Self introduction & need analysis  Subsequent calls – Depends on the parameters like.

colleagues & Assistants  Co-workers  Prospect’s  Prospect him / herself .Support Tools  Chemist (RCPA) & Superiors.

Adoption Ladder 8 7 Brand Ambassador for Glenmark Recommends to colleagues User in other approved indications (on his own) 6 5 4 3 2 1 Predominant prescriber Prescriber in few cases Hands on experience (starter kit usage) Awareness Unaware of products/ molecule .

Disease monitoring facilities 9. . Influence by his peers & professors (mentors) 14. Investigations 8. Cost of treatment vs. efficacy 12. Patient’s acceptance & willingness to undergo treatment 7. His awareness about recent/ newer developments 1. Disease & it’s prognosis 3. Treatment goals 5. Anticipated efficacy/ side effects/ patient compliance 10. Social acceptance 11. Treatment options currently available 6. Causes of disease 4. Past clinical experience 13.Doctor’s Decision Tree Demographics 2.

. & achieve the call objective 2.How to evolve a Call Strategy 1. 3. 4. Set “call objective” in line with your territory objectives & specific doctor profile (Adoption ladder) Explore SWOT for your product Prepare most appropriate “SMART” plan Plan activities for implementation during the call.

DGM. INTRODUCTION trial (Fence sitters) ••Feedback on F. Samples Interface with H.. Other activities NP .O.B. INFORMATION KOL to & influence 3. Expansion of P/D BA 1.A.Call Objective Setting Use him as an 2. Selling & ••Positive: Reinforcement New product/extension •Negative: Objection FAMILIARIZATIO launch BL N Literatures/VAF •Handling Tool: •Self •Neutral: Revisit Benefits & •Company Persuade for further trials Consolidation •Tool: •Molecule VAF/ Literatures/ RP •Candidate for investment •Concept Samples •Activities •Brand •Interface with peers & •Trial Persuasion like minds •Tool: VAF/ OP •Tools: Axiom.indication other •New REINFORCEMENT doctors.

In-clinic focus parameters  Which brands to focus?  Product prioritization  Communication points  Input selection  Probes  Time allocation .

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