By J.N.


Action .y Teaching y y y y y Learning System ELO Expected Learning Outcome TL Teaching Learning Process Test Measurement Assessment Decision .

y Means conducting test / exam and obtain scores of students y Assessment means to gather / collect raw data y Process raw data to draw useful inferences .

y A View to act y Promote or detain a student y Group / Class Performance y Performance of a student in relation to that of the y y y y group How reliable the marks are Were objectives appropriate for the groups Was the content suitable to the IO Were the teaching learning process effective .

y Is a process of systematic collection and interpretation of evidence y Acts as part of a process of judgment of value with a view to action .

y Validity is valid if it serves the purpose for which it is designed y Reliability refers to accuracy with which WHAT is measured y Objectivity an evaluation y Usability how far it is useful .

y Content Validity y Face Validity .

y Factors in test itself y Unclear direction in writing the item y Inappropriate outcome being tested y Inappropriate difficulty level y Too difficult sentence structure y Poorly constructed test item .

y Gurus found correct y Ambiguous language in Question papers y Good Luck y Mental condition y Items too difficult /too easy .

y Administration y Scoring y Time available y Cost involved / cost effectiveness .



Roll No 4 5 Average SD in English SD in Maths SD in Science English 25 5 23 Mathematics 19 15 17 Science 19 19 17 12.6 .2 1.1 3.

1 = 0.y Calculate Z score = (x m) / SD y Then compare the Z scores y E.6 = 1. 4 performance is best in Science.g.17 y Z score in Maths = (19 17)/3. moderate in Maths and poor in English .23)/12. Roll No.63 y Z score in Science = (19 17)/1.25 y So.2 = 0. for Roll No 4: y Z score in English = (25 .

y If a child gives the correct answer give due weightage y The evaluation should be fair and objective and not upon your own interpretation y If the question has parts then marks for each part should be given at the right hand side y Except for the recalls marks should be given on understanding .

g.y Do not hesitate to give 100% marks y If you want the second one to be evaluated then strike out the first one y No moderation of marks by teachers y If there are options then check the first one only leaving the other ones y Units should be there in Maths e. 2 cms. . 5mm etc.