Open Source Software

So it is impossible to learn about the structure and logic of the program and modify it. Given the fact that the source is free to the next person as well.What is Open Source Software ? y Open Source Software Literally means software whose source code is Open to the Consumer. The consumer will be accused for Piracy in case of Proprietary software where unauthorized distribution is considered Illegal. y Free of cost. unlike copyrighted proprietary software. but not necessarily. y These are counter-parts of Proprietary software that are given in the form of binary executable code. y The Consumer is given all rights to modify and distribute the software. One can also package and sell an OSS. .

000 lines of code. He developed Linux out of Minix an Open Source OS that had 12. the original Linux was text based but by the 1990 it became a fully functional GUI based OS. . Linus Torvalds developed the first Linux kernel called it Freax. some corporate Inc like Red Hat sell their Improved versions of Linux. They begun OSI because they did not agree to the idea of completely free and open sourced software. By 1990. The OS was completely free and source code was open. His motto was to create a free OS. proposed giving out the source code of programs. the Kernel of Linus Torvalds evolved as a complete OS. In 1998.History behind OSS y Richard Stallman in 1960. y y y y so that programmers around the world can come up with new ideas on improving the program. Today Linux is a Open Source OS. The OS was titled GNU/Linux. Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens created the Open Source Initiative (OSI) . The Cost of Red hat Linux is much lower compared to Proprietary Operating systems like Microsoft Windows.

. y All rights granted must flow through to/with redistributed versions. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.OSI Definition of OSS The OSI (Open Source Initiative) defines OSS and proposed laws for the usage of OSS y Availability of the source code. and adapt it to your needs. y The freedom to study how the program works. y Right to create modifications and derivative works.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. Some of these OSS are more popular and better performers than their proprietary office suite. . Software Package Operating Systems Office application package Media player Anti-Virus packages Image & Audio Editors Proprietary Software MicrosoftWindows Microsoft Office 2007 Power DVD Norton Anti-Virus Adobe Photoshop. OpenOffice. Ubuntu) OpenOfficeOrg VLC Player AVG Anti-Virus GIMP Imager.VLC Media player. Adobe Audition Open Source software Linux (RedHat. Goldwave audio editor.Open Source alternatives to Proprietary Some Best Examples of Free Open Source software packages are Linux Operating system from Various distributers.

. Illegal usage and piracy of Proprietary software also brings trouble like unexpected crashing of the program. They can use the money else where instead of their IT infrastructure. The reason is people feel they are not user friendly like the Proprietary once. y The Corporate usage of Open source software is high. Most OSS are available for free or low cost compared to Proprietary software that cost high. Simply because the corporate can¶t afford to loose a lot of money buying proprietary software for huge cost.Usage of Open Source Software y The common use of Open source software is very low. And the simple reason behind the very low usage of Linux compared to Windows OS in PCs. y Common personal use of OSS must be encouraged in order to reduce piracy of Proprietary software. Pirated versions are also most commonly preferred than OSS.

‡Corporate services where performance and cost matter prefer using OSS. ‡Pirated versions of Proprietary software are also widely preferred.Comparison of Usage of OSS 5% Home and small office usage 5% Microsoft Windows Linux and other OSS Apple Mac OS 90% ‡Most home and small offices prefer proprietary software. Simply because most have a thought that OSS do not give the ease of use compared to the Proprietary. ‡Pirated versions are not an option due to lack of reliability. In order to cut cost of spending on the IT Infrastructure. Corporate IT Infrastructure 22% Costly Windows Servers Open Source Linux Servers 78% .

Thank You . y Development and distribution of OSS and reducing Piracy must be encouraged .For the Students community y As Computer Science students we must know that OSS is one of the most happening criteria y The Students community must learn to use and create improvements for OSS.