A Comprehensive Project Presentation on ³Monetary Policy of India´

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Organization profile Background of the company Mission and Vision Products & services NJ's Group Company Functional areas of the company Project study Research Sample plan Questionnaire analysis Conclusion My Learning


Company profile
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Name Working As Establishment year Promoters

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NJ India Invest Private Limited Wealth Advisor and Distributor 1994 Mr. Neeraj Choksi Mr. Jignesh Desai


Head office



Tag line- Creating wealth, Transforming lives.

000+ 1000 100+ 21 10000 crores .Cont« y y y y y y Customer Advisors Employees Presence Branch States AUM : : : : : : 11.000+ 14. 00.

through constant improvement. innovation and commitment to service & quality. employees and associates. To provide solutions which meet expectations and maintain high professional & ethical standards along with the adherence to the service commitments. y y y y y Vision Total Customer Satisfaction Commitment to Excellence Determination to Succeed with strict adherence to compliance Successful Wealth Creation of our Customers .Mission And Vision y y Mission Ensure creation of the desired value for our customers.

Infrastructure Bonds. Fixed Deposits of companies.Products & services NJ offers advisory and distribution services on the following products. Investment Products: Mutual funds ± covering all AMCs & all schemes. PMS products (Third party & NJ) Government/RBI bonds. Approved securities for charitable trusts. etc Real Estate: Residential properties Commercial properties Training & Education: Certification training courses AMFI CFP Training products .

NJ's Group Company y y y y y NJ Wealth Advisors NJ Fundz Network NJ Gurukul Fin logic Technology NJ India Realty .

Functional areas of the company ‡ ‡ 1. 3. 2. Markets and marketing operation function of different products Mutual funds Insurance Policy Real estate property PMS (Portfolio Management System) ‡ ‡ ‡ Finance and Accounts Human resource management Decision making process in the company . 4.

solutions and products for their clients to ensure they stay ahead of the competition and make their business run in quick. real estate. NJ is doing business to business (B2B) work. . insurance. of products like insurance. Company is believing in ³Striving Excellence in Servicing´. PMS. Instead of that NJ organizes seminars. It is remain in the contact with their partners. PMS and other fixed deposits. Company believes that there is no substitute to quality service and advice. events to be in contact with their partners and clients. NJ is not directly in the contact with their clients. So it is not doing marketing to market its products. efficient and the best way. Employees work on the latest technologies.My learning from the study of the organisation I have learned from the study of the organization that NJ India Invest is the channel partner company for the financial products like mutual funds. Company is doing and bringing business by huge network of their partners. Initially company was started as the mutual funds company. But now it has diversified into no. fixed deposits etc.

retail outlets. Indian Real Estate Sector ‡ organized and ‡ Unorganized segments ‡ ‡ The unorganized segment accounts for over 70% of the housing units constructed. The organized segment comprises private real estate developers and government or government affiliated entities. hotels and restaurants. ‡ .Real Estate Sector ‡ The term µreal estate¶ covers residential housing. commercial offices and trading spaces such as theatres. industrial buildings such as factories and government buildings.

steel. etc. ‡ ‡ ‡ . Construction sector has also been responsible for the development of over 250 ancillary industries such as cement. brick. It is second only to agriculture in terms of employment generation and substantially contributes to the gross domestic product of the country. timber.Cont« Cont« ‡ The real estate sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy. 5% of GDP contributed by Housing Sector. paints. building materials.

such as high-end technology consultation. Retail. providing the much-needed infrastructure for India¶s growing needs. call centers and programming houses.2 million new jobs over the next 10 years. If the economy grows at the rate of 10%. The Indian real estate market size is expected to touch $180 billion by 2020. indirect and induced effects in all sectors of the economy.Growth ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The development of real estate in India is accredited to the offshoring and outsourcing businesses. Construction industry ranks 3rd among the 14 major sectors in terms of direct. hospitality and commercial real estate are also growing significantly. the housing sector has the capacity to grow at 14% and generate 3. ‡ ‡ . having a multiplier effect across the board. A unit increase in construction expenditure generates five times the income.

Driving growth factors of real estate sector ‡ Strong Economic Growth ‡ The Rise of the Middle-Class ‡ Enviable Demographics Drivers of profitability ‡ Knowledge of the business ‡ A wide network ‡ The longer-term approach ‡ Focus on quality .

Sahara Infrastructure Eldeco Infrastructure Gaursons India Limited Jaipuria Group K.Real Estate Developers In India DLF Universal Ltd. Unitech. Parsvnath Developers Sobha Developers. Raheja Corp Shipra Group Ansal Properties Puravankara Projects Ascendas India Trust Taneja Developers Vatika Ashiana Group Eros Group Hiranandani Developers Kalpataru Group Prestige Group Supertech Group . Omaxe.

Well developed infrastructure.Opportunities in Ahmedabad ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing tier II cities of India. Commercial and Cultural hub of Gujarat. Upcoming Ahmedabad-Dandi heritage route in Gujarat. Growing Industrialization in the region. wide roads. . The plan to introduce metro rail service in the city is no less than a boon to Ahmedabad infrastructure. Ahmedabad offers great opportunities in both education and employment sector and this also helps encourage the real estate industry. improved connectivity and promise of a high class living has amounted to two to three fold increase in Ahmadabad property rates.

Ltd Sadbhav Engineering Ltd Manpasand Builders P. Ltd. Prerna Group JMC Projects (India) Ltd. Saumya Construction P. Ltd Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd Iscon Group Goyal & Co.Builders/Developers in Ahmedabad Adani Group Savvy infrastructure ltd Safal Group Divyajivan infra Pvt.Ltd. Shaligram Buildcon P. Ltd Satyam Developers Ltd Vishwanath Group N. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co.G Group Agarwal Group of Companies Bakeri Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd . Sun Builders Pvt.

Ongoing big real estate projects in Ahmedabad ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Shantigram (Adani Group) Godrej Garden City (Godrej properties Ltd) Saurmya Abode(Synthesis Group) Iscon Platinum(Iscon Group) Apple Woods Township (Sandesh Group) .

Narol.G highway. Naranpura. retail) of Prime locations in Ahmedabad(S. Vastrapur . Chandkheda. Gota. commercial.Project Study Research y Research Topic : Contemporary evolution of real estate sector in Ahmedabad Questionnaire (Open ended & closed ended) y Research Instrument : y Research Area : Real estate project sites (residential. Science city road. Ring Road. Nikol. Vejalpur. Naroda. Sanand. Sarkhej. Maninagar.

Sampling Plan y Sampling Area Sampling Method Sample size Respondents : : : : Residential & commercial project sites Convenience Sampling 100 Builders. engineers or project managers of the project y y y .

To find the factors affecting the demand and supply of real estate property in Ahmedabad.financial factors influencing the growth of real estate sector in Ahmedabad. To find the financial & non. ‡ ‡ .OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY ‡ To find out the present scenario of real estate sector in Ahmedabad.

1 Ownership .Question Analysis Q.

2 Mark the real estate activities undertaken by your company in Ahmedabad. .Q.

Q.3 Mark the factors that influence your choice of business segment. Residential .

Commercial .

4 Has your company entered into a joint venture/partnership for a real estate project? .Q.

Q. what are the reasons for entering into a joint venture/partnership? Mark the reasons that you find most appropriate.5 According to you. .

Q.6 What are the factors that influence you to choose this location for your project in Ahmedabad? .

7 Mark the key factors(non-financial) of the growth of realty sector in Ahmedabad.Q. .

.8 Mark the financial factors of the growth of realty sector in Ahmedabad.Q.

Moderately Positive.Highly Positive Residential (Demand) .Highly Negative. 2 ±Moderately Negative. 4. 3 . 5 .Q.No Impact.5 where 1 .9 Grade the factors as per their impact with respect to the demand (DD) and Supply (SS) from 1.

Residential (Supply) .

Commercial (Demand) .

Commercial (Supply) .

Q. . Rate the below factors on a scale of 1 to 3 where 1 = Agree. 2 = Neutral and 3 = Disagree.10 The real estate industry has witnessed a number of changes in Ahmedabad over the years.

Non Commercial .

IT sector and industry growth are the driving factors for non residential properties in Ahmedabad. The residential development is mainly happening towards the west and some in the north side of the city. hospital. health clubs. children·s parks. And these big projects are undertaken by groups in Ahmedabad like Adani Group (Shantigram) & Godrej Properties (Godrej Garden City).My learning from project work Real Estate Sector in Ahmedabad is in a constant change. the face of Ahmedabad is changing with modern residential complexes and IT parks springing up.and four-bedroom flats as well as bungalows are common and more and more complexes are coming up with facilities such as jogging tracks. instead of building small one or two apartments. Though only a few townships have been announced as yet. college. Today. The demand of the new buyer is quite different from what it was earlier and developers are happy to supply accordingly. Population is the major factor which is driving the demand of residential properties. etc. Today there is a trend to build a big township with all necessary facilities like school. cricket stadium etc. what is catching up in Ahmedabad are small residential developments with bungalows or apartment complexes. Three. .

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